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Become Famous in the Game!

Are you fascinated by the beauty of an award ceremony and trying to experience that in The Sims 4? Well, you’re in luck! What you need is The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack, and you’ll be ready to join the rest of the celebrities!

Read this guide to learn more about attending red carpet events, various Get Famous cheats, and the award ceremonies!

Award Ceremonies in The Sims 4

If you’d like to join other celebrities on the red carpet, Del Sol Valley is there you need to be! If you get famous for acting, book writing, becoming the next trendsetter, or many other things, you can attend the Starlight Acolades and get awards!

Here are the main awards you can get:

The Starlight Acolade

Is your Sim famous for their outstanding achievements and performances? Then grab yourself the Starlight Acolade for everything you do and enjoy either the Bronze, the Silver, or the Golden version of the trophy.

Of course, we all want the gold!

The Drama Club Acolade

This particular trophy is dedicated to the child prodigies of the Sims world! If they have performed amazing things, they can get one of these colours: blue, pink, and white.

Definitely hanging this in your child’s room!

The Annoying Air Horn Trophy

Well, if your Sim is a loud person who, as the award claims, is “the loudest when volume is needed”. 

Even if this is not as nice as the other trophies, it’s still worth getting if you’re trying to become a celebrity!

The Charitable Acts Trophy

Does your Sim have a lot of lovely meetings with their fans? Do these meet and greets have a very good reputation? Well, you can apply for the Charitable Acts trophy! 

The Flaming Toilet Trophy

This one definitely stands out. You can receive this award if your Sims are extremely mischievous and have a negative reputation. 

Some Sims might not want this award, but you should still be proud of it!

Other Sims 4: Get Famous Features

Now that you’re ready for the award ceremony let’s take a look at more things you can expect from this expansion pack.

A New World For the Celebrities

If you’d like to be an A-list celebrity, you need to live in Del Sol Valley! This world is full of famous people, beautiful houses, fancy furniture, and so much more.

This world can remind you of Los Angeles, so think of it as the place where any Sim wants to be! Don’t forget to visit Mirage Park or Starlight Boulevard while you’re there.

Time For Fame and Award Ceremonies!

One of the key aspects is fame and reputation. Your Sim can become a celebrity for various reasons, so the possibilities are endless.

Is your Sim a famous chef? Or would they like to be the next superstar of the acting world? Work on your Sim’s fame and let them climb that ladder!

If you’d like there are great Get Famous cheats that you can use! This is a beautiful expansion pack, so definitely don’t miss out on all the award ceremonies and awards.

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