The Sims 3: Plants



Plant Skill Rarity
Apple Tree 0 Common
Avornalino Grapevine (WA) 0 Common
Gralladina Fran Grapevine (WA) 0 Common
Grapevine 0 Common
Lettuce Plant 0 Common
Tomato Plant 0 Common
Cherimola Blan Grapevine (WA) 5 Uncommon
Cranerlet Nuala Grapevine (WA) 5 Uncommon
Lime Tree 5 Uncommon
Onion Plant 5 Uncommon
Plum Tree (WA) 5 Uncommon
Pomegranate Tree (WA) 5 Uncommon
Potato Vine 5 Uncommon
Watermelon Vine 5 Uncommon
Bell Pepper Plant 7 Rare
Cherry Tree (WA) 7 Rare
Death Flower Plant 7 Special
Flame Fruit Bush 7 Special
Garlic Plant 7 Rare
Life Plant 7 Special
Meloire Grapevine (WA) 7 Rare
Money Tree 7 Special
Pomelo Tree (WA) 7 Rare
Renoit Grapevine (WA) 7 Rare
Plasma Fruit bush (LN) 7 Rare
Cheese Plant 8 Special*
Eggplant 8 Special*
Burger Patty Plant 9 Special*
Steak Plant 9 Special*
Omni Plant 10 Special*

*Skill Opportunity from the Bistro.

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