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The comprehensive Snooty Sims 4 careers list

On this site, we have collected all the sims 4 careers paths. The list includes each step for climbing up the career ladder including the salaries. We have also included all the requirements needed to be promoted. In total, the Sims 4 includes 23 careers. This is due to the fact that you can chose between two different career paths for each of the professions included in the Sims 4. We have included both paths in our comprehensive sims 4 career list that you will find below.

How to climb up the career ladder

Before coming to our comprehensive sims 4 careers overview, we would like to also refer you to our post on sims 4 career mods and would like to share some insights with you on how to be successful in the professional world. In general, for climbing up the career ladder and developing within the careers the game offers your sim needs to fulfill all the requirements demanded for the chosen career path. The following three factors are the attributes which are most important for your sim to be successful in the job:

  • First of all, your sim should go to work in good mood, take care that your sim is neither tired nor hungry
  • What is also important, having good relations with the chef and also with the colleagues
  • And last but not least, this is actually the most important factor, your sim needs to fulfill certain daily tasks

So, what are typical daily tasks? Those vary from one career to the other: An athlete for instance needs to do certain training sessions each day. A musician needs to make music and an artist needs to paint. Thus far, rather obvious activities. What is important is to fulfill this task day by day by 100 percent. If your sim will be able to achieve this goal, your sim will be successful in the job. If all this is not enough, you may also have a look into our cheats section 🙂

Sims 4 Careers list on steps, promotion requirements, workdays, salaries and unlocks

Below the sims 4 careers list. For additional information you may also have a look at an interesting post in the official The Sims forum which you will find here.


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
2Module CleanerLogic 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr306,-Astro Solar System Light
3TechnicianLogic 3, Fitness 2Tu,We,Th,Fr432,-Astro Model Rocket
4Command Center LeadLogic 4, Fitness 3Mo,Tu,We,Fr568,-Original Blueprints
5Low-Orbit SpecialistLogic 5, Fitness 4Mo,We,Fr864,-Galaxy Lightshow
6Space CadetLogic 5, Fitness 6Mo,We,Fr1040,-Mission Control
7AstronautLogic 6, Fitness 7Mo,We,Fr1190,-Salyut Aeronaut Chair
Space Ranger branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
8Planet PatrolRocket Science 2, Fitness 8Mo,Tu,We,Th1432,-Build Your Own Rocket Kit
9Sheriff of the StarsRocket Science 4, Fitness 10Mo,Tu,We,Th2079,-Astro-Bunny Beyond Infinity
10Space RangerN/AMo,Tu,We,Th3115,-Apollo Rocketship
Smuggler branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
8Moon MercenaryRocket Science 2, Fitness 8Mo,We,Sa,Su1608,-The Monolith
9Alien Goods TraderRocket Science 4, Fitness 10Mo,Th,Sa,Su2093,-Zero-G Training Bag
10Interstellar SmugglerN/AMo,Th,Sa,Su3717,-Retro Rocketship


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
2Locker Room AttendantCharisma 2, Fitness 2Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su133,-Athlete’s Trophy Case
3Team MascotCharisma 3, Fitness 3Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su196,-N/A
4Dance Team CaptainCharisma 4, Fitness 4Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su273,-N/A
Professional Athlete branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
5Minor LeaguerCharisma 4, Fitness 5Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su357,-Sole Star Athletic Poster
6RookieCharisma 4, Fitness 6Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su462,-N/A
7StarterCharisma 5, Fitness 8Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su602,-Llamacorns Team Photo
8All-StarCharisma 6, Fitness 9Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su910,-All-Star Trophy
9MVPCharisma 8, Fitness 10Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su1480,-ZenXcercize Machine
10Hall of FamerN/ATu,We,Fr,Sa,Su1998,-MVP Trophy
Bodybuilder branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
5Personal TrainerCharisma 5, Fitness 8Mo,We,Fr,Sa,Su329,-No Sweat, No Fuss Rug
6Professional BodybuilderCharisma 5, Fitness 9Mo,We,Fr,Sa,Su399,-Weight Machine
7Champion BodybuilderCharisma 6, Fitness 10Mo,We,Fr,Sa,Su595,-Jr. Solar System Trophy
8Trainer to the StarsCharisma 7, Fitness 10Mo,We,Fr,Sa,Su894,-Inspirational Mouse Poster
9Celebrity BodybuilderCharisma 8, Fitness 10Mo,We,Fr,Sa1674,-N/A
10Ms/Mr Solar SystemN/AMo,We,Fr3000,-Solar System Trophy


