How to Experience The Sims 4 Alien Abduction?


The Sims 4 alien abduction is one of the fascinating sightings you will see in the game. You can experience this in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 too, but today we will take a look at the latest base game and how alien abductions work there.

Would you like to get your male Sims pregnant, or do you simply want to experience what it’s like to get kidnapped by an actual alien in The Sims 4. 

The Sims 4 Alien Abduction Feature

If you’d like your Sims to get abducted by aliens once in a while, you’ll need an expansion pack for that. This might surprise you, but you’ll need to install The Sims 4: Get to Work for this to happen.

The abduction itself will happen only at night. If your Sim is outside between 10 pm and 4 am, they might be in luck. Your Sims are completely safe during the day, so don’t be afraid about that!

Once they get abducted, their activity will change to “Investigate Weird Light”. If this was an accident, sorry, but you can’t cancel it at this point. Well, there is one way to do that. You can try to lock the doors for the Sim.

Alien Pregnancy in The Sims 4

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a male or female who gets abducted. Yet, there is an additional feature for males. They can get pregnant!

Yes, male Sims have a 25% chance of getting pregnant with the help of the aliens in the game. This is a fascinating feature, so give it a go!

More Chances to Get Abducted

If you’re not a fan of waiting, there are some things you can do. Your Sim has more chances to get abducted if he or she is a scientist.

Well, if your Sims are not big fans of this career, there are some items that also increase your chances. Get the satellite dish or some space rocks. This is a rather nice way to get in touch with the aliens in The Sims 4 game.

Prevention: No Aliens in The Sims 4?

Not everyone might be so fascinated with aliens. If you’re looking for ways to keep them out of your yard, get the satellite dish. Once this item is on your lot, click on the prevent abductions tab. This will work nicely for a whole day.

If you change your mind and decide to meet the aliens, you’ll just have to wait a little bit until the aliens are back.

Now, you’re either ready to meet some aliens or prevent them from coming near you. This is completely up to you and your Sim! This is an interesting feature, so keep it in mind if you’re looking for more “magical” things.

The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack offers plenty of great additions to the game. Enjoy and explore all of them, not just the alien abduction! 

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