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Ho-ho-ho! Are you planning grand holiday festivities in The Sims 4? Give your Sims a celebration to remember by downloading this incredible treasure trove of holiday-themed custom content!

Holiday Custom Content

Add These Holiday-Themed Custom Content to Your Game

The fun thing about The Sims 4 is that, much like in real life, our Sims can also celebrate the cheerful holiday season in many amazing ways possible. With this cool holiday-themed custom content that we joyfully prepared for you, we hope you can immerse your Sims in the festive spirit. In this list, there are cozy rugs, crackling fireplaces, adorable pet beds, and stylish holiday decor for their homes. Check them all out below!

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Snowy Christmas Tree Living Room Decor [ALPHA]

Snowy Christmas Tree Indoor Decor

The Snowy Christmas Tree, created by Hydrangea, is perfect for Sims who prefer a little touch of white for their indispensable annual holiday decor. It even comes with functional Christmas lights!

Click here to download!

Christmas Rugs Collection [ALPHA]

Christmas Rugs Collection

Christmas rugs are super awesome. You can use them as subtle holiday decor in every room of your Sim’s home. So go, and take this Christmas Rugs Collection into your game, which includes 100+ swatches of Christmas rugs. Whoa. Talk about a grand gift for Simmers!

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Christmas Tree Earrings Accessory [ALPHA]

Christmas Tree Earrings Accessory

Bring the festive spirit of Christmas wherever your Sim goes, by letting them wear these Christmas Tree Earrings. This dangling accessory comes in 4 swatches and could be located in the earrings category of CAS.

Click here to download!

Christmas Bridle for Horses [MM]

Christmas Bridle for Horses

The warm and cozy season is not just for Sims, it’s for your animal Sims too, such as horses! Grab these Christmas Bridles and dress your horses in them to extend to them the great Christmas mood! There are 6 swatches available, all with holly.

Click here to download!

Christmas Cat Sweaters [MM]

Christmas Cat Sweaters

It’s the gift that keeps on purring! Dress your Sims’ felines in these adorable Christmas sweaters for the ultimate holiday look. It features festive patterns with charming Christmas symbols, making it the purrfect way to show off your cats’ holiday spirit.

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Noel Set (Chair/ Table/ Decor/ Lighting/ Christmas Tree) [Alpha]

Noel Set Christmas Decor

If you’re opting for some rustic charm for your holidays, you may want to download this lovely Noel Set. There are rustic-looking wine glasses, ice jars, cakes, gingerbread cookies, tables, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas-themed items.

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Merry Christmas Set ( Clutter/ Decor/ Fireplace/ Lighting) [Alpha]

Merry Christmas Set

Bring ultimate happiness into your Sims’ faces with this cute Christmas set filled with goodies such as a gnome candle, a gingerbread house, a Christmas cake (one edible + one decor), a Maland fireplace, and a Begonia plant.

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Cute Christmas Set 2023 (Christmas Tree/ Decors/ Pillows/ Paintings/ Candles/ Christmas Socks) [ALPHA]

Cute Christmas Set 2023

The holidays are indeed a great time to let Sims add cute and cozy decorations to their houses, such as the ones from this Cute Christmas Set 2023! There are candles, stockings, pillows, wall art prints, a Christmas tree, and Christmas ornaments included.

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Tinsel Tolly Christmas Set ( Sleigh/ Decors/ Victrola/ Mailbox/ Food Decor) [Alpha]

Tinsel Jolly Set

We really adore all the pieces from this Tinsel Tolly Christmas Set! Your Sims will feel oh-so festive once you add the 23 items from this set into their homes, such as a punch bowl, a mistletoe, a bell ornament, a Christmas paw sock, Christmas pops, various cheese variants, and so much more!

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Christmas 2022 ( Candles/ Table/ Fireplace/ Pouf/ Christmas Tree/ Christmas Tree Skirt) [Alpha]

Christmas 2022

Infuse a sweet pink or an all-white Christmas-themed decoration for the homes of your Sims with this Christmas 2022 pack by Soloriya. There are 10 items all in all: functional candles, a coffee table, a decorative fireplace, a pouf, a Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, and a Christmas tree skirt.

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Christmas 2022 Decorative Set [Alpha]

Christmas 2022 Decorative Set

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a grand meal celebration for your Sims! To prepare them for the great event, get them this set, which features a fruit cake, cookies in a glass vase, a fridge bowl, a fir branch, and plenty of other nice holiday stuff.

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Christmas Extravaganza Set 1 ( Garlands/ Centrepieces / Decor/ Wall Decor) [MM]

Christmas Extravaganza Set 1

There’s never such a thing as an overly-decorated home for your Sims this holiday season. Hence, with this Christmas Extravaganza Set, fill up every corner of their residence with custom objects such as garlands, centerpieces, and other beautiful ornaments.

