Practice Makes Perfect: Explore this New Sims 4 Trait!

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The Sims 4 introduces us to Practice Makes Perfect, a new CAS trait that makes our Sims build their skills in a more interesting way. Learn all about it below.

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There’s A New Trait In Town!

We’ve recently filled you in about a new in-game mechanic freshly launched by the Sims Team. Known as the Daily Rewards, this system gifts Simmers who log in to play the game consistently. Although this new rewards shenanigan does not really sit well yet with the Sims community, with members expressing their dismay about how this concept introduces micro-transactions in the game and makes it more intrusive, we can’t help but still zone in on what the rewards array actually offers.

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Currently, there are 8 login rewards available in the game, which are grouped in four separate weeks. One thing that made us curious was the reward available in Week 3, which is the Practice Makes Perfect trait. This is a new CAS trait that helps our Sims learn their skills more interestingly. Let’s explore it more below.

How Does The Practice Makes Perfect Trait Work?

Fellow Simmer @RexEdogawa, who’s also known for creating and launching interesting Sims 4 mods in their blog, Rex’s Place, helped us know more about the Practice Makes Perfect trait! They detailed how the trait functions in their thread post on X.

1. Sims Will Start Skills Slow.

When you assign the Practice Makes Perfect trait to a certain Sim, they will now begin to learn all skills at a much slower pace. Particularly, they’ll now learn everything at 50% speed. This will continue as long as they learn skills in varying fields (e.g., they are learning Physical and Creative skills at the same time).

2….And Learn Them Very Fast!


However, if the Sim with the Practice Makes Perfect trait focuses on learning just ONE category of skill (e.g., Physical skills only), they will be able to boost their speed of learning to 90%, 130%, 160%, and later on, even to 180%! Whoa, unbelievable, right?

3. Daily Maintenance is Needed.

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As long as Sims keeps practicing their skills in that one category each day, then they will be able to maintain a fast level of learning. But if a day comes wherein they halt their learning process, then the skill learning speed will revert to 50%. Thus, it is important to make them practice each day!

4. Sims Will Unlock various Moodlets And Interactions.

Our Sims will be able to unlock specific moodlets, like Clear Mind, Lock It In, and Refocus. They will also be able to gain new interactions that will help them ease their mind from practicing their skills. These activities include taking a mindful walk, taking a soothing shower, and others.

How to Get This Trait

Obtain the Practice Makes Perfect trait in The Sims 4 by logging in daily to the game, and waiting until Week 3 rewards have been unlocked. However, simmers have been encountering issues with the said reward, such as its non-appearance in the game. Thus, you may also want to try to get access to the trait through other means. Our resident writer Nicole covered other different options to get the trait in this article.

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Main Takeaway: Consistency is The Key

The Practice Makes Perfect trait is a bit complicated at first, but later on becomes much more interesting once we understand how it fully works. It’s a trait that mirrors the realities of life when it comes to learning useful skills. Like us, our Sims will be able to master their skills much faster if they focus on one category at a time, and constantly dabble on it. Happy simming, our dear Simmers!

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