The Sims 3: Plants

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Plant Skill Rarity
Apple Tree 0 Common
Avornalino Grapevine (WA) 0 Common
Gralladina Fran Grapevine (WA) 0 Common
Grapevine 0 Common
Lettuce Plant 0 Common
Tomato Plant 0 Common
Cherimola Blan Grapevine (WA) 5 Uncommon
Cranerlet Nuala Grapevine (WA) 5 Uncommon
Lime Tree 5 Uncommon
Onion Plant 5 Uncommon
Plum Tree (WA) 5 Uncommon
Pomegranate Tree (WA) 5 Uncommon
Potato Vine 5 Uncommon
Watermelon Vine 5 Uncommon
Bell Pepper Plant 7 Rare
Cherry Tree (WA) 7 Rare
Death Flower Plant 7 Special
Flame Fruit Bush 7 Special
Garlic Plant 7 Rare
Life Plant 7 Special
Meloire Grapevine (WA) 7 Rare
Money Tree 7 Special
Pomelo Tree (WA) 7 Rare
Renoit Grapevine (WA) 7 Rare
Plasma Fruit bush (LN) 7 Rare
Cheese Plant 8 Special*
Eggplant 8 Special*
Burger Patty Plant 9 Special*
Steak Plant 9 Special*
Omni Plant 10 Special*

*Skill Opportunity from the Bistro.

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Hi there! I’m Nicolas, your fellow Simmer who also happens to be the force simmering behind SNOOTYSIMS. I can’t believe it has been nearly 20 years since I created the very first Sims fan site. Time just flies by, doesn’t it? I’ve always loved writing about the Sims games and being part of its community has never ceased to be my personal thrill. Should you like to know more, connect with me on Instagram / DM me on Instagram with any questions or ideas you have.

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