23+ Best Sims 3 Mods You Need To Try Now!

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Are you a Sims 3 simmer looking for some quality mods? Adding the best Sims 3 mods to your game change how you play in the best way possible. Read on to discover the juiciest modules that will elevate your storylines and add more fabulous gameplay options!

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What are The Best Sims 3 Mods?

Every passionate simmer knows the value of quality mods. We adore Sims 3 in its entirety, but we also love to add some extra pie menus, options, and interactions to level up the gameplay. Thanks to creative mod makers, we can now enjoy a wide array of different modules that improve different aspects of the game, and add novelties we’ve never seen before.

So, if you’re on a hunt for the best Sims 3 mods, this is the place to be, as we have created an extensive list of these gems for you. Let’s set the sails and venture into the world of the hottest mods for TS3, shall we?

1. Ultimate Careers by zerbu

MTS Zerbu 1405326 TS3W2014 01 0318 30 36 24

Tired of career rabbit holes? This mod will fix that for you. Ultimate Careers mod will transfer your Sims from rabbit holes to community lots, making them fully controllable during their shifts. Instead of vanishing into thin air, employees Sims will handle job-related interactions or slack off, which will then impact their career performance. 

You get to pick which community lot is assigned to which career. You can do the same for teens and kids when they are going to school, as well as the custom careers. Check it out here!

2. Government Benefits & Services Mod by monocoDoll

MTS MonocoDoll 2172820 Screenshot 465

Some parents need extra funds to pull off parenthood the right way, and this mod can help them with that. It adds Government benefits to the game, allowing your Sims to opt for child support and welfare. All they need to do is apply and hope for the best. If they get accepted, they will be greeted with benefits from the Sims government every week. Download here!

3. Social Clubs Mod (+ banking) by PJSims

MTS PJSims 2170571 Sims3Screenshot2023.06.07

This mod adds more meaning and purpose to Sims’ existence, introducing them to social clubs, hobbies, and new ways of relating. You can create over 50 customized clubs and do cute club-related activities, such as giving club members subscription gifts or participating in club-themed tournaments to win prizes. 

Every club has its ”vibe”, so not everyone will be equally inclined to join it. You will control everything, from authority and club theme and activities to open hours, age, forbidden interactions, and dress code. Assign an activity, and watch club members work on it. If you are not a fan of in-person socializing, you can create special subscription-only clubs, and collect subscription fees. 

The mod also includes a special banking system that allows Sims to take loans and get bank accounts. To get the whole package, download it here!

4. Acne Mod by Twinsimming

MTS Twinsimming 2135818 AcneModCoverPhoto

Let’s bring skincare to the forefront! Now you can make your Sims suffer from breakouts and help them experience skin problems real humans face, with this realistic acne mod. With it installed, all Sims from teens to young adults and adults will get a chance or randomly get acne breakouts in the morning and get really embarrassed about it. 

Some Sims are more likely you get them, and this will depend on various factors, including default tuning, Sims’ personality traits, pregnancy, or whether they are occult beings. And when it happens, be prepared to religiously start acne treatment with an acne toner and facewash routine. Download it here!

5. Hairdresser Mod by PJSims

MTS PJSims 2124960 TS3W2022 10 1116 01 14

Just imagine getting 100 simoleons from doing someone’s hair from the comfort of your home. Now everyone can do it, from teens to elders! The Hairdresser mod will let you style hair, take clients, charge hairstyling fees, evaluate hair, and develop hairstyling skills like a pro. 

All you need to open your private salon is a hairdressing chair. From there, you can start doing hair, color-correcting, or dye grays. You’ll need to impress clients and lure them in with your magnificent portfolio and negotiating skills. Like in real life, success isn’t guaranteed, and aspiring hairdressers will need to work hard to make their dream come true.

The mod will add new interactions and pie menu socials and client-hairdresser interactions for you to explore as well. And, if you don’t click with the customer, you can just shoo them off of the styling chair. And these are just some highlights! To learn more about the mod and download it, go here!

6. RPG Manager by Lyralei

MTS Lyralei 2114433 DegreeManager3OptionsTamekacopy

This mod is an extensive one and it will improve how you start story plots forever. It’s a combo of a few mini-managers, all of which are geared to help you navigate gameplay more efficiently. For instance, you can give your townies more hobbies, traits, or skills and skill points, and edit newly made families before moving them in. 

You can give unemployed townies career degrees without having to play them first. Or, you can give a freshly made household enough money to buy a luxurious villa from the get-go, instead of having to move them into the cheapest home in the world first. If you have TS3: Pets installed, you can even make townies adopt pets. You can establish friendships, enemy relationships, and romantic partnerships without switching from one household to another. To try it out, go here!

7. Yoga Mod by Twinsimming

MTS twinsimming 2127369 YogaModPreviewCover

Ever wanted to do yoga in Sims 3? Now you can, thanks to this awesome mod. Yoga mod has all you need to start stretching and opening chakras, from a yoga mat to yoga interactions and poses. Sims can meditate and get into a zen mode. They can become tranquil and even get fatigued from going overboard with yoga-like real yogis do. Download the mod here!

