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If selling on the Trendi app just isn’t doing it for your sim, take a look at the Fashion Student mod!

Fashion Student Mod

One thing that has made The Sims series so interesting is how it’s captured the fashion & lifestyles of the time when the game is released. The early days of the franchise were all about millennial looks, and as more, newer content has released over time we’ve been able to turn our sims into little fashionistas.

These days The Sims 4 has several ways that sims can explore with fashion. There’s the Style Influencer career that was added to the base game in 2018, the Trendi App and fashion tags that came with High School Years, not to mention multiple Kits focusing solely on specific fashion styles like the Incheon Arrivals, Grunge Revival, and Urban Homage Kits just to name a few.

If your sim is a true fashion fiend and needs even more, take a look at the Fashion Student mod we’re going to talk about today!

All About The Fashion Student Mod

Fashion Student Mod Cover

The Fashion Student Mod is a creation by Daintysimmer and it has multiple facets to it in order to fully immerse your sim into the world of fashion. There’s a new Aspiration, full and part time Career options, and several activities your sim can do which will raise their skills and even their Fame! Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Fashion Student Aspiration

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To start, the Fashion Student mod has a new Aspiration which focuses on the skills needed to create garments and interact with others in the world of fashion. It’s not necessary to join the Aspiration (found in the Knowledge category) but it helps guide your sim through the other aspects of the mod so while not necessary, it’s still recommended.

Full & Part Time Jobs

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The fashion student mod was originally meant to have a full-time rabbithole career with it, however Daintysimmer discovered there’s a great one out there already by KiaraSims. Instead, this mod has been designed to work with that existing career.

It comes with a part-time rabbithole job however, so your sims can decide how much of their life they can dedicate to being a fashion student. The part-time job is meant for sims who are currently in University and who are planning to graduate into the full-time career, but nothing says you have to go that route if you don’t want to. Currently the career has 7 different Chance Cards which can help or hinder your sim’s climb up the career ladder!

Multiple Fashion Shows

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There are a few different types of fashion shows that will occur as part of this mod. Firstly there’s a rabbithole fashion show that costs your sim §150 to attend, but they’ll return from the show with their Fun need increased.

The second is an Event, and your sim will have to have a successful show if they want to advance from a part-time designer to a full-time graduate. The Event will require you to choose sims to be models for the show, who can be directed to model during the Event. Your main goal is to have models walk the Catwalk 15 times, but there are also other tasks around networking with others in the industry.

Phone & Computer Interactions For Fashion Students

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Depending on where your sim is on their journey into fashion, there are multiple interactions available on their electronic devices.

Fashion Students will first need to be assigned the Fashion Student trait from the Aspirations Reward Store. It costs 0 points and will allow your sim to access Fashion Student interactions (with more plans down the line that will require this trait to work).

Students get two new phone interactions. The first is “Enter A Fashion Competition” which is a rabbithole event where your sim has a 50/50 chance of winning. It’s got a steep entry fee of §1,500 but you might recoup some of those funds if you win the competition, and regardless of how you do at the show your sim will gain Fame. The second interaction is to “Watch The Tartosa MET Gala” which is available on weekends. It’s also available as a Holiday Tradition for sims who want to host a Gala party.

There are 4 new interactions for sims available on computers which include streaming the Tartosa MET Gala, along with reading, writing, and researching fashion. Sims who are in the part-time Fashion Designer career will get a boost to Job Performance by doing these tasks. Using the Video Station your sims can host virtual fashion shows which will give them a small boost to their Fame.

Phone & Computer Interactions For Part-Time Fashion Designers

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As part of your job being a part-time Fashion Designer, sims can call suppliers and warehouses, give presentations, and even take a rabbithole weekend trip to search for inspiration. Your sim will return from their trip with gains in Charisma, Logic, and Work Performance. There’s a known bug with this interaction where the 2-day trip time will reset if you leave the lot, so bear that in mind.

There are additional interactions available on the computer as well, allowing your sim to do more research and writing about fashion along with working on presentations.

Social Interactions

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With the Fashion Student mod, students have 6 new social interactions relating to the world of fashion, including discussing current trends, favorite designers, sharing tips, gossiping about fashion TV, and more. You can also use this menu to ask other sims to model for your Fashion Show Event. Sims can also discuss their new job when they join the part-time career.

There are several mods that are required to use the Fashion Student mod along with optional DLC and mods that are recommended but not required:

Future Plans

This mod is a work-in progress that has already been updated once with big changes and there are even more to come! Many of the social and digital interactions were added just a few months ago, and there are plans moving forward to create a Sewing Skill for the mod and even an Active Career for your sims to participate in! If you enjoy the Fashion Student mod be sure to keep up with Daintysimmer for updates by following her on Patreon or Tumblr.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: If your sim is more interesting in modeling fashions than creating them, they should give the Modeling Career a try!

model career sims 4 snootysims

Final Thoughts

If you have a sim who lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes fashion you might find dissatisfaction with their current life path based on what’s available in the vanilla game. Adding the Fashion Student mod to your gameplay will give these sims the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the fashion world by creating garments, attending fashion school, throwing runway shows, and more. Gain notoriety and fame as they ascend the fashion ladder, and one day they’ll get to live the haute couture life! What part of the mod sounds most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments, and happy simming!

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