The Sims 4 Book of Life: What It Is, How To Write It, And How To Use It To Resurrect Sims!

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Did you know that your Sim can write a Book of Life to resurrect a loved one? Stay tuned and read on to discover what it is, how it works, and how your Sim can write one!

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The Powerful Book Of Life: Resurrect the Dead and Cherish The Living!

The Book of Life is the ultimate written piece your Sim can create. It is so powerful, it can fill the needs of others, and even bring ghosts back to life! However, this incredible ability isn’t accessible to just any Sim, even if their writing skills are superb. Getting to the point where they can actually write one, is a long but rewarding road, and requires working on the Bestselling Author aspiration. Let’s learn more about how to unlock this Base Game ability, how to write the book and use it, step by step!

Step 1: Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration

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To be able to write such a valuable piece of literature, your Sim needs to complete the Bestselling Author aspiration. This will earn them a special Poetic aspiration reward trait, which unlocks the ability to write the Book of Life. Completing the aspiration will take time, so be patient. You’ll need to work on writing skills, write, and publish books to get there. For instance, to complete the final milestone, your Sim will need to max out the writing skill, write three bestsellers, and earn 25,000 in royalties, which takes some dedication and diligence. 

  • Get the Poetic trait with cheats: If you want to unlock this ability fast, you can always use cheats. To do so, just activate cheats and type traits.equip_trait EpicPoet. This will unlock the Poetic trait, allowing your Sim to capture someone’s life in words even if they don’t have the Bestselling Author aspiration.

Step 2: Write The Book Of Life And Bind Sim To It

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Once you’ve unlocked the Poetic reward trait, it’s time to make the most of it! To write the Book of Life, your Sim will need to use their computer as they normally would when writing books. You will find the option to write The Book of Life in the writing section on their PC. Once written, your Book of Life will appear in their inventory. However, to use it, you will need to bind a Sim to it, first. Click on the book, choose the ‘Capture Epic Saga’, select the Sim you want to bind from the pop-up list, and confirm your choice. 

The best part is that your Sim can write one of these mighty books for every Sim they care about, as there are no limits to how many they can write. However, know that only one book can be bound to one Sim. It also can’t be bound to the author, so while your Sim can use their writing abilities to save many lives of those they care about, they will never be able to write one to save themselves. Another Sim will have to write one for them and bind them, assuming they also have the Poetic reward trait required for this complex task.

Step 3: Use The Book To Resurrect the Dead or Fill The Needs of The Living

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The Book of Life can be used in two ways. When you bind the book to a living Sim, you can use it to fill up all their needs, which is incredibly useful when you are playing without cheats. Just get that Sim to read the book, and their need bars will turn green instantly. However, the more fascinating function of this written piece is that it can be used to resurrect the dead. 

For this to work you will need to have the Book of Life written before a Sim died, as you won’t be able to resurrect a ghost who wasn’t previously bound to one of these mighty books. The ghost themselves must read the book to come back to life. This means that they will need to be summoned, on your lot, and a part of your active family so that you can give them the command to read their ‘Epic Saga’ and resurrect. Any way of summoning works, but you can just use the Book of Life to summon the ghost, as there will be an option to do that for those who die. Once they join the family, give them the book and watch miracles happen!

Make sure your ghost is still roaming around and haunting places after they die! Use Strengthen Connection to the Physical World interaction on the deceased Sim’s tombstone to ensure they stick around long enough to be resurrected.

  • A TIP: If the ghost isn’t cooperative, you can always use cheats to add them to the household. Just have cheats activated with testingcheats true, summon the ghost, Shift+click on them, and choose Add to Family.

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Writing the Book of Life is one of the best ways your Sim can care for loved ones and ensure that not even death can tear them apart. Although the Poetic trait which unlocks this ability won’t do much for the author per se, it will help them keep others well and alive, which is more than a valuable prize. Happy simming!

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