8. Truly Unique Sims by Lianda360

MTS lianda360 2120903 Preset 7

Tired of seeing the same old facial features when randomizing Sims’ faces in CAS? This mod will fix that for you. As one of the best Sims 3 mods for CAS, it minimizes the chances of getting oddly similarly looking Sims, adding a bunch of awesome facial presets to the face generator. It works for Sims of all ages and genders. No more average Joes and Janes in your gameplay! For more info, go here!

9. Cigarette Smoking Mod By Olomaya/Cmomoney

MTS olomaya 2107582 nicotinegum

Install this mod and turn your Sims into smokers! This is one of the best Sims 3 mods if you want realistic stories. Feeling fidgety and needing a smoke will now become an areal thing. Not only that but, like in real life, smoking will have serious consequences on Sims’ finances and health. Sims can buy cigarettes, get stinky from cigarette smoke, and even get health problems because of their unhealthy habits. 

They won’t get quick results when exercising and pregnant smokers can put their baby’s well-being at risk if they develop a habit during pregnancy. In the worst-case scenario, cigarettes will shorten their lifespan for a few days!

Cigarettes will help them calm down if stressed and give them a temporary mood fix. Withdrawing and releasing will become a thing. Many smokers start smoking early as a form of rebellion, so teens can smoke too, and ask for a cigar from others! Find more info here!

10. The Randomizer Mod by Lyralei

MTS Lyralei 2102220 schooloptions

If you want to add more spontaneity to your gameplay, this is one of the best Sims 3 mods to go for. The mod adds random events while you are playing the game. Will your lights switch out of nowhere? Will your Sim suddenly get an inheritance? Or, will you get a call from a neighbor about your missing cat, even though you didn’t know you had one? Nobody knows what will happen! 

This is a great one if you want to surrender control let the game take you in unknown directions. The mod includes more files, and you can always cherry-pick what types of events are welcome in the game, and skip on installing others. Check it out here!

11. 9 New Death Types by FloTheory

MTS FloTheory 2067925 3FatigueD

Have you ever lost your Sims in fire or by drowning before? Boring! It’s time to make death more interesting! This mod adds 9 brand-new ways to die to your game. Sims can now die from food poisoning, rodent bits, and flies, but also after a fight, due to fatigue, or embarrassment. To learn more and get the mod, go here!

12. TS3 HD Textures Series – Terrain Pack by Lyralei

MTS Lyralei 2091644 4KFlower

Looking for new ways to make your home and yard look more realistic? If so, you’ll love this one. This is one of the best Sims 3 mods for improving how your environment looks. The mod adds new 4K textures to your gameplay and will help you make outdoor areas look more HD.  besides the 4k, the mod is available in 1K and 2K versions, so you can pick the one that suits your computer configurations best. Download here!

13. Toddler Mods By TheSweetSimmer

MTS TheSweetSimmer 2102835 Screenshot 2389

If you have been playing Sims 3 for a while, you have likely noticed that interactions with toddlers are somewhat limited. TheSweetSimmer has created a few small mods that change how we play toddlers in big ways. Here are some of the best Sims 3 mods for toddlers for you to try out:

  • More Toddler Interactions – Caregivers can now dance with little ones, introduce toddlers to their environment and interesting objects, and there are brand new interactions for children and teens to perform with their toddler siblings, like holding, cuddling, or talking to them. Get the mod here!
  • Toddlers Can Learn To Walk Alone – Sometimes you just don’t have time to work with your toddlers and have different game priorities. With this mod, toddlers can learn to walk by themselves, while adults are going about their business. Download here!
  • Outdoor Activities for Toddlers by TheSweetSimmer – Little ones can now use trampolines, jump alone or with others, have cute little picnics and chit-chat, play toddler soccer, and have fun on the playground. For more info about the mod, go here!
  • Toddlers Can Ask For Things – With this mod, toddlers can communicate their needs to caregivers. They will express themselves when they are hungry, need some affection, or feel stinky and need their diapers changed! Check it out here!

14. Smooth Patch by LazyDuchess

If you’d like your Sims 3 to run a bit smoother, you need to give this mod a go. The Smooth Patch mod doesn’t fix all lags and issues in the game. What it does is fix little slowdowns, such as CAS loading time, or drag-and-drop performance, and improves how we preview things when building and editing. You’ll find that scrolling will become much more smoother. A handy one, indeed. Find more info here!

15. error trap core mod by nraas

Have your saved files ever created an issue for you, even to the point of making it impossible to load a world? If so, this mod will help prevent similar errors in the future. Although it doesn’t add any fancy interactions to the gameplay, it does a very important thing that will save you from future bummers – it traps corruption errors. It’s not always perfect as TS3 is complex, but it’s an effective prevention that will keep your saved games safe. Get the mod here!

16. ”cancel time off” by cherry92

MTS Cherry92 1292421 desc

Pregnant Sims deserve paid time off – unless you want to go a step further and challenge them. Sometimes you may want to send them off to work to sustain themselves and the family or keep them smashing their career goals non-stop, which is when this mod can come in handy. You can cancel time off any time, and keep your Sims grinding. This applies to all Sims who have a day off. Download it here!

