Daily Rewards – A New Sims 4 Incentive?

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EA has introduced the concept of Daily Rewards for players who log in to play The Sims 4 once a day. Have they missed the mark with this one?

Daily Rewards

For a little while now, players who have booted up The Sims 4 have been met with a mysterious screen featuring the Freezer Bunny, telling us to check back in a week. Well, the wait is finally over and we’ve learned that EA has launched a new “feature” for the game: Daily Rewards.

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If you’re new to the concept, the idea of daily rewards is when a game, app, or other system gives its users an incentive to use said system on a regular basis, with bonuses granted to the user each day they log into it. This can be done a few ways, such as having the user earn points each day they log in which they can then spend on in-game content, or by giving users extra content as an incentive to keep showing up. It’s popular with online multiplayer games and encourages players to keep playing, making the experience better for everyone.

How Do Daily Rewards Work In The Sims 4?

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To access the new Daily Rewards you will want to keep an eye out for the Happy At Home Login Event icon which will greet you when you first launch the game, on the welcome screen (if you don’t see it yet you should expect it to roll out over the next day or so). It’s easy to find as it will be accompanied by our friend the Freezer Bunny. From here you will be brought to a screen that will show you all the daily rewards and allow you to unlock those you’re eligible for.

The Rewards

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Currently the Daily Rewards are 8 different items which can be unlocked over the next four weeks. On week 1 players will earn a new dart board, mini fridge, and a necklace. On week 2 we’ll get a new 1-tile bar and an updated hairstyle (it looks like a new piece of facial jewelry or facepaint is also shown in the thumbnail for that Reward but we can’t say for certain). Week 3 brings a decorative pillow and a new Trait, and it’s all capped off on week 4 with a vending machine.

Responses To The Daily Rewards Concept

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The Sims 4‘s player community is already abuzz with this news, and it seems like the Daily Rewards model isn’t being taken too well by a number of players.

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Several have said it reminds them of a mobile game, many of which offer incentives to keep logging in so they can make money from showing their users ads.

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One Reddit user smartly observed that the concept of Daily Rewards might be the first step towards introducing micro-transactions, which they suspect will then show up in The Sims 5.

This would make a lot of sense. When players are on an MMO game they can see content that has been unlocked by others, which is like free advertising for that content. It encourages others to purchase the content, allowing publishers to continually rake in profits well after a game has launched. With how much EA has “nickled-and-dimed” users so far with all The Sims 4‘s DLC, this seems like a logical next step.

How To Get Around The Grind

If you are among the players who are not a fan of the new Daily Rewards concept, there are a number of ways to cheat the system and get (almost) everything now!

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Buy/Build Content: All new objects can be accessed directly through the game, which means even console users have a chance at getting these items right away.

  • If you search the catalog by color, any Reward items with that color swatch will appear in the catalog. You can narrow it down by choosing the “Daily Rewards” category under the “Special” tag in catalog search options (this only works after you’ve chosen a color and the items are already visible)
  • Download this room off the Gallery by simmer tvkel that has all the new items in it, which you can then use, recolor, copy, etc. like any other Buy/Build object
  • Visit Simsiboy on Patreon for a CC version of each new Buy-Build item you can play with immediately

CAS Content: Some of the CAS content is still hidden in the catalog and inaccessible even with cheats, but we’ve been able to get access to a couple of things.

  • Roll the new Practice Makes Perfect Trait by continually hitting the Randomizer button for sim Traits until it comes up
  • Download this household off the the Gallery by simmer tvkel—which contains 2 sims that have the Trait—and rework them as desired to create your own characters
  • Visit Simsiboy on Patreon for a CC version of the new hairstyle that appears to be nothing more than a solid recolor of a style that came with Cats & Dogs


If you’re a simmer who plays the game on a regular basis, get ready to enjoy some Daily Rewards! Each week you’ll gain access to new pieces, rewarding your diligence with content you can use in-game or through CAS. If you’re too busy to log in every day or otherwise can’t get to the game that regularly don’t worry, there are ways around this requirement (for now) that will grant you access to a majority of the new stuff, too. Either way, you can start enjoying those Daily Rewards today!

What do you think about the Daily Rewards concept? Do you plan on unlocking them, and if so, what are you most looking forward to? Tell us all about it in the comments, have fun, and happy simming!

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  1. this intrusive and unnecessary garbage tells us that the creators of this game do not care what the users of this game think or want.

    • dj riddle,

      Many simmers agree! I’ve read that some are opting to purposefully not claim the rewards as a form of protest, which might be effective.


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