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Christmas Tree Pet Bed [Alpha]

Christmas Tree Pet Bed

Your Sims’ furry friends can now get in on the holiday spirit with this adorable Christmas tree pet bed! The bed features a tall, light-filled tree with a cozy hole in the middle. It’s the perfect place for cats and dogs to curl up and relax on chilly winter nights.

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Holidat Set 2023 Christmas (Box/ Frame/ Candle/ Bag/ Tree/ Mug)

Holiday Set 2023 Christmas

Holiday Drop is a holiday-themed CC set that includes a variety of items to decorate your Sims’ homes. The set includes the Reindeer Paper Lunch Bag, the Plushy Pine Tree, the Snowman’s Serenity Mug, the Holiday Luminous Cactus Oasis, and the Snowman’s Serenity Mug

Click here to download!

Custom Christmas Tree Set ( Christmas Tree/ Baubles/ Lights/ Star Topper) [Alpha]

Custom Christmas Tree

You could introduce customizable Christmas trees into your game with this Custom Christmas Tree Set by Platinumluxesims. It has 15 swatches of Christmas trees, and features regular lights, string lights, and even a star topper!

Click here to download!

The Merry Collection Living Room Set (Fireplace/ Gift Decor/ Rug/ Christmas Tree/ Garland/ Frame Television) [MM]

The Merry Collection Living Room Set

This one’s another pretty set perfect for the holiday season! Called the Merry Collection, this collection includes a gift pile, a gift bag, a rug, a garland, knitted and patterned stockings, a framed TV, a Christmas tree, and tree decorations. All look fantastic!

Click here to download!

Christmas Hand Sanitizer Decor Set [ALPHA]

Christmas Hand Sanitizer Set

Keep your Sims’ homes looking clean and filled with holiday cheer with these adorable Christmas hand sanitizer decor. These fun and festive little bottles are sure to bring a smile to your Sims’ faces.

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Favorite Day Christmas Marshmallow Food Decor [ALPHA]

Favorite Day Christmas Marshmallow Food Decor

Make your holiday treats even more joyful with this adorable marshmallow food decor. These adorable Christmas marshmallows come in a variety of Christmas-themed flavors, such as Peppermint, Vanilla Stars, and Christmas Trees. They’re a great way to infuse holiday happiness into your Sims’ days!

Click here to download!

Christmas Tree in Basket with Christmas Lights Decor [ALPHA]

Christmas Tree in Basket with Christmas Lights Decor

More festive and fantastic Christmas trees coming your way! This one, the Xmas Tree in Basket by creator Herasims4, is exactly what its name suggests—a fantastic Christmas tree in a basket, which also has functional Christmas lights added to it.

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Christmas Tree Cakes Kitchen Food Decor [ALPHA]

christmas tree cakes kitchen food decor

This set of Christmas tree cakes is the best way to decorate your Sims’ kitchen counters for the holidays. The tree cakes are shaped like miniature Christmas trees and decorated with colorful frosting and sprinkles!

Click here to download!

Day 24: Wall Christmas Tree (With animated flickering lights)🎄

day 24 wall christmas tree with animated flickering lights hydrangea

If you want a unique Christmas Tree for your Sims, you have to give them this Wall Christmas Tree, a distinct animated Christmas tree for the wall, that comes with its own set of flickering lights. You can find it in the wall lamp section.

Click here to download!

Merry Christmas

merry christmas leo sims

This Merry Christmas package from LeoSims includes a gingerbread house, a penguin coffee mug, a Christmas recipe book, coffee drinks, a chair, and a console. We really like the marshmallows on top of the coffee mug!

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Festive Christmas Collection (Food / Fireplace / Decor ) [Alpha]

christmas set sims41ife

There’s no better way to express your Sim’s creativity than by letting them have a fun-filled, crafty holiday home for the holidays. With this Christmas Set from Sims4l1fe, your Sims can enjoy having Christmas glass trees, stocking, fireplace and tools, etc, in their houses.

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🎄 Christmas Prep & Food Dishes CC Set!! 🎅🎁

3244 christmas prep food dishes cc set laskrillz

This super yummy Christmas Prep & Food Dishes includes everything your Sims needs to prepare a delicious Christmas feast, such as pumpkin sauce, smoked ham, turkey, red wine, aluminum pans, stuffing, and a pumpkin can. The food dishes come in 24 swatches all in all!

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A Very Industrial Lookin’ Christmas by littledica

image 25

Want some industrial flair in your Sims’ homes for Christmas? With the Very Industrial CC set, your Sims will get animated light strips with two different animation styles, alternating and sparkle, and a new concrete flooring with a normal and a cracked version for each swatch.

Click here to download!

Wrapping (The Presents) Up: Enjoy These Holiday-Themed Custom Content!

Ho-ho-ho! This holiday season, we hope that your Sims will also feel the festive spirit of the season! By incorporating the holiday-themed custom content that we gathered for you, we’re sure that you can add immense joy to your Sims’ celebrations.

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