17. the journal mod by lyralei

MTS Lyralei 1993523 Entry

Nothing is as therapeutic as keeping a journal, and Sims can now use it to express their deepest thoughts and feelings. This mod brings a bunch of journal options that will make your Sims’ lives more meaningful. Journals come with more entries and can be filled over time, just like real ones.

Your Sims can write about good or bad things, such as important life events, relationships, past life, paranormal stuff, sorrow from mourning, and pregnancy. They can write down their most intimate moments, such as WooHoos, or vent about their boring love life. The diary is incredibly realistic, so they will also be able to relive old memories, claim, lock the journal or keep it under the bed. To learn more and download it, go here!

18. Story Progression by Nraas

This mod is an improved version of story progressions and will give you more control over how neighborhood stories unfold in your game. Install it, and you will have better control of your townies’ behaviors and how stories unfold. For instance, the mod will allow you to choose how fast or slow you want events to happen, disable some autonomous behavior of townies and give you a better grip on the notifications panel. Download here!

19. Have Sim arrested mod by xantak22

MTS xantak22 2065495 Screenshot 16

This is certainly one of the best Sims 3 mods for creating drama. Sims can now become so powerful that they can order their enemies to be arrested! Any Sim who has Charisma level 7 or above will become so mighty that they mess with others. All they need is to clap their hands and cops will show in a matter of seconds.

Anyone can be targeted, including family members or close friends, paparazzi, or NPCs, which makes this a great mod for the dark tirade Sims, the mischievous, and the evil ones. Naturally, they will be hated by the target Sim after they come out of the police station. Learn more and download the mod here!

20. ”Like for like” build and buy mode by tizerisT

1 1 1498757396

Browsing the Build and Buy mode can sometimes be so chaotic. You know what you need, but it feels like scrolling takes ages, and objects seem to be weirdly mixed up. Well, not anymore. This mod will change categorization and pricing in the Build and Buy mode, making it easy for you to find what you need within a category. Plus, it unlocks the majority of debug and hidden stuff, which is awesome! To learn more about the mod and download it, go here!

21. Improved occult beings by Xantak22

MTS xantak22 2068348 Screenshot 71

If you love playing with supernatural beings, these mods by Xantak22 will blow you away. Once you install them, your mummies, ghosts, and plantsims will become mightier than ever. Here are the best Sims 3 mods for supernaturals:

  • Scarier Ghosts Mod – Ghosts will now be able to use terrifying, horrifying, and deadly scares, becoming so horrific that they can kill a Sim solely by using the power of their petrifying presence! Download here!
  • Mummy Power Mod – As if mummies weren’t creepy enough, they can now teleport, summon a sarcophagus, and even summon their fellow mummies to gather in one place! They will become so powerful that they can use new types of curses but also bless Sims. Download here!
  • PlantSim Power Mod – These green Sims can now make the flora in your game flourish by creating plants or making existing plants blossom! They can use special spores to control other Sims and make them do stuff, summon, or even zombify them. Download here!

22. investment mod by twinsimming

MTS Twinsimming 2169505 ResearchStocksInteraction

Thanks to this incredible mod, Sims can now become stock market experts and take on the roles of investors. The mod makes it possible for all Sims, from young adults and older to research the stock market and make investments on the SimNation Stock Market. This is one of the best Sims 3 mods for money making, if you know how to invest smartly. Invest anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 and prey for the best! You may win, but you very well may also lose. Download here!

23. wildlife and minor pet hunting by spherefish

MTS spherefish 2096644 mod title new

Tired of uninvited animal guests? Not every Sim loves animals, and we all sometimes make bad characters, who can be downright cruel. If you want to have a hunter in your TS3, you can install this mod and start going after animal intruders. Your Sim will be able to hunt rodents, birds, or reptiles if they start bothering them. You can go a step further and take their meat and have steak. This applies to most wild animals, from small pets to larger animals like deer, or raccoons. Get the mod here!

how to install mods for the Sims 3?

Now that you’ve found some of the best Sims 3 mods and are curious to find out how they work, it’s time to install them and see how they work. If you’ve downloaded a .sims3pack file, installing mods for TS3 takes only a few moments. All you need to do is copy the files you downloaded and paste them to Documents>Electronic Arts> The Sims 3> Downloads. Open the Sims 3 launcher and click on the Downloads tab on the left and select everything you want to be added to the game by ticking the boxes.

Select install, and soon enough, if the file you downloaded is working properly, you’ll get a window that confirms your efforts were successful! If you change your mind, you can always remove all content you’ve previously installed in the Installed Content tab in the launcher.

To install .package files, you’ll need to create a Mods folder first. You will find more detailed instructions on how to make it work here.


This was our selection of the hottest mods for Sims 3. We’ve included small but powerful, but also more extensive mighty mods, all of which unlock great new ways to play your favorite game. We hope you found something that clicks with you, and if you did, have fun playing. Happy swimming!

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