The Sims 3: Lifetime Rewards

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Base game

Complimentary Entertainment5.000Free Theater visits
Discount Diner5.000Cheaper food
Fast Metabolism5.000Don’t get fat through eating
Legendary Host5.000Everybody at your parties have a great time
Observant5.000Learn traits from other Sims faster
Office Hero5.000Better relations at work with colleagues
Professional Slacker5.000Picking ‘slacker’ options from joblist does not decrease jobperformance
Speedy Cleaner5.000Clean up twice as fast
Bookshop Bargainer10.000Cheaper books
Change Lifetime Wish10.000Can change Lifetime wish
Fertility Treatment10.000More chance of twins and triplets
Multi-Tasker10.000Become better at your job/homework
Never Dull10.000Sims always find your jokes funny and conversations interesting
Opportunistic10.000Bigger rewards for opportunities
Steel Bladder10.000Never have to pee again
Attractive15.000Other Sims will like you more
Fast learner15.000Speeds up learning
Haggler15.000Pay less for items
Vacationer15.000Can take vacationdays off without penalty
Dirt Defiant15.000Low personal hygiene does not bother you anymore
Long Distance Friend20.000Friends relations no longer decay
Mid-Life crisis20.000Can change your Traits
Super Green Thumb20.000Grow superiour vegetables
Hardly Hungry25.000Hunger need decays slower
Body Sculptor30.000Get object to change bodytype
Extra Creative30.000More money for your paintings
Great Author30.000Earn more on royalties
Collection Helper40.000Set to a specific item (seeds,gems,etc) and check the Nhood
Food Replicator50.000Object to prepare food instantly
Mood Modifier60.000Can use on another Sim to change their motives
Teleportation pad75.000Can teleport to anywhere within the neighbourhood


Expansion rewards

World Adventures

World Adventures
Inappropriate but in a Good Way5.000Other Sims don’t mind if you are inappropriate
Jetsetter5.000Cheaper travel prices
Eye Candy5.000Sims around you get a mood boost
Change of Taste5.000Can change Favorites (color, music, food)
Prepared Traveler10.000Can take vacation 3 days longer
No Jealousy10.000Other Sims won’t get jealous at you (for ex.when flirting)
Stone Hearted10.000No mood loss when friends/family dies or break ups
No Bills Ever15.000No more bills
Learned Relic Hunter15.000Found relics are higher in value
Carefree20.000Fun raises 25% faster
Meditative Trance Sleep30.000Energy raises 20% faster when sleeping



Efficient Inventor10.000Less scrap needed for inventions
Entrepreneurial Mindset10.000Job experience rises faster
Professional Simoleon Booster10.000Higher salary
Suave