A Complete Guide to Sims 4 Oversized Crops

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If the Sims 4 oversized crops perplex you, then read this guide on how to grow them! Then, we’ll let you know what to do with it afterward.

Sims 4 oversized crops

How Sims 4 oversized crops were introduced

The Sims 4: Cottage Living, an expansion pack released July 22, 2021, introduced a new rural residential world where Sims live in a cozy village and can live off the land.

Players can create farms (yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking: that means Sims can care for chickens, llamas, and cows!), forage the woods for wild plants and mushrooms, help out their fellow villagers in the town square with daily errands, and more.

This pack also introduced giant crops as a Sims plant! You’re probably wondering what their purpose is, so let’s get into the details.

sims 4 oversized crops

How to grow Sims 4 oversized crops

First, you should develop your Gardening skill because it will save you time and help you tend to your large oversized crops in a more efficient way. You’ll have to reach level 3 in the Gardening skill in order to use oversized crop fertilizers.

You can purchase the Bonsai Tree as an easy and quick way to improve your Gardening skill or you can start by growing small crops using the Garden Pot or the Garden Planter Box.

Then, you’ll need to purchase the In-Ground Garden Patch or the Mounded In-Ground Garden Patch which you can find by typing into the search bar. These are the only types of soil that can grow this particular Sims plant.

Once you’ve purchased your garden patches, place them in an available spot on your lot. Then select the patch and choose Purchase Oversized Crop Seeds. 

Sims 4 oversized crops

You’ll be shown a menu with different seeds you can plant: be mindful to plant ones that are In-Season!

The crops available to purchase are Aubergines, lettuce, mushrooms, pumpkins, and watermelons.

Oversized Crops 9

Tips for growing higher quality crops

Once you’ve planted your oversized crop seeds, it’s all patience and tender loving care from here!

You have to water them, spray the patch for bugs, and make sure there are no weeds or it will delay the growth of your crop. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to use the Encourage Crop Growth prompt so don’t miss it! 

Sims 4 oversized crops

When you are able to fertilize, you should invest in purchasing some fertilizer from the town square marketplace next to The Gnome’s Arms bar.

The garden stall is right across from the bar and can be found by selecting the Miscellaneous icon. You will be able to purchase the Grow-Fast Fertilizer and the Hassle-Free Fertilizer. 

The Grow-Fast Fertilizer will be helpful when the competition is coming up and you want your crop to be ready on time! The Hassle-Free Fertilizer gets rid of weed growth and bugs so that there are little delays in growth.

If you have an animal shed, cleaning up their coops also provides you with fertilizer. Select your garden patch and choose to fertilize. You’ll have two options: Vitality Fertilizer and Hyper Growth Fertilizer. 

The Vitality Fertilizer helps improve the health of your oversized crop and the Super Vitality Fertilizer gets your crop in superb condition! It’s up to you to choose what fertilizers to use and how much time you want to take to grow your oversized crops.

You can re-fertilize often, so check up on your crop every day so you can give it the most attention possible.

Animals can upgrade your garden!

Besides getting free fertilizer, having a chicken coop can improve the quality of all of your eggs and your crops! Once you hatch a golden egg, your new golden chicken can help you out with your garden. 

How gracious! Instead of waiting for the random chance that one of your chickens lays a hatchable golden egg, you can either get a golden chicken by feeding it a Golden Treat or you can purchase a golden egg from the marketplace.

When you select your golden chicken you’ll be able to ask it to bless your garden. It will walk around your garden and magically improve the health of your plants! 

If you befriend rabbits, they can also eat the weeds that grow in your garden! 

You’ll also want to make sure to make nice with the birds in any woodland area of Henford-on-Bagley because they can sing to help your Sims plant grow.

Once you’re friends with each animal, you unlock a shelter that you can place in your garden for those wild rabbits and you unlock a tree to house those wild birds.

Can I just mention how this pack is adorable?

Befriending foxes, rabbits, birds, and having chickens use magic on your crops: it’s so overwhelming with cuteness, it’s giving such Snow White living in the forest vibes and I’m here for it! I want to live here!

Anyway, back on topic: now that you know how to grow oversized crops, what can you do with them? You can enter them in the finchwick fair’s oversized crop competition and you can sell them!

The Finchwick Oversized Crop Fair

This fair takes place every Saturday. Besides getting an on-screen notification of the fair taking place, you can check your calendar ahead of time: this will help you time your gardening of oversized crops so that you can enter the competition just in time.

You’ll want to make sure that your oversized crop is not only high-quality but is also as big as it can get!

If you make use of those fertilizers and get help from your furry friends, you should produce high-value, high-quality oversized crops. 

If you win you’ll receive simoleons, a ribbon, and a gardening collectible depending on what place you’ve won!

It can take some practice, but challenge yourself and really take advantage of the opportunities to yield some really oversized, high-quality crops.

What else to do with oversized crops

Oversized crops do become rotten so store them in the fridge to keep them longer until you decide what to do with them.

If you aren’t feeling the competitive spirit, you have the option to just sell them or transfer them into decor.

A Sims 4 oversized crop is a quirky Sims plant to garden indeed and the process of growing it is really lighthearted and enjoyable. 

Talking to plants is therapeutic, by the way: so when someone tells you to go hug a tree don’t take it as an insult.

Oversized Crops 8

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