How To Back Up and Reset The Sims 4 Game?

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Experiencing corrupted save files or having sudden crashes in The Sims 4? Try a back up and reset of the game! We’ll teach the full process in this article.


The Backup and Reset Process

Every simmer should know how to do a backup and reset in The Sims 4. There can be a number of reasons why we’d want to do this, ranging from the bugs, errors, and major issues we’re experiencing, which can make the game literally unplayable. Sometimes, even mods and CCs can cause trouble to our game! So, we’ll need to know how to accomplish the backup and reset process to save us the stress.

Creating Backups

The best thing we can do to protect our game saves is to create some backups. That way, no matter what happens, we can just paste the version we have back to its original location, and we are good to go. Of course, we’ll need to do regular backups, depending on how much we play and progress through the game. This is especially important if we’re trying new mods and CC on a regular basis since that’s what’s most harmful to the game.

Backing up on a PC

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Luckily, this is an easy thing to do in The Sims 4. All we need to do is to keep a copy of The Sims 4 folder somewhere on our computer. Here’s how to do a full back up of the Sims 4 on a PC:

  1. Visit Documents.
  2. Click on the Electronic Arts folder.
  3. Search for the folder of The Sims 4.
  4. Right-click and press copy.
  5. Paste it on Desktop.
  6. Rename the folder to “Sims 4 Backup”.
  7. Backup successfully created!

Backing up on a Mac

Backing up on a Mac is also relatively easy. Here’s how to do a full back up of the Sims 4 on a Mac:

  1. Open the Finder icon on the Dock.
  2. From Finder, go and open the Documents folder.
  3. Click on the Electronic Arts folder.
  4. Select The Sims 4 folder.
  5. Press on Command + C on the keyboard to copy the folder.
  6. Go to the Home screen.
  7. Paste the backup folder by pressing Command + V.
  8. Rename the folder to “Sims 4 Backup”.
  9. Backup is successfully created!

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How to Reset The Sims 4 on a PC?

In this section and the next, we’ll go over how we can reset our Sims 4 on both Windows PC and Mac. Both methods are almost identical, but this will be helpful if we’ve never done it before. Here’s how to reset the Sims 4 on a PC:

  1. Open My Documents on our PC.
  2. Find and delete The Sims 4 folder.
  3. Open the Recycle Bin.
  4. Delete The Sims 4 folder from the Recycle Bin too (We can also use SHIFT + DELETE to skip this step).
  5. Restart the PC.

Once we restart the PC and launch The Sims 4, the game itself will create the necessary files in My Documents again. This also means that anything that might have been saved in The Sims 4 folder will be deleted too. So check the folder twice before doing this reset.

How to Reset The Sims 4 on a Mac?

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Resetting the Sims 4 on a Mac is pretty easy too. Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Use our Finder to find the Documents folder.
  2. Open the Electronic Arts folder.
  3. Find The Sims 4 folder.
  4. Press CMD + DELETE to delete The Sims 4 folder.
  5. Empty the Trash.
  6. Restart the Mac.

And this should get the job done. Keep in mind that EA themselves have made an official post about resetting the game. Since this is a common issue in the Sims 4 community, it’s good to spread the word so every simmer can know how to do this.

How to Restart The Sims 4?

exit game

It often happens that mods and CC require us to restart the game in order to work. And even though this is a simple thing to do, many new players have trouble doing this process. So, here’s how to restart your Sims 4 game when a mod or a CC asks you for it:

  1. Close the game completely.
  2. Completely shut down the computer.
  3. Open the computer again.
  4. Launch the game once more.

And that’s it! Restarting Tge Sims 4 means literally turning it off and on again. We can do this in a couple of minutes, so it’s a really easy issue to solve.


As we can see, it’s important to back up and reset The Sims 4, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Doing back ups and resetting the game will allow us to tackle issues such as corrupted save files, game crashes, and more. As a precautionary measure, it is of course, highly essential to always back up game files in case these unexpected issues indeed happen to our game. Hopefully though, we never get to encounter any trouble so we never have to do these steps at all! Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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