Spotlight on Simmers: Sims 4 Gangly Toddlers, Thanksgiving Builds, Etc!

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Hey Simmers, we are in our fifth week! In this special weekly feature, we are putting the spotlight on Simmers who play The Sims! Through this little corner, we are highlighting awesome things that you’ve posted, our dear Simmers. If you want us to feature your game here on SnootySims, simply see our submission guidelines below!

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Check Out This Week’s Spotlight on Simmers

It’s time to take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of this busy week! Come and take a look at our featured Sims 4 SnootySims posts. Check out our top 12 selections that we’ve collected from Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. Yep, these are all from Simmers like you! On the list, there are filler Sims from San Myshuno, a reunion between a separated furry parent and their dog, Thanksgiving stories, and many more. Enjoy!

Spotlight #1: Goth Family Loading Screen

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 1

Posted on Twitter by @sydneymacoretta

Simmer @sydneymarocetta triggered everyone’s nostalgia as they shared the loading screen of the Goth Family household back in The Sims 2. It’s true though, plenty of Simmers in the past have always rejoiced whenever this loading screen *actually* gets to finish loading. Simmers limited to The Sims 4 would never understand!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #2: Recreation Center Purposes

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 2

Posted on Twitter by @jackofallgames7

Plenty of Simmers have been requesting for multi-function community lots for The Sims 4, so Simmer @jackofallgames7 can’t help but remind everyone in the Sims Community that the Recreation Center in the game pretty much serves four lot purposes: a library, a gym, an art gallery, and a park! It is indeed an all-in-one lot.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #3: Sailormoon Characters

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 3

Posted on Twitter by @MeowMiiPlays

Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer and Simmer @MeowMiiPlays shared what they are making all of the characters of Sailor Moon on The Sims 4. We can’t help but wonder how the whole fabulous girl group will turn out. To see their creation, you can join them on their Twitch account.

View the full post here.

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Spotlight #4: Sims 4 Friends

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 4

Posted on Twitter by @IAmNotAloneDear

Through four snapshots, this Simmer captured the essence of the adorable friendship of her Sims in the game, detailing her same desire for friendship in real life. Well, surely in the Sims community, a lot of friendships can blossom!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #5: Thanksgiving Build

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 5

Posted on Twitter by @lifeofsimsyt

In time for the celebration of Thanksgiving this year, Simmer @lifeofsimsyt created a Thanksgiving-inspired dining-slash-living room, featuring lots of homey decorations and sturdy furniture. The space honestly looks so comforting and we’d also want our own Sims to spend Thanksgiving there.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #6: Old Furniture

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 6

Posted on Twitter by @maiamakesims

In a response to a tweet by @TwistedMexi, Simmer @maiamakesims shared their incredible room builds on Twitter, which feature the beautifully-crafted old-fashioned furniture from the game. Yep, the pieces they included are all available in The Sims 4 itself, no CC included!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #7: The Ghost Dog

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 7

Posted on Reddit by u/That_Thing_Koda

One Redditor posted a heartwarming screenshot of the reunion of a Sim and their pet who seemed to have crossed over the rainbow bridge and turned into a ghost. The image shows how relieved the two were, as they spent a loving hug in each other’s company. Awww! Who’s cutting onions?!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #8: Apartments For Rent

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 8

Posted on Reddit by u/carrolu

Plenty of Simmers (including us!) cannot wait until the release of The Sims 4 For Rent, thus, many have become busy bees preparing their apartment builds in time for the release of the pack, such as Redditor u/carrolu who shared their interesting multiple-room apartment build on Reddit!

View the full post here.

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Spotlight #9: Thanksgiving Dinner

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 9

Posted on Tumblr by @jbabblescc

Simmer @jbabblescc shared a nice and cozy image of their Sim family spending time together eating a celebratory dinner for Thanksgiving. The festive table is lined up with appetizing dishes and the mom of the fam seems to be ready to serve and carve the delicious Turkey! Yum.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #10: Gangly Toddlers

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 10

Posted on Tumblr by @superstupendoussims

Have you also been encountering this glitch in your game, wherein toddlers suddenly become gangling creatures with extensive limbs and acting all creepy? Well, simmer @superstupendoussims caught one of their little Sims in the moment, immortalizing the super funny glitch.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #11: Rat-Looking Sim

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 12

Posted on Tumblr by @channel-sims

Look at this exceptional-looking Sim! Over on Tumblr, @channel-Sims detailed that this Sim’s appearance was the result of its direct conversion from its werewolf form in CAS, thus, it looked weird, like it was a rat of some sort. LOL. Sorry, but we agree!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #12: San Myshuno Filler Sims

Spotlight on Simmers Week 5 Post 11

Posted on Tumblr by @belasims

Simmer Belasims took the time to zoom in on the surroundings of San Myshuno, thinking that they’d see some good-looking Sims strolling around. They were wrong though! What appeared were a bunch of zombie-looking multidimensional Sims who seemed to have a very low poly count. Haha.

View the full post here.

BONUS! Spotlight On Simmers Poll

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On our SnootySims Facebook page, we posted a poll asking you, our dear Simmers, where you spend your hours while playing The Sims 4. The choices are the following: Creating a Sim, Building, CC Shopping, and Storytelling, and so far, the leading choice is the second one: Building! We’re not surprised at all, as most of us spend countless hours in Build/Buy Mode, purchasing and placing in the game plenty of the CC we’ve downloaded!

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Here at SnootySims, Spotlight on Simmers is a weekly piece where we get to feature your experiences about The Sims 4, for others to see and appreciate. Through this way, we can build an exciting and supportive community for The Sims 4 and connect more. So, keep coming back here at SnootySims to see new weekly features! Plus, consider submitting to us through the easy guidelines we stated above.

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