The Sims 3: Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcuts making your life easier

The Sims 3 offers a number of useful shortcuts, making your life much easier. When I started playing the Sims I didn’t use them at all – simply for the reason that I didn’t know how to use them. Once that I got used to them, I couldn’t even think about to play the Sims 3 with out using them any more, as each of those keyboard shortcuts makes the gameplay much smoother and nicer. So guys, if you also haven’t used any shortcuts so far, you should definitely have a look at the list below! 🙂

I have collected all shortcuts available and have listed them in the comprehensive overview, which you will find straight below this introduction. There are different shortcuts available depending on whether you are in the Live Mode or in the Buy and Build Mode. Please don’t forget that the shortcuts of the Live Mode do not work in the Buy and Build mode and vice versa. For the case I have missed anything in my overview please just leave me a message, I will be grateful for it!

Keyboard shortcuts overview

Live mode

Shortcut Result
Q Quit game
P or 0 Pause game
Enter Center on active Sim
+ – or Z X Zoom in/ Zoom out
WASD Move Forward/Left/Right/Back
, and . (or < and >) Move camera left and right
Ctrl + 5 through Ctrl 9 Save camera position
5 through 9 Recall camera position
V Start/End video capture
B Pause/Resume video capture
C Take snapshot
Esc Cancel
Tab Free camera mode
M Go to Map
F1 Go to live mode
F2 Go to Buy mode
F3 Go to Build mode
F4 Go to Story mode
F5 Open options
F10 Hide control panel
I Open Skill journal
J Open Adventure journal
1-2-3-4 Game speed: Normal-Fast-Ultra Fast-Ultra fast without stopping
Space or N Switch to next Sim
Page Up/Page Down Move up one floor/Move down one floor
Home/End Next/Previous wall mode
Alt + Enter Toggle Full-screen/Windowed mode

Buy/Build mode

Shortcut Result
H Hand tool
E Eyedropper tool
R Create-a-Style
L Day/Night toggle
T Top down view
K Sledgehammer tool
, and . (or < and >) Rotate object
Delete Delete object
Ctrl + Z/Ctrl + Y Undo/Redo
Ctrl + F Full/Quarter tile toggle

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