The Sims 4 Expand Lot Cheat: Is There A Way To Make Lots Bigger?

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Is there a way to make lots bigger in Sims 4 with an expand lot cheat? Well, not quite, but there are some ways to go beyond the limits of your building. Find out how!

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Is There a Cheat That Can Expand Lots In Sims 4?

Let’s address the obvious first – unfortunately, the answer is no. With Sims 4, what you see is what you get, and lot sizes are fixed. There is no expand lot cheat that can make the existing lot bigger and expand the building grid beyond what is allowed in the game. There is also no way to place bigger lots anywhere in the world. The best you can do is go for already existing lots in the game, the biggest being 64×64 lots, and edit those.

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However, there are two alternate, known ways you can make lots seem bigger that don’t involve cheats: using the T.O.O.L. mod and playing with pre-made homes and existing lots.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Do you know how many lots there are in Sims 4 in total? Read on to discover what lot sizes you can build on in your favorite game!

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1. Try The T.O.O.L. Mod by Twisted Mexi

Because the game limits us in terms of where we can build, the ”Take Objects Off Lot” mod, or T.O.O.L by TwistedMexi, is designed to help you decorate the nearby area or the entire neighborhood. Although it can’t make the existing lots bigger, it allows you to add objects outside the lot. For example, you can place lounge chairs and create a stunning backyard area just outside your lot, and make it look like your backyard is bigger. All objects you place using this mod will keep their functionality, so your Sim will be able to use them as if they were placed on their original lot! 

Combine the power of this mod with cheats that unlock all items, and you can easily place stuff from the debug menu, place live edit objects, and gameplay unlocks anywhere outside your active lot. 

2. Expand The Existing Build By Placing Smaller Homes On Larger Lots

While there is no way to expand lot sizes in Sims 4, you can improvise by placing smaller builds on larger lots. Find a big lot, build the existing build if you don’t need it, and then place the smaller home on that lot. From there, expand the build by filling up the empty space as you please. For instance, you can place a home that’s been built on the 30×40 lot on a 64×64 lot, and edit from there. If you want Sims to live here, don’t forget to change the lot type to residential. To get even more freedom and use up the space to the max, try using build cheats!


At the moment, no chat allows us to build outside the lot grid, and improvising, as mentioned above, seems to be the only way to go about this. We can only hope that the next game generation and Sims 5 will positively surprise us in this department. Happy simming!

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