The Sims 4 Aliens – How to Become an Alien


Sims 4 Aliens carry incredible superpowers no other Sims have. They can play with minds, they look different and their abilities allow them to walk around the Sims world unnoticed. Sims 4: Get to Work allowed us to not only interact with these otherworldly beings but have them in our Sims household and play them as active characters. If that sounds fun, keep on reading to discover more about their awesome superpowers and how your Sims can become one of them.

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Who are Sims 4 aliens and how do they look?

Aliens in Sims 4 have all the same characteristics as other Sims. They are playable characters that have the same life span as normal Sims’. They have a set of unique personality traits and have to attend a school, just like other Sims. One of the default settings for aliens, however, is their appearance. Thir skin is usually greenish, grayish, and blueish in color. Not only do they have alien eyes, skin, and ears, but they also wear the same disguise – the alien suit. The suit is the basic look, You’ll be able to change their outfits into a normal outfit as you please during gameplay.

Alien disguise

Alien Sims can disguise themselves. This means that they can trick everyone and change form from an alien into a human. To do so, click on the alien sims, and choose the ”Alter Disguise” option. This will lead you to the Sims panel, where you’ll be able to alter their look. While they will be able to change their outfits, and basic look, you won’t be able to change their personality traits or names. You can even have sims 4 aliens baby, but more on that later.

alien Super-abilities

However, aliens are not only masters of disguise. They also have abilities no other Sims have. Aliens can Analyse Personality and Erase Mind. The first super trait allows them to read someone’s personality traits upfront. The second one is one of the scariest, most mischievous things aliens can do. However, they will usually erase memory out of necessity, if a Sims discovers their alien identity.

Speaking of mischief, aliens can Probe other Sims’. The probe prank will put the sim in a Panic mode for a few hours. Although good pranksters, aliens can also Empathize. While they do look otherworldly, they are sensitive beings and have more empathy than others. This super trait helps them connect to other Sims’ emotions with ease. Feeling strong emotions will make their aura glow.

These beings are alchemists of the Sims world and can Transmute Crystals, Metals, and Elements found in the world. Not only can they change the type, but also the rarity of each. They can also Resurrect Dead Alien Collectables

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Where to meet sims 4 aliens and become one?

Alien UFOs visit the Sims world from time to time. While meeting one can be a stressful event for a normal Sims, there is a possibility of getting to know one of them. Another way to meet them is by going to the secret lot – Sixam. To go there, you’ll need a Rocket Ship or the Invention Constructor to create a special Electroflux Wormhole Generator that can take you there. Sims that discover aliens’ real identities may get their memory erased, which can consequently impact the relationship they have previously built with an alien.

There are a few ways your Sims can become one of the Sims 4 aliens.

  • One, they can get abducted by an alien, which will transform your Sims into an alien.
  • Two, You can have children with an alien to create a new alien life.
  • Three, make an alien in the CAS panel.

How to Get Abducted by Aliens?

The sims 4 aliens abduction is a random incident and unfortunately, you can’t force it or magically make an abduction happen. Sims 4 aliens have an interest in those who have an interest in aliens, and this will largely dictate whom they will abduct. What you can do is raise the likelihood of abduction occurring.

  • Join the Science Career to increase the chances of getting abducted. If you follow the scientist’s career path, the chance of being abducted by the aliens gets higher.
  • The higher your climb up the Science Career ladder, and the more polished your skills the better. Reaching Level 7 in Logic skill will increase your chances to get obducted, as your Sims will be able to perform the ”Search for Truth” using the observatory.
  • Aliens prefer visiting Sims worlds at night. Stay out at night between 10 PM to 4 AM to increase your chances.

Cheats for alien abduction

To use cheats, use the command control+ shift button + C button to open the cheat bar. Type “bb.showhhiddenobjects“. Press Enter, and you will have a buy mode appear. Press F2 and type ”satellite”. You will find a satellite in the Misc. Electronics. Place it anywhere on your lot, and then use the option ”Contact Aliens” that will appear when you click on the satellite. The Aliens will pick up your signal, so expect some abductions to occur shortly thereafter. 

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Making Sims 4 Aliens in CAS Panel

The second way and simplest way to have an alien in your family is to make one. You can create a basic alien in Sims 4 without using cheat codes or hacks, using the CAS panel. Once you click on create a Sim + icon, you’ll get an option to create different household members, from normal Sims and pets to aliens.

To make an alien, chose the option ”Occults” which is represented by a fish-like icon. Aliens have a double identity, so you’ll get a chance to modify their alien self, and also create their human alias in the CAS panel. If their relationship persists, normal Sims can even befriend, marry or have a baby with an alien.

Setting up a human alias will be just like creating any normal Sims. Creating their alien self will be a similar process, and you’ll get a chance to change their skin color and eye shape, or add signature markings on the face.

Having Children with an Alien

Babies between normal Sims and an alien can be hybrids, purebloods, or normal Sims. Hybrids will have some alien, and some normal Sims traits. For a baby to be a pureblood alien, both parents need to be pureblood aliens, or a baby needs to be carried by a male Sims. Even the romance between two hybrids isn’t a guarantee to have an alien baby. Two hybrids can have a pureblood baby, a hybrid baby, or a normal Sims baby thanks to their mixed genes. A hybrid, although it may receive some alien DNA won’t have the alien superpowers. Only a pureblood alien can have those abilities.

Male pregnancy with an alien

If your Male Sims gets a ”Weird Tummy Ache” right after an abduction – congratulations, they are soon to become a father to an alien baby. They will carry the baby as long as normal female Sims do, and even have a pregnancy tummy. However, while Male Sims can get impregnated by female aliens when abducted, that is not always the case. There is roughly a 25% of chance for such a pregnancy to occur.

Men of Sims can give birth to an alien baby with the full spectrum of alien superpowers. If they don’t wish to keep it, especially if you didn’t hope for an abduction, the alien baby can be sent to Sixam to be raised by other Aliens. To do that, choose an option to ”Send to Homeworld” by clicking on the baby. Once this action is performed, there is no going back so think twice.

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