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If you’ve ever tried to build a house from scratch in The Sims 4, chances are you’ve probably got annoyed by some of the lot sizes. Even in the biggest of lots, there are large spaces and areas that just don’t do anything. They are generally left unused, and it bothers us that to this day, there wasn’t any update by the developers of The Sims 4 that would let us build on these untouched places. If only there was something like an Expand Lot Cheat to solve all of our problems!

But, we’re sad to break it to you, Expand Lot Cheat doesn’t exist for The Sims 4! All of the lot sizes in the game are fixed, and there is nothing we can do to make them bigger. There are no secret tactics or hacks that would make this available, and also no other cheats that can influence it. Simply, the creators didn’t want us, the players, to mess around in such a way with the lots. So if this means that you’re going to have to give up on your dream house, then we’re truly sorry!

However, there are some things that you can do to find a bigger lot or make some extra space in the one you already got. Of course, this isn’t going to expand your lot, but it will help you a ton while building!

Let’s see what we got!

How to Make More Space and Get Bigger Houses in The Sims 4?

Getting a well-designed house from the Gallery is one of the best ways to save up space and make your lots seem bigger. The homes there are also created on the same lots that you have in your game, and when you download one from the Gallery, it will automatically load in the appropriated lot. 

And not only that, these houses can be grand, but there are a lot of super-talented people that use every inch of the space they have smartly! These creative persons can make a tiny lot seem ten times bigger because they know how to optimize their space. And you should take advantage of that!

Use Free Build Cheat

The Free Build Cheat is a great way to modify many of the standard buildings you can’t edit otherwise. College dorms, stations, offices – they all can be taken down and fully rebuilt by you. And the only thing that you can’t do is increase the size of their lots.

The cheat line is bb.enablefreebuild, and it works exactly like any other cheat. You first enable cheats with testingcheats true, and then you apply the Free Build Cheat. This is the closest thing that we have for Expand Lot Cheat in The Sims 4.

Unlock the Hidden Lots

If you didn’t know, there are some hidden lots in The Sims 4 that we can also use to build our houses on. These usually are secluded places, and if there wasn’t the internet, many simmers wouldn’t even hear of them. The fact that they “hidden” is because they are almost invisible and only meant for curious players that like to inspect every corner of the world. We’re talking about the insides of magic trees and caves – things that you wouldn’t usually interact with.

Here are all hidden lots in The Sims 4!

Base game:

  • Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek – Unlocked through the Sylvan Tree in Foundry Cove.
  • Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs – Unlocked in the mine entrance behind the Desert Bloom Park.

Outdoor Retreat:

  • Hermit’s House in Granite Falls – Unlocked in a shrub hole in Granite Falls Forest.

Get to Work:

  • Sixiam in Get to Work – Unlocked through the Scientist career.

Realm of Magic:

  • The Magic Realm in Realm of Magic – Unlocked through traveling by a portal located in Glimmerbrook.

Snowy Escape:

  • Mt. Komorebi Peak in Snowy Escape – Unlocked by completing a mountain expedition in Yukimatsu neighborhood. 

If you need help figuring out how to get each of these lots, please check out this <a href= target=_blank>video</a>.


It blows that we still can’t make our lots bigger in The Sims 4. It seems like the developers have completely forgotten about this issue or are determined to never make it possible. Whatever it is, for the time being, at least, we have to adapt however we can. We know that these three suggestions are not ideal, but they can still give you more options when building. And we hope they helped!

More build cheats are listed in our post on build cheats in The Sims 4.

If you need another cheat, then you can probably find it on our cheat page. And if you want to browse through our great Mods and CC collection you can do so as well! Happy Simming!

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