Learn How to Achieve Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4


If you love the Sims 4, then you’ll love Starlight Accolades. They’re just as fun to collect as any other type of award. In this post, we’ll teach you all about how to get and use Sims 4 starlight accolades, what they do, and what kind of rewards you can earn by collecting them all. Continue reading to find out how to win an Accolade and get invited to the award ceremony and hang out with the stars!

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4

How to Win Starlight Accolades

Get Famous is a great expansion pack for Sims 4. It helps the average Sim achieve stardom and success in the celebrity world of glitz and glamour. Within the pack, there is a chance to win accolades and attend the award ceremony to receive them. It is obviously the ultimate dream for many people and it’s no different in the Sims 4 world! This guide will instruct on how to get there, speed up the process, and get your Sim to the lofty heights of stardom and allow their dreams to come true.

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4

Getting prepped and what you need to know

Of course, your Sim’s dream is to win a Starlight Accolades Award. Although, firstly they will have to prepare and gain the skills necessary to win. This is a prerequisite to their success. There are five award categories your Sim can be nominated in, these are:

  • Acting
  • Song
  • Painting
  • Video
  • Book

However, it is possible that Sims can win if they meet the award criteria AND they were not actually nominated for the award, the surprise factor!

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4: Best Acting award


Acting is one of the best ways to earn an audition. In Get Famous your acting career requires charisma and skill. Firstly, your Sim will get nominated for an award if they meet the criteria to win the acting gig. Secondly, confidence is key in acting, so the “Self-Assured” Trait will help you out. Sims with this trait will gain random confidence moodlets that will therefore help them out by upping their performance during acting gigs.

If you have a Sim heading for Del Sol Valley, then the Master Actor aspiration will assist you through your career, awarding aspiration points for steps along the journey. Socializing with other actors will also help your Sim advance, as will also choosing the right acting agency.

When it comes to auditions, you’ll see a recommended skill and level. Having this skill higher or at the stated level, will greatly increase your chances of passing. Once you have achieved an acting role, it helps to focus on these three areas: Work on your skills, Choose a specialty, and don’t be afraid to change agencies.

Sims can win the acting award for the following:

  • Gold or Silver in a commercial gig
  • Completing a TV Show gig
  • Completing a movie gig

Sims that earn gold on a Movie gig have the best chance of winning an award.

Song Award

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4
Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4: Song Award

To win a chance at receiving a starlight accolade, licensing songs is the best way to win the best song award. Usually, Sims have a 60% chance of winning this award. Sims can license music from these instruments. This gives them a chance to win.

  • DJ Booth (Get to Work)
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin

Sadly, Sims can only license one song per week. So it’s best to make sure that the Sim has skills in many instruments. They can then license multiple songs for a far greater chance to be nominated.

Painting award

Painting Award

Sims have a great chance of being nominated for an award if they sell paintings. This is done by clicking on the painting and selling the painting to the collector. It’s a great idea to keep selling the higher-value paintings. Sims do not have a limit on how many paintings they can create, so may as well go for it! Keep going, until the Sim is nominated for the award. The higher-value paintings, gain the greater the chance of winning an award.

Video Award

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4
Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4: Video Award

Another way of getting nominated for a Starlight accolade is by entering the best Video Award. This is potentially won by uploading videos to the video station.
As with the Paintings, the Sims should upload as many videos for the greatest chance of being nominated. Lastly, the higher the video quality, the better chance of the Sim winning the award. Go for it, get those videos recorded!

Book Award

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4

For a chance for your Sim to win a best Book award, your Sim needs to publish books.

Your Sim should focus on selling high-quality books and a large amount of them. They should sell to a publisher, for the chance to be nominated. As with the videos, the higher the quality of the book, the better the chance of it being published.

Getting nominated for a Starlight Accolade

So once all the hard work has been completed, keep an eye on the Notification bar. Within a week of the event, all nominated Sims to receive their invites. However, if Seasons is installed the notification will show up on the calendar. If a Sim happens to miss the event, they will lose all chance of receiving an award. So no snoozing, get all glammed up, and make sure you show up on time!

Where and when?

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4 – When and Where?

The Starlight Accolade takes place at the amazing Studio PBP lot in Del Sol Valley. However, this lot has the Hottest Spot in Town lot trait, and Sims usually won’t be able to enter unless they’re at least B-list celebrities or, unless they’re in a group with a celebrity who can get them in. However, at the Award Ceremony event, any Sim can enter.

It’s quite important to be punctual and get to the award show early at around 6 pm so the Sim has a chance to get in and get seated and start watching the award. The show runs from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4: Winning an award

Sadly, actually winning an award is down to luck more than anything else. Some Sims seem to win without even trying, while others work hard earning Gold on acting gigs, etc, with no luck whatsoever. Also, If there’s a high celebrity presence, that affects the chances of winning.

Timing is paramount here and if you receive a notification that your Sim has won, you must click on your Microphone immediately, and click “Accept Speech”, or you will miss your chance of a trophy. It must not move on to the next award before you accept. Having two microphones in your ceremony area may make it easier when your chance comes.

Final words

So this concludes the tips on Gaining Starlight Accolades in the Sims 4. If you are excited about the prospect of receiving a Starlight Accolade in Sims 4, please download the Get Famous expansion pack, if you don’t already have it. This can be downloaded from here.

If you would like to learn more about the other Get Famous award ceremonies, follow our guide here. Enjoy becoming a celebrity and all the glitz, glamour and more than anything…FUN!

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