Spotlight on Simmers: Sims 4 Autumnal Builds, Dream Apartments, Etc!

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In this special weekly feature, we are pouring out our love and attention to our dear Simmers who play The Sims 4! Through this little corner, we are highlighting interesting content, such as awesome builds, funny gameplay experiences, and everything under the sun from you, our Simmers, all around the world. If you want us to feature your game here on SnootySims, simply see our submission guidelines below!


Check Out This Week’s Top Finds

It’s time to sit back and relax as you view our featured Sims 4 posts of the week! Check out the top 12 that we’ve collected from Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. Yep, these are all from Simmers like you! On the list, there are autumnal and Halloween creations, dream apartments, a Silent Hill storyline, AI Concepts, and so much more!

Spotlight #1: Sims 4 Streams Between Classes

Screenshot 2023 10 18 133606

Talk about a total paradise! In this tweet of fellow Simmer @whitechocoaries, we can see how they are enjoying a relaxing view while watching Sims 4 streams and munching on some delicious gummies, all while waiting in between their classes! We would honestly do the same to calm our school nerves.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #2: Spooky Halloween Village

Screenshot 2023 10 18 140004

Whoa! Check out this intricate build from u/kellyhartx, posted on Reddit. Without using any custom content, they were able to create a magnificent Halloween-themed house that looks exactly out of a spooky cartoon series! We totally love all the ghost lamps and bats situated around the house.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #3: Dream Apartment Build

Screenshot 2023 10 18 135758

Don’t we all just love channeling our inner interior designer selves and creating our dream builds in The Sims 4? Oh yes! As for fellow Simmer @paszerine who is already an interior designer, she was able to execute her excellent skills on the game by assembling her dream apartment. With those large windows and cozy furnishings, the entire place looks totally posh!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #4: Beautiful Sim Family

Screenshot 2023 10 18 131428

On Tumblr, farfallasims shared her creation of a beautiful Sim family called the Turners. The post included four portraits showing the five members of the said family, as well as their dog! They are all donned in elegant outfits that we adore.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #5: Cozy Autumnal Home

Screenshot 2023 10 18 133412

To welcome the arrival of the fall season, @jubiesims created a spectacular heritage home in the game. She designed it with ornate exteriors and filled it to the brim with all things autumn such as pumpkins, piles of fallen leaves, and orange trees. Everything looks so exquisite! In the full post, you can also see the insides of the home.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #6: Rio De Janeiro AI Concept

Screenshot 2023 10 18 135841

What if The Sims 4 could have a new EP called the Rio de Janeiro Expansion Pack? The said pack could provide a bustling new world in the game filled with the charm of Brazil and its beautiful beaches. Well, Simmer @theusosroom tried to come up with this cool concept using AI images. We wonder what’s included in his prompt to be able to produce incredible Sims-like images like the ones above!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #7: Cow and Cowplant?

Screenshot 2023 10 18 132020 1

In this adorable post by anestezia-posle on Tumblr, she captured a super sweet moment between two species in The Sims 4—that of a cowplant and a cow! Perhaps, a romantic relationship is blossoming between these two spots-filled species? Well, who knows? With mods and stuff, anything is possible in the game!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #8: Korean Girl Group

Screenshot 2023 10 18 140402

Imagine bringing your Korean girl group into the Sims 4! This is what u/Lobrees exactly did. They created a girl group with four Korean members using The Sims 4 and posted the screenshots of the group on Reddit. You’ll notice that members of the girl group look super cool, especially with their cute poses!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #9: Misa Yagami Sim

Screenshot 2023 10 18 140224

If you’ve ever watched or read Death Note, you’ll know that Misa Amane is one of the most intriguing characters in the show. Because of her love for Light, she has willed herself to do many things, including cruel ones! But *spoiler alert*, she and Light did not end up together. On Reddit though, u/SimmerFloridian1993 posted that they created an alternate universe of Death Note in TS4, showing a Misa “Yagami” Sim. Nice! Perhaps in the game, the two can finally end up together.

View the full post here.

Spotlight#10: City Lights and Fireworks

Screenshot 2023 10 18 131631 1

Fellow Simmer Kairasims posted two screenshots of her Sims gameplay on Tumblr, featuring her Sim who is experiencing a “First night out in the city,” while surrounded by buildings and fireworks in the sky. We wonder what’s the story behind these scenes. Perhaps her Sim has just moved into a new city and is now experiencing the glory of it. Sounds awesome!

View the full post here.

Spotlight#11: Hours In The Game

Screenshot 2023 10 18 141358 1

Playing The Sims 4 feels so good, and most of the time, we do not really notice how long we have already been playing. Well, let’s all congratulate @MariiKoi, who was able to track her hours and spend 987 hours in the game! If we convert those hours, they would be 41 days of non-stop gameplay. Surely, that is just the beginning of a lifetime of Simming!

View the full post here.

Spotlight#12: Silent Hill Scenes

Screenshot 2023 10 18 140548

Silent Hill is both a video game franchise and a movie series. Because of its horror plot and really fascinating world-building, Silent Hill has gained a lot of fans around the world. Now, what if we bring it to The Sims 4? In this Reddit post from u/whatifu, they recreated scenes from Silent Hill 2 using the game and produced about 20+ amazing screenshots. What a talent!

View the full post here.

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