How university degrees work on The Sims 4

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Welcome to our guide for university degrees on The Sims 4!

With Discover University, you can now choose a university degree for your sims. Just like in the previous games, they help your sim get a headstart in their career. But, things are not as easy as they may seem. Choosing a degree and where to study can be a headache! So, we’re going to give you a full guide on how university degrees work on The Sims 4!

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All you need to know about university degrees

Career headstart

As we said earlier, degrees can help your sims with their career paths. Sims that have a degree will get better pay, start at a higher level of their careers, get easier promotions, and more days off! Too bad that the real job market isn’t like this! Depending on how good your sim’s degree is they might be able to choose a career branch right away. Because, of course, not all degrees are created equal!

University of Britechester vs Foxbury Institute

For those of you who haven’t played the game, these are the two universities available for your sims. They both offer ordinary degrees and distinguished ones. Distinguished degrees are harder to get, but they offer much better benefits to your sims. The University of Britechester offers distinguished degrees in the arts, while Foxbury Institute on science.

Note that the universities also offer different organizations for your sims to join. They both have a sports team but Britechester offers the Art Society and the Debate Team, while Foxbury the Brainiacs and the Bot Savants.

Honours Degrees vs Distinguished Ones

Each university specializes in one of the two fields, science and arts. To get a degree with honors, you need to finish with a GPA of 3.9 or higher. If you choose to go for a distinguished degree, your sim will have better chances to start at a higher level of their career. Specifically:

  • An ordinary degree without honors will have your sim start on level 6.
  • An ordinary degree with honors, or a distinguished degree without honors, will have them start on level 7.
  • If you get a distinguished degree with honors, your sim can start on level 8.

How to apply for a university degree

All you have to do is click on a computer and choose “University” and then “Apply to Universities”. Both universities will consider you for all of their subjects. After one or two in-game days your acceptance letter will appear in your mailbox. The letter will say which universities have chosen you for which subjects. Once you receive the news, you can go to campus using your phone, computer, or mailbox.

Are university degrees that important in The Sims 4?

No matter whether you go for an ordinary or distinguished degree, your sim will receive plenty of benefits! They will have tons of fun while learning plenty of new things that will help them in the future. Universities are full of social clubs that your sim can join and make life-long friendships in the process. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get accepted for a distinguished degree, you still get a headstart after all!

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