How To Get Elements In Sims 4?

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About The Elements in Sims 4

Elements can be extremely valuable possessions in Sims 4. You can use them for various things in the game, such as decorating your home. Or, you can boost some of your skills, such as rocket science and logic. But how do you actually get these elements in Sims 4? What should you do?

Well, getting all the elements that you want is not an easy thing. First of all, you’ll have to dig the elements from around the neighborhood yourself. Second, you can’t actually control which element you’re going to dig up – it works on RNG. And third, it simply takes a lot of time to get all the elements you want in Sims 4!

But in this post, we’ll tell you everything we know about collecting and gathering elements in TS4! We will also layout all the elements in a list so you can see their rarity, value, and where you can get them from!

So let’s begin!

How To Get Elements in Sims 4?

You can get elements in Sims 4 by digging up crystals and metals in the rock formations in the various neighborhoods. Each digging spot has a random chance to give you a unique element based on what you’re digging. Different crystals and metals hold different elements that vary in rarity and worth.

Okay, finding and digging the rocks is easy. But what about getting the rare elements?

As we mentioned above, there is no direct way to influence whether you’ll get a rare or a common element when digging up anything, really. However, you significantly increase the chances of getting a rare element by digging up the crystals and metals in the hidden lots or secret worlds!

Some of these locations are The Forgotten Grotto, Sylvan Glades, and the Planet Sixam!

Also, some elements can only be collected from certain crystals and metals. So if you know which element you want to get, you can only go for the metals and crystals that produce it.

What Happens After You Get the Elements?

After you’ve done some digging, you’ll need to send your findings to the Geo Council. They will examine the crystals and metals you’ve found for you. But they will also send any element they find in those metals and crystals the very next day, informing you about the rarity and worth.

An important tip is to send your findings with 20 simoleons to increase the chance of getting an element. 

If you own the Get To Work expansion pack for The Sims 4 and your Sim is in the scientist career, you can skip all of this! Any scientist Sim can inspect the various crystals and metals himself and get the elements that way! This is a much more efficient way of doing this, but it’s not a must!

All The Elements in Sims 4 – A List

Here are all the elements in Sims 4 and how to get them (from which metals and crystals)!

ElementRarityValueGathered from this crystalGathered from this metal
AlcineatCommon$10Peach, Alabaster, Turquoise, ShinoliteObtanium, Ozinold, Furium
GoobleckCommon$10EmeraldPlathinum, Heavy Metal, Obtanium
MelacooCommon$15Sapphire, RainborzPyrite, Flamingonium, Romantium
OxypinCommon$15Turquoise, AmethystPunium, Furium
OzinateCommon$20Citrine, SimaniteOzinold, Baconite, Death Metal
PhozoneCommon$10Orange Topaz, Rose, Plumbite, JonquilystPhozonite, Heavy Metal, Pyrite
SeliumCommon$10Fire Opal, Orange TopazUtranium, Alcron, Simtanium, Literalite, Sadnum
SydrolinCommon$10Quartz, Ruby, Peach, EmeraldAlcron, Baconite
PerylliumCommon$40Rose, Ruby, RainborzSocialite, Flamingonium, Romantium
PlathiumUncommon$35Fire Opal, JetPlathinum, Death Metal, Ironyum
VolentonUncommon$40Quartz, Amethyst, SimaniteCrytunium, Socialite, Literalite
WolfiumUncommon$55Hematite, Shinolite, JetIronyum, Simtanium
CrytacooRare$140Fire Opal, JonquilystCrytunium, Literalite
FiraxiumRare$160Diamond, RainborzFurium, Sadnum
PlumbobusRare$175Jet, PlumbiteSimtanium, Romantium, Sadnum
Xenopetrium (GTW required)Uncommon$80Nitelite, CrandestineBlutonium, Solarium

Check this helpful YouTube video about elements collection in Sims 4!


And that’s how you get the different elements in Sims 4. The whole process is really easy once you go through it a couple of times.

In summary, you first need to dig up the rocks in order to get the crystals and metals. The Geo Council will inspect these crystals and metals and send your elements. Or you can inspect them yourself if your Sim is a scientist! And keep in mind that secret locations hide the rarest elements!

And that’s pretty much it!

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