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Mailroom TechnicianN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr128,-N/A
2Office AssistantCharisma 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr160,-Desk Nameplate
3Assistant to the ManagerCharisma 2, Logic 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr184,-S.A.L.E.S. Award
4Assistant ManagerCharisma 3, Logic 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr280,-N/A
5Regional ManagerCharisma 4, Logic 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr424,-Pie Chart Presentation
6Senior ManagerCharisma 4, Logic 4Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr600,-Tiny Tranquility Zen Garden
Management branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
7Vice-PresidentCharisma 6, Logic 5Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr720,-Executive Desk Throne
8PresidentCharisma 8, Logic 6Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr1072,-Executron Bookshelf
9CEOCharisma 10, Logic 8Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr1608,-Executive Guest Chair
10Business TycoonN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr3000,-Executron Executive Desk
Investor branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
7Futures TraderCharisma 5, Logic 6Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr896,-Personal Stock Ticker
8Hedge Fund ManagerCharisma 6, Logic 8Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr1160,-Executive Desk Pen Set
9Corporate RaiderCharisma 8, Logic 10Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr1744,-Chronos Magazine
10Angel InvestorN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr3248,-Executron Executive Desk
What about becoming a gangster in The Sims 4? 😀


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Tough Guy/GalN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su63,-N/A
2Petty ThiefMischief 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa91,-Emblems of Espionage
3Ring LeaderMischief 3Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa136,-Duffle o’ Cash
4Felonious MonkMischief 5Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa161,-Baseball Bat Sculpture
5Minor CrimelordMischief 6Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa192,-N/A
Boss branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
6The MuscleMischief 7We,Fr,Sa384,-Stolen ATM
7Getaway DriverMischief 8, Handiness 2We,Sa856,-Bars of Gold
8Safe CrackerMischief 9, Handiness 4We,Sa,Su995,-Necklace of Duchess Pinky
9The BrainsMischief 10, Handiness 6Mo,Th,Su1660,-N/A
10The BossN/AMo,We,Th,Su2952,-Fisticuffs Punching Bag
Oracle branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
6DigiThiefMischief 7, Programming 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Su344,-Spy Satellite
7Elite HackerMischief 8, Programming 4Mo,Tu,We,Th,Su584,-Tech Spec Poster
8Anonymous GhostMischief 9, Programming 6Mo,Tu,Th,Su1170,-The Indispensable
9Net DemonMischief 10, Programming 8Mo,Tu,Th,Su1638,-N/A
10The OracleN/AMo,Tu,Fr,Su2212,-Portable Computer


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Assistant DishwasherN/AMo,We,Fr,Sa,Su135,-N/A
2Head DishwasherCooking 2Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su144,-Hard Steel Countertop
3CatererCooking 2, Mixology 2Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su208,-Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
4MixologistCooking 3, Mixology 3Mo,Fr,Sa,Su280,-Umber Kitchen Sink
5Line CookCooking 4, Mixology 4Mo,Fr,Sa,Su344,-Corporate Chic Counter Island
Chef branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
6Head CatererCooking 6, Gourmet 2Mo,Fr,Sa,Su468,-Magnetic Knife Rack
7Pastry ChefCooking 7, Gourmet 4Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su520,-Heavy Dutiest Pot Rack
8Sous ChefCooking 8, Gourmet 6Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su786,-Icebox of Steel
9Executive ChefCooking 10, Gourmet 8Mo,Fr,Sa,Su1518,-N/A
10Celebrity ChefN/AMo,Fr,Sa,Su2460,-Free-standing Griddle
Mixologist branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
6Head MixologistMixology 5, Charisma 2Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su320,-Rodrigo de Pablo Cask
7Juice BossMixology 7, Charisma 4Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su448,-N/A
8Chief Drink OperatorMixology 8, Charisma 6Th,Fr,Sa,Su888,-Vinoteca Bottle Rack
9DrinkmasterMixology 10, Charisma 8Th,Sa,Su1660,-Lemonade Torchiere
10Celebrity MixologistN/ATh,Fr,Sa,Su1970,-Bar Settlers Bar


