How To Use Fertilizer In The Sims 4

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Whether you’re a natural born farmer or just someone who is beginning to plant something on your lot, you will need to know about the fertilizer in The Sims 4 game.

Once you get more and more skilled in Gardening, you will see that you can actually improve your plant’s well-being by fertilizing it. If you haven’t done that before (maybe not even in real life!), then do not worry because in this guide you will learn everything you need to know!

Learn The Gardening Skill

First thing first, you will need to gain the Gardening skill to be able to grow plants and then later fertilize them.

As always, the best ways to gain some skill is through practice! You can easily buy some seeds online and then start your planting journey! Whether you’re planning to have some flowers, fruit and vegetables or some bigger trees like a banana tree, once you reach a certain level, you can start fertilizing!

How To Fertilize Plants in The Sims 4

There are a few things you should keep in mind before running over to your plants. You can only fertilize once you have reached level 3 of Gardening. The process itself is quite simple, you have to click on a plant and press “Fertilize“.

You can do that only evert four days, however, the game doesn’t tell you when you can do it again. So it can be useful to keep a small calendar or a schedule for that! This way, the quality of your plants will always be the best.

Different Fertilizer Qualities

You have to keep in mind that a fertilizer’s quality and strength depends on the Simoleon value. That means, better fertilizers will have a bigger impact to the quality of the chosen plant. You can pretty much use random items to fertilize plants, but you’re able to do it only every four days, so don’t waste the chance to improve your plant by using some bad quality items.

This is what the value of your fertilizer means:

  • Less than 5 – Near-Useless
  • 5 to 11 – Low-Grade
  • 12 to 19 – Medium Strength
  • 20 to 49 – High Strength
  • 50+ – The Best Fertilizer!

The Best Fertilizers

Now, this is where we talk business! If you’re looking for something that will definitely make a huge impact for The Sims 4 fertilizer, then there are a few items that will surely give you that almost immediately.

For example, you can use such items as Tuna, Salmon, Bass, and other types of fish. They are a great fertilizer for any type of plant, so try to keep some in your inventory if you have the chance. No need to waste your time on some low level items!

Now you’re ready to start planting and fertilizing! If your Sims haven’t reached 3 level of Gardening, you can either reach that through practice or by using skills cheats. Whichever way you choose, gardening can be a great hobby for your Sims.

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