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Late Night fixes

Late Night came with a lot of bugs and a patch is still not made. The modding community however managed to create several fixes for these bugs. Though there are over a hundred bugs reported so far (Just check crinrict’s forum post), here you will find a fix to a couple of serious and annoying bugs.

Mod The problem Fix description
Bad mood fix When sleeping in a cheap bed, your Sim’s mood will be permanently red no matter how high your Needs are. Use expensive beds or use this mod which will fix the moods.
Celebrity fix Just by talking to a celebrity once, your Sim will become a celeb themselves. After a while the whole town will be infected with all the bad things that come with it like paparazzi, false scandals, etc. This mod can make it much harder to gain stars.
Traffic fix Too many cars in Bridgeport are spawned which slows the game down. Use this mod to reduce the amount of traffic.
Buttler fix Butler occasionally disappears and you can’t fire him. Though this is not a mod to fix the butler from vanishing, you are now able to fire him by using the phone.
Crash fix Some people have many game crashes since installing Late Night. In this forum topic, they show how to fix the crashing. As there are many causes, this may not help for everyone.
Excavation fix Not a Late Night bug but EA never fixed it. People are unable to use excavation sites. No more route failing at excavations when using this mod.
Food truck fix No foodtrucks in other towns. With this mod, you can use foodtrucks in other towns then Bridgeport.
Muscle fix Sims lose their muscles when they’re topless for example when they wear their swimsuits. Use this mod if you want them to stay muscular.
Auto placement fix Again a bug that EA ‘forgot’ to fix. The Ambitions buildings are not facing the road most of the time. Existing neighborhoods will not be affected but in new games, these buildings are facing the road again.
Community building tutorial For some people it is not possible to place bars and clubs in other neighborhoods no matter what the size or lot type is. Though not a fix, with this tutorial you can place Late Night community buildings in other neighborhoods.

Twallen’s mods also include several fixes, including an option to remove stars from celebrities. The Master Controller has this option. Here’s the link to all their mods: NRaas Industries

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