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Amateur EntertainerN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr184,-N/A
2Open Mic SeekerGuitar or Violin 2Mo,Tu,Fr,Sa,Su216,-Business Card Holder
3C-ListerGuitar or Violin 2, Comedy 2Mo,Th,Fr,Sa,Su240,-Sim Idol Rug
4Opening ActGuitar or Violin 3, Comedy 3Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa270,-Rock of Ages Retro Stereo
Musician branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
5Jingle JammerPiano 2, Guitar or Violin 4Mo,Th,Fr,Su402,-A Single Rose
6Serious MusicianPiano 4, Guitar or Violin 5Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa468,-Off the Charts Music Award
7Professional PianistPiano 6, Guitar or Violin 6Mo,Tu,Th,Fr,Sa609,-Classical Antique Piano
8Symphonic String PlayerPiano 8, Guitar or Violin 7Mo,Tu,Th,Fr,Sa910,-N/A
9Instrumental WonderPiano 10, Guitar or Violin 8Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa1456,-N/A
10Concert VirtuosoN/AWe,Th,Fr,Sa2380,-Rock Legend Signed Guitar
Comedy branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
5JokesmithComedy 6Mo,Th,Fr,Su402,-I Otter Be a Star Pop Art
6Solid StorytellerComedy 7, Charisma 2Th,Fr,Su805,-You’ve Got Talent Award
7Rising ComedianComedy 8, Charisma 4Tu,Th,Fr1204,-Studio Lighting Kit
8Roast MasterComedy 9, Charisma 6Tu,Fr,Sa1806,-A Star You Are Wall Mirror
9Stand Up StarComedy 10, Charisma 8Tu,Fr,Sa2170,-N/A
10Show StopperN/ATu,Fr,Sa2406,-N/A


LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Palette CleanerN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr168,-N/A
2Art Book CollatorPainting 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr184,-Picture Perfect Art Lighting
3Hungry ArtistPainting 4Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa208,-Study of the Human Form
4Watercolor DabblerPainting 5Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa232,-Easy-Breezy Easel
5Canvas CreatorPainting 6Tu,We,Fr,Sa,Su280,-Canvas Storage Rack
6Imaginative ImagistPainting 7We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su308,-Vase of Sunflowers
Master of the Real branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
7Artist en ResidencePainting 8, Logic 2Mo,We,Th,Sa585,-Artiste Supply Taboret
8Professional PainterPainting 9, Logic 4Tu,Th,Fr,Su700,-Deluxe All-Season Easel
9Illustrious IllustratorPainting 10, Logic 6Mo,We,Fr1400,-Premium Prima Ballerina
10Master of the RealN/AMo,Th2460,-Flegel Studio Floor Lamp
Patron of the Arts branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
7Color Theory CriticPainting 8, Charisma 2Tu,We,Th,Sa,Su420,-Artiste Supply Taboret
8Fine-Art AficionadoPainting 9, Charisma 4Tu,We,Th,Sa,Su630,-Pre-Owned Painter’s Easel
9Composition CuratorPainting 10, Charisma 6We,Sa,Su1362,-Stack of Canvases
10Patron of the ArtsN/AMo,We,Sa,Su1640,-Rustic Dream Bed

Secret Agent

Secret Agent
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Agency ClerkN/AMo,Tu,We,Th,Fr136,-N/A
2Intelligence ResearcherLogic 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr152,-The Swiveler
3Agent HandlerLogic 2, Charisma 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr168,-Reconnaissance Workstation
4Field AgentLogic 3, Charisma 3Mo,Tu,We,Th296,-N/A
5Lead DetectiveLogic 5, Charisma 5Mo,Tu,We,Th423,-Nerves of Steel Desk Lamp
6Government AgentLogic 5, Charisma 5Mo,Tu,We,Th468,-Tactical Map
7Secret AgentLogic 6, Charisma 6Tu,Th,Su696,-Hidden Bookcase Door
Diamond Agent branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
8Spy CaptainLogic 8, Charisma 7We,Th,Su1384,-Spy Satellite
9Shadow AgentLogic 10, Charisma 8Tu,We,Th,Su1872,-Information Database
10Double Diamond AgentN/ATu,Th,Su4260,-N/A
Villain branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
8Double AgentLogic 8, Mischief 2Tu,Fr,Su1528,-Evil Am Eye Swiveler
9Supreme VillainLogic 10, Mischief 4Tu,We,Fr,Su1668,-N/A
10Triple AgentN/AMo,Tu,We,Fr,Su2575,-Commemorative Freeze Ray

Tech Guru

Tech Guru
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
1Live Chat Support AgentN/ATu,We,Th,Fr,Sa248,-N/A
2Quality AssuranceProgramming 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr342,-Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
3Code MonkeyProgramming 3, VideoGaming 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr423,-Computer Hard Drive
4Ace EngineerProgramming 4, VideoGaming 3Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa504,-The Sentinel
5Project ManagerProgramming 5, VideoGaming 4Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr584,-The Hipster Hugger
6Development CaptainProgramming 6, VideoGaming 5Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr624,-Award for Excellence
eSport Gamer branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
7eSports CompetitorProgramming 6, VideoGaming 6Mo,Th,Fr,Sa1089,-Stack of CDs
8Pro GamerProgramming 7, VideoGaming 8Mo,We,Th,Fr1358,-“Revanne” Poster
9APM Queen/KingProgramming 8, VideoGaming 10Tu,Th,Fr,Sa1566,-Top Secret Computer
10Champion GamerN/ATu,Th,Fr,Sa2136,-Motion Sensor Game Mat
Start Up Entrepreneur branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
7The Next Big ThingProgramming 8, Charisma 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr686,-A Stroke of Genius
8Independent ConsultantProgramming 9, Charisma 4Mo,Tu,Th,Sa1110,-Minimalist Unplant
9Dot-Com PioneerProgramming 10, Charisma 6Mo,Tu,Fr2226,-3 Light of my Life Paintings
10Start Up GeniusN/AMo,Tu,Fr2625,-Flat Screen TV


Author branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
6Short Story WriterWriting 7, Logic 2We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su480,-Antique Tomes
7NovelistWriting 8, Logic 3We,Th,Sa,Su805,-N/A
8Fan FavoriteWriting 9, Logic 4We,Th,Sa,Su1010,-Nom de Plume Quill Pen
9Bestselling AuthorWriting 10, Logic 5Tu,We,Sa1480,-The Muse
10Creator of WorldsN/ATu,Sa2790,-Door of Perception
Journalist branch
LevelJobnameFor next promotionWorkdaysSalaryUnlocks
6Page Two JournalistWriting 7, Charisma 2Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr448,-N/A
7Front Page WriterWriting 8, Charisma 3Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr581,-Antique Writer’s Desk
8Investigative JournalistWriting 9, Charisma 4Mo,Tu,We,Th1015,-Where Should I Go? Ball
9Editor-In-ChiefWriting 10, Charisma 5Mo,Tu,We,Th1323,-Antique Typewriter
10Scribe of HistoryN/AMo,Tu,We,Th1722,-Deep Thoughts Bookcase

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