Sims 4 Gather Impression – How To Do It?


Find Out How To Gather Impression!

Being a trendsetter is tough. But leveling the Sims 4 Style Influencer career might be even tougher. One of the most common problems people have with this career path is the inability to complete the daily task – gather impressions. This is undeniably a tricky one and a buggy one too. So how do you gather impression in Sims 4?

Well, in this post, we’ll talk about all that you need to know about gathering impressions. We’ll tell you a few tips for completing this daily task and having an easier time with it. However, there are no cheats and no “hidden” ways to magically solve this problem. It requires work and a bit of knowledge, so it’s best if we jump right into it!

Let’s talk about how to gather impression in Sims 4!

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How To Gather Impression in Sims 4?

The whole process should usually go like this.

When your Sim has the Gather Impression daily task available, you’ll need to use your phone. On it, you should find the Photograph Impression option and do it. This is your first step, and it’s quite easy to do. After completing it, you’ll receive the appropriate moodlet, and the task will be 50% completed.

Now comes the tricky part. And this is why people get stuck at 50% while trying to gather impression in Sims 4!

All you need to do after getting the moodlet is to use the white style board that you get at the beginning of the career path. This board can be used to put impressions on it. So go ahead and do that – place your impression on the white style board!

Doing this successfully will remove the moodlet that you got after using the Photograph Impression option on your phone. And essentially, it will reset the situation for your Sim.

In other words, you can try to Gather Impression again via Photograph Impression on your phone, just like you did the first time around. Basically, you need to repeat the first step one more time!

And by doing this, you’ll bring the Gather Impression daily task to 100% and complete it!

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And that’s pretty much it! Completing the Gather Impression daily task is an easy job in The Sims 4 if you know what you’re doing. But we admit it, this is also one of the most confusing parts of Sims 4 too. And it’s true that the game doesn’t do a great job of making sure you know what’s the next step!

However, we hope this post cleared that confusion and helped you complete this daily task!

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