A Complete Guide to The Oversized Crops In The Sims 4

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Oversized crops from The Sims 4 can be quite perplexing, so we came up with this guide which summarizes how to grow and take care of them!

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How The Sims 4 Oversized Crops Were Introduced

The Sims 4: Cottage Living, an expansion pack released July 22, 2021, introduced a new rural residential world where our Sims can stay in a cozy village and live off the land. The EP allowed us to create farms, wherein our Sims can care for chickens, llamas, and cows, forage the woods for wild plants and mushrooms, help out their fellow villagers in the town square with daily errands, and even encounter rabbits and foxes here and there. Apart from these interesting farm activities, Cottage Living also introduced oversized crops in the game!

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How to Grow Oversized Crops

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Oversized crops differ from regular plants. To grow them, there are a couple of things our Sims should do. First, we should focus on developing our Sims’ gardening skill as it will save them time and help them tend to the oversized crops more efficiently. To enhance our Sims’ gardening skill, we can either purchase the Bonsai Tree or start by growing small crops using the Garden Pot or the Garden Planter Box.

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Next, we need to acquire the In-Ground Garden Patch or the Mounded In-Ground Garden Patch, which we can find by typing into the search bar of Build Mode. These are the only types of soil that can support the growth of these specific large Sims plants. Once we have these garden patches, we must place them in an available spot on our Sims’ lots. Afterward, we can select the patch and choose to purchase oversized crop seeds.

How to Take Care of Oversized Crops

Depending on the season, our Sims can plant a variety of oversized crops. Whenever we click on the planter, we will be shown a menu with the specific seeds our Sims can purchase and plant. The crops available to purchase and plant are the following:

  • Aubergines
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkins
  • Watermelons
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When planted, we will be able to see some information regarding our oversized crops, such as their current health condition, and if they are in season. We can also read about the plant’s official description. These details will help us know our Sims’ crops better.

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How To Fertilize the Crops

When our Sims reach level 3 in gardening skill, they will now be able to utilize oversized crop fertilizers. We can purchase some fertilizer from the garden stall in the Town Square Marketplace right across from The Gnome’s Arms Bar.

  • Hassle-Free Fertilizer
  • Vitality Fertilizer
  • Super Vitality Fertilizer
  • Grow Fast Fertilizer
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If there is an animal shed, cleaning up the coops will also provide us with fertilizer. The Vitality Fertilizer helps our Sims improve the health of the oversized crops and the Super Vitality Fertilizer gets them in superb condition! The Grow-Fast Fertilizer will be helpful when the competition is coming up and they want their crops to be ready on time! The Hassle-Free Fertilizer, on the other hand, gets rid of weed growth and bugs so that there will be little delays in growth. It’s up to us to choose which fertilizers to use and how much time we want our Sims to grow the oversized crops. It’s also important to know that we can let our Sims re-fertilize often.

Tips for Growing Higher-Quality Crops

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Once we have planted our oversized crop seeds, it’s all patience and tender loving care from here! We have to let Sims water them, spray the patch for bugs, and make sure there are no weeds or it will delay the growth of the crops. Our Sims will also have the opportunity to socialize with them by using these interactions:

  • Encourage Crop Growth
  • Give Encourage-mint
  • Urge to Remain Calm
  • Discuss Thorny Issues
  • Share News About Flowery Matters

How Animals Can Upgrade the Garden

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Besides getting free fertilizer, having a chicken coop can improve the quality of all of our Sims’ eggs and crops! Once they hatch a golden egg, this new golden chicken can help our Sims out with their garden. How gracious! Instead of waiting for the random chance that one of the chickens lays a hatchable golden egg, we can get a golden chicken by either feeding the chickens a Golden Treat or by directly purchasing a golden egg from the marketplace. When we select our golden chicken, we’ll be able to ask it to bless our garden. It will also walk around the garden and magically improve the health of our plants! 

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Befriending the rabbits will also help a lot, as they can then eat the weeds that grow in our Sims’ gardens! We’ll also want to make sure to be nice with the birds in any woodland area of Henford-on-Bagley because they can sing to help our Sims’ plants grow. Once our Sims are friends with each of these animals, we can unlock homes for them—a shelter that we can place in the garden for those wild rabbits and a tree to house those wild birds.

Can we just mention how this pack is so adorable? Befriending foxes, rabbits, and birds, and having chickens use magic on our Sim’s crops: it’s so overwhelming with cuteness, it’s giving such Snow White living in the forest vibes and we’re here for it! We want to live here!

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The Finchwick Oversized Crop Fair

Now that we know how to grow oversized crops, what can we do with them? We can enter them in the Finchwick Fair’s oversized crop competition and sell them! This fair takes place every Saturday. Besides getting an on-screen notification of the fair taking place, we can check our Sims’ calendars ahead of time, which will help us time the gardening of oversized crops and enter the competition just in time. We’ll want to make sure that the oversized crops are not only high-quality but are also as big as they can get!

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If we were able to make use of the fertilizing process and get help from our furry friends, we should be able to produce high-value and high-quality oversized crops that are sure to bag prizes. Once we win, we will receive simoleons, ribbons, and gardening collectibles that vary! Participating in contests can take some practice, but we can challenge ourselves to really take advantage of the opportunities to yield some of the best giant crops.

What To Remember with Oversized Crops

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Oversized crops can become rotten so we must store them in the fridge to keep them longer until we decide what to do with them. If we aren’t feeling the competitive spirit, we have the option to sell them or transfer them into decor.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that this guide on growing and tending to oversized crops has been helpful! It’s quite difficult to plant and grow these extra-large plants, but harvesting them and reaping rewards from them is truly worthwhile. And that’s it, dear Simmers! Please follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You can also leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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