Spotlight on Simmers: Sims 4 Flying Cats, Mysterious Lots, Etc!

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Hey Simmers, we are in our fourth week! In this special weekly feature, we are putting the spotlight on Simmers who play The Sims 4! Through this little corner, we are highlighting everything under the sun from you, our Simmers. If you want us to feature your game here on SnootySims, simply see our submission guidelines below!

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Check Out This Week’s Spotlight on Simmers

Make yourself cozy and unwind for a while as you take a look at our featured Sims 4 SnootySims posts of the week! Check out our top 12 posts that we’ve collected from Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. Yep, these are all from Simmers like you! On the list, there are flying cats, jungle adventures, summer fans and so much more!

Spotlight #1: Mysterious Lots

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 1

We cannot help but agree with this tweet of @OakSimStudios! The fellow Simmer is dwelling on why some lots have unconventional placements in the game, which is one of the huge mysteries of The Sims 4. Really though, some lots in the game could have been positioned in better ways that would allow them to optimize surrounding areas. But maybe we’ll never know exactly the reasoning of the The Sims Team behind these decisions. 🤔

View the full post here.

Spotlight #2: Goldenleaf Stable

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 5

For number 2, check out this wonderful build from Simmer and Redditor u/Runepix! They built a Goldenleaf Stable in the game that feature accents from the autumn season, such as pumpkins and cozy decor. The build is CC free and incorporates a pasture, a stable, and an apartment.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #3: Jungle Adventures!

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 10

On Tumblr, Simmer @simstakis shared a few snapshots of their Sim’s jungle adventure. The journey seemed to be a pretty thrilling one! They shared how their Sim got fried while trying to steal some jungle artifact. But that did not discourage their Sim from continuing the picturesque adventure that highlights the beautiful wilderness of Selvadorada.

View the full post here.

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Featured image for The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure

Spotlight #4: Tokyo Street Build

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 9

Look at this awesome build that u/alexia_art has for us. The fellow Simmer shared it on Reddit, saying that they wanted to create a Tokyo Street in The Sims 4. This snapshot shows the second house that they’ve done so far, and we’re wondering how the rest of the Japanese-inspired lots will turn out!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #5: Southeast Asian Dish

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 2

Because The Sims 4 has released a few clips about The Sims 4: For Rent, eagle-eyed Simmers seemed to have noticed a lot of details about the expansion pack. Simmer @onlyabidoang took a screenshot of the skewered meat pieces resting neatly on a plate with a small bowl of sauce. They guessed that the new dish might be Malaysian Satay or another similar Southeast Asian dish. We can’t wait to find out too, once the EP is out for its release!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #6: Taco Casserole

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 6

We know that The Sims 4 is filled with scrumptious and yummy dishes that we’d like to try in real life. But one Simmer and Redditor, u/Lucerita_Asintota, went ahead to do this exactly! They replicated the popular Taco Casserole from The Sims 4 in real life! They even included the ingredients that they used for the dish.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #7: The Bard and The Horse

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 12

This post from @herecirmsims on Tumblr features a bard Sim and his horse traveling through the streets of a medieval-looking town in The Sims (nice build, right). The bard seemed to be belting out some epic tunes while his horse gently carries him. The whole storytelling looks pleasing, to be honest.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #8: Adorable Animals

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 3

On Twitter, @HalloweenSims expresses her love for animals in The Sims 4! Including some snapshots of a horse, a dog, a chicken, and cats in the game, she says that these furry and feathered friends are so adorable and are her favorite part of the game. Like her, we sincerely hope that The Sims 4 gets to introduce more animals in the future.

View the full post here.

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Spotlight #9: All Iconic Chairs in The Sims 4

A picture showing chairs created for The Sims 4.

Now check this out! Redditor u/AbsurdMultiverse rounded up all the iconic chairs from The Sims 4 and placed them on a wide lot. You can see that there are over a hundred chairs! The Redditor then proceeds to give the creators of the said iconic chairs a shoutout for their designs.

View the full post here.

Spotlight #10: Sims’ Dressing Styles

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 11

On Tumblr, we cannot help but laugh and relate to what fellow Simmer @positivelysimful posted! They said that Sims cannot be trusted to dress themselves or even accessorize. This is funny but true. How many times do we keep noticing how townies in the game just randomly dress themselves up in the weirdest ways and style combinations possible, right?! Oh, so many!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #11: Floating Cat

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 8

On Reddit, fellow Simmer u/beanmachine65 shared three images of their Sims’ cat defying the laws of Physics and floating above the bed as their Sim sleeps. They said that they’ve been wanting the cat to stop jumping on counters, but now it’s getting on their last nerve as it has reached another level of levitation. Pure LOL moment!

View the full post here.

Spotlight #12: Summer Fans

Spotlight on Simmers 4 Post 4

Is it the summer season in your Sims games yet? Surely you’re quite bummed about the summer-related buffs and moodlets that your Sims have been experiencing! Well, Simmer @TheHenfordHen shared a sweet tip about the summer season, over on Twitter. He discovered that the ceiling and stand fans in the game can keep your Sims cool when it’s super hot out there.

View the full post here.

BONUS! poll For SnootySims Sims 4 Fans

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On our SnootySims Twitter page, we posted a poll about The Sims 4: For Rent. We are asking Simmers if they have already pre-ordered the said expansion pack before its release on December 2023. We would really appreciate it if you could go ahead and participate in the poll! Then, you could also tweet us about your thoughts on The Sims 4: For Rent, or about anything Sims-related!

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Here at SnootySims, Spotlight on Simmers is a weekly piece where we get to feature your experiences about The Sims 4, for others to see and appreciate. Through this way, we can build an exciting and supportive community for The Sims 4 and connect more. So, keep coming back here at SnootySims to see new weekly features! Plus, consider submitting to us through the easy guidelines we stated above.

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