Spotlight on Simmers: Sims 4 Roasted Firefighters, Taylor Swift Bodysuits, Etc!

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We are in our second week! In this special weekly feature, we are pouring out our love and attention to our dear Simmers who play The Sims 4! Through this little corner, we are highlighting interesting content, awesome builds, funny gameplay experiences, and everything under the sun from you, our Simmers. If you want us to feature your game here on SnootySims, simply see our submission guidelines below!

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Check Out This Week’s Top Simmer Finds

Come and unwind for a bit as you view our featured Sims 4 SnootySims posts of the week! Take a look at these top 12 posts that we’ve collected from Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. Yep, these are all from Simmers like you! On the list, there are new cartoon character-inspired Sim characters, townhouse builds, a touching love story, and so much more!

Spotlight #1: Kiki’s Delivery Service Sim

Screenshot 2023 10 25 161354 1

One imaginative Simmer, @moloopsytoo, was having a Spooky Day, so she completed the day by creating a Sim inspired by the iconic Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service herself, setting the stage for a bewitching celebration! The whimsical décor, from broomsticks to a cat stuffed toy, transported her Sims Ronnie into a Studio Ghibli-inspired world.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #2: Father and Daughter Musical Moment

Screenshot 2023 10 25 161701

A heartwarming Tumblr post from @bobnewbie captures the essence of family bonding as the screenshots show a father and daughter Sim strumming a guitar together, creating a touching and musical time in the world of our Sims. The warm hues of the scene and the shared smiles between these two Sims really give off a heartfelt moment.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #3: If Thailand Was On The Sims 4

Screenshot 2023 10 25 161831

Imagine a new Sims world based in Thailand, which features steep, high-rise roofs and tropical gardens all around. The photos above are what @BenjiPlaysSims generated when they asked DALL-E to come up with a Sims 4 Thailand render. We think that these photos look pretty impressive!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #4: Cute Cross-Stitch Replicas

Screenshot 2023 10 26 112417

Over on Reddit, Simmer u/Glitchpug99 proudly shared her mom’s remarkable cross-stitch creation, sharing that her mom replicated cross-stitch patterns from The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion. Aww, this is real-world creativity inspired by the game! The cross-stitched farm animals and cozy cottage leaves feature the intricate craftsmanship behind this Sim-inspired artwork.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #5: Roasted Firefighters

Screenshot 2023 10 25 163140

Twitter saw a hilarious moment as Simmer @NolaCrysti posted a meme highlighting the comical side of the game, with firefighter Sims attempting to save the day but ending up as the ones in need—being hilariously and literally, roasted. To be honest, we also find this totally funny when playing the game.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #6: till Death Do us part

Screenshot 2023 10 26 114755

Love takes an otherworldly turn when Simmer @pralinesims shared a screenshot of a Sim wedding, where the bride is a ghost. This hints at a supernatural Sim romance. The ethereal bride’s ethereal glow and the groom’s starry-eyed expression showcased a love story that seemed to have transcended life and death. Inspiring!

View the full post here.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Nothing’s as pleasurable as love stories! Check out these Sims 4 romance mods to add some spice and thrill to your gameplay!

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Spotlight #7: Timeless Visuals in The Sims 4

Screenshot 2023 10 25 162549

On Twitter, fellow Simmer @jackofallgames admires The Sims 4’s enduring beauty, sharing captivating environment screenshots that highlight the game’s intricate details, proving that after 10 years, the visuals of the game are still stunning. From the dappled sunlight filtering through trees to the intricate waters.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #8: Taylor Swift Bodysuit

Screenshot 2023 10 26 113213

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Then you’ll definitely like this Taylor Swift Reputation Bodysuit that u/mimamongbusowg created and posted on Reddit! The attention to detail is quite amazing, really! We would need this one for our Taylor Swift Sim builds too!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #9: Realistic Builds

Screenshot 2023 10 26 114149

@KawaiiFoxita greets fellow creators a “Happy #PortfolioDay” while showcasing the builds that she did on the game. She has been a content creator for three years and reportedly loves to focus on lighting and realism. In her post, she shares her favorite creations, including cottages, wooden houses, and more!

View the full post here.

Spotlight#10: A Pretty Little Kitchen

Screenshot 2023 10 25 162200

Check out this kitchen build from @pixelunivairse on Tumblr, which is oozing with so much cuteness! She posted, “Our humble kitchen and the rest of the house is almost empty.” We are guessing that her Sim loves to spend time in her little kitchen and create delectable dishes for her family members.

View the full post here.

Spotlight#11: Sunny Side Townhouse Build

Screenshot 2023 10 26 113700

Now that we have received the news regarding the launch of a new expansion pack for The Sims 4, it makes us think of the all-new builds that will be included in the said pack. But Twitter user @SpringSims seemed to have foreseen the future when he created this Sunny Side Townhouse build and expressed the need for The Sims 4 to have landlords or renting systems because the said pack will feature those exact concepts!

View the full post here.

Spotlight#12: Turning Sims Into Totally Spies

Screenshot 2023 10 25 165842

What about some cool cartoon characters for The Sims 4? On Tumblr, @kdplayssss posted about the fun she experienced while creating the power trio of Totally Spies in the game! She created the Sims versions of Alex, Sam, and Clover with their matching uniform outfits. Totally awesome!

View the full post here.

BONUS! Reactions From SnootySims Sims 4 Fans

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On our SnootySims Facebook page, we posted last week, asking you what your most hilarious or unexpected moments were, while playing The Sims. Here are some of your funniest responses!

1. “I had just started a dumpster diving rags to riches and had my sim dive for a meal and she started eating before I realized it was bad pufferfish nigiri and that was the end of that run, 20 minutes into it.” – Kelly Brown

2. “I had my sim jump into the pond with the rocks surrounding it and they instantly drowned. I was so shocked because I was not expecting that at all!! 😅 then I found out that you can add sharks to the pond and that it’s a good way to get rid of sims you don’t like 😆” -Stephanie Ward

3. “Being a vampire with a very low thirst and going to a costume party just to see EVERYONE was wearing hotdog costumes 🙈😅😂” -Alyssa Pelster

4. “My brother was playing Sims 4 and like five minutes after loading a new game his sim was getting out of a shower. He slipped and died. The grim paper came collected his body and it pooped up game over. We just sat there for like another five minutes staring at the screen. The shortest game of Sims I’ve ever seen.” -Brittani Seals

LOL! View the full post here and please like our page if you haven’t yet!

Submission Guidelines: Post About The Sims 4

Want to be featured here on SnootySims? Here are the following guidelines that you should follow!

  1. Post publicly about your Sims 4 experience on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.
    • Posts could be anything you find interesting in your gameplay, like funny glitches, surprising moments, mod experiences, or unexpected reactions from Sims.
    • Alternatively, you could post about your creations in the game, such as your builds, your Sim’s looks and fashion style, etc.
    • Or, you can post your thoughts about The Sims 4 in general!
  2. Remember that we will not consider posts that use curse words or are NSFW (Not Safe For Work)!
  3. In posting your content, make sure that we can track them! Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #snootysims
  4. Keep visiting SnootySims to find out if your posts have been featured!

Here at SnootySims, Spotlight on Simmers is a weekly piece where we get to feature your experiences about The Sims 4, for others to see and appreciate. Through this way, we can build an exciting and supportive community for The Sims 4 and connect more. So, keep coming back here at SnootySims to see new features each week! Plus, consider submitting to us through the easy guidelines we stated above.

We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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