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Have you ever wished you could take a side hustle and earn a little extra money in Sims 4? If you like to play Sims without cheating, you likely know the drill about earning money. Sometimes, there never seems to be enough. The great news is, now your Sims can get super productive and earn some simoleons in little time by taking odd jobs. If you are curious to learn more about Sims 4 odd jobs and how to get one, keep on reading.

Sims 4 Odd Jobs

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What are Sims 4 Odd Jobs?

Introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living Odd jobs are an amazing way to make additional money for your Sims without having to be involved in new careers. These Sims 4 odd Jobs are just as they sound, a bit odd. From collecting seashells and arranging someone’s closet, to being a UI/UX designer, this variety of jobs offer a quick way to earn money. With some organization, you will be able to complete a few of these jobs a day.

In order to take on these odd jobs, you have to be active. For most odd jobs Sims will just vanish in the world as they would when doing a regular job.

Where and How to Find a Sims 4 Odd Job?

You could find Odd Jobs in The Sims 4 through an online job board you can find in the game. The board is active between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, so within this period. You’ll get to browse through the Jobs tab and find what random tasks people need help with. You can access it with your phone or computer within the Career or Work menu. So go to your Sims’ phone, click on the ”Jobs” tab, or, if you are using the computer, look for the ”Career” menu.

Keep in mind that taking on odd jobs should be done with care. This is especially true if your Sims has a regular place of employment. This is because odd jobs have a chance to clash with your sim’s normal career. Odd Jobs in The Sims 4 come in two types: Needed By and Begins ASAP.

How to get a Sims 4 Odd Job?

Getting an Odd Job in The Sims 4 is pretty easy as the requirements aren’t too strict. The jobs may have recommended level of certain skills to boost your chances of a successful experience. For example, if you’d like to earn some money by doing Mayhem at the Beach, it is ideal to have at least Level 4 in Mischief skill. For becoming successful in Mahi Mahi Of My Own job you will benefit from having Level 3 in the Fishing skill. You will see recommended skills when bidding for a job under the job posting description.

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Needed By type of odd jobs

Needed By gives a little more flexibility than the ASAP types of jobs. These types of jobs are quite comfy and simply require you to do the work within a time frame. The time limit is usually set to be done within a few hours, so you’ll need to accurately prepare and get it done to a satisfying level. If you take one of these, you will be able to earn money from your home or from neighbourhood jobs. So, if your Sims are already earning money from home, this is a great way to get extra simoleons. The pay for these jobs is fixed.

Begins ASAP Type of odd jobs

Begins ASAP Sims 4 odd jobs will require you to show up to do a job right away. These examples of the odd jobs will require your Sim to leave your home and work on it at the designated site. Jobs like these begin once you accept the offer and you’ll need to find the time to get it done and complete it. These time jobs are usually paid for by the hour, so you’ll get hefty rewards if it takes a lot of your time.

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star ranking for sims 4 odd jobs

To secure more work, you’ll need to maintain a high reputation. Therefore, doing your best with the ones you find will help you get more gigs once you’ve got a high rating. Success in Odd Jobs relies on the 5-star rating system and that is the primary way for determining your chances of getting one. However, to get the highest Sims 4 odd jobs rating, having the recommended skills for individual job postings is a big plus. In fact, having the skills required will increase your chances of completing a satisfying task. Star rating is gained or lost by successfully completing or failing to complete a job:

  • Great Success – Completing Sims 4 odd jobs successfully will require you to be timely and ideally have the required skills. You can get an extra tip, an improved relationship with a customer or a client. On top of that, you will level up in your Odd Jobs Rating.
  • Failure Outcome– Failing to complete a job will make their rating go a star down. Oh, and they won’t get fully paid.

How to be successful in doing odd jobs?

As you collect more stars and get a better rating, you will see that the requirements for the jobs change a bit. As you move up the ranking ladder, you’ll also see that the quality of jobs and the payment are slightly better as well. However, if your Sims don’t have the skills you need for the job they are more likely to fail. You’ll be able to see them labeled as recommended. For that reason, it’s better to search for odd jobs that do match their current skills. Success will largely depend on your consistency, and the ability to show up timely.

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