Sims 3 Money Cheat: Get Unlimited Simoleons Fast

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How cool would it be to effortlessly buy literally anything you want in Sims 3, even the most expensive mansion? Money cheats can help you with that! Read on to find out how to activate and use them to become insanely rich.


Sims 3 money cheat: Get as many simoleons as your heart desires

So here you are, starting your new gaming session with The Sims 3. No matter if you choose to play one of the pre-made families with little family funds, or a newly-made one straight from the CAS, big plans for their future will require some simoleons. If you want to make them rich naturally, you’d have to wait for them to go to work, and hustle hard for days or invest their time in a side hobby that pays, such as painting. Or, you can just use money cheats and save yourself precious time!

Get your Sims rich with money cheats for Sims 3!

These cheats are made to help you get rich fast. And the best part is, you can use them to get any family rich, no matter their vocation or number of members. Now, let’s see how these cheats work, and what you need to do to activate them!

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how to enable cheats in sims 3?

So, you’ve decided to become rich overnight and use money cheats. Before you can do that in Sims 3, it’s important to enable cheats. Load your active household, pause the game, and open the cheat bar in the upper left corner of your screen by simultaneously pressing the following buttons:

  • PC – Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac – Command + Shift + C
  • PlayStation – L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
  • Xbox – LB + LT + RB + RT

Once the cheat bar opens, type testingcheatsenabled true, and hit Enter. If it works, the cheat bar will automatically close, and you are all prepared to start using the money cheat!

How to add more simoleons with cheats?

Once cheats are activated, you can now start adding simoleons to your family account. Open the cheat bar as described above to prepare for typing cheats. There are a few ways to increase family funds in your Sims 3 game:

  • You can type kaching to get $1,000. This is a great method if you need just a small amount. 
  • You can type motherlode, and get $50,000 added to your account! A great cheat if you want to move houses and buy a more expensive home, or add more luxurious furnishing!
  • Or, you can add much more to your family funds by typing familyfunds [family last name] #. To use this money cheat to work, simply type the family name and the amount. For instance, if your Sims 3 family’s last name is Johnson and you want to add 100000 to their account, just type familyfunds Johnson 100000, and hit Enter. You can type any number from 0 to 99,999,999 to control their funds. The cheat works not only to add but also to remove money from a family account by typing 0.

Remember, for any of these cheats to work you need to pay the active family. You can’t add simoleons to another family’s account unless you switch to playing them.

Can you add simoleons before moving in?

Money cheat for Sims 3 can get you the luxurious 10 Summer Hill Court Mansion - or any other mansion your heart desires!

How cool would it be if your newly made family could purchase the 10 Summer Hill Court Mansion or any other luxurious home right away? Unfortunately, this is not possible, even with cheats. If you have just created a new family and they are saved in your Library, ready to be placed in the world, you have to wait a little to make them rich.

A family has to be placed on a lot and you have to start playing them to use any of the money cheats. This can be an empty lot or a small starter home they can afford. Only once they are moved you can use the money cheat to add more simoleons and move them to that big mansion you planned for them.

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So, this was how you can get unlimited simoleons handed to your Sims 3 family with cheats! Use one or combine them all as you please, since there is no limit to how many times you can use these cheats. Enjoy your wealth and happy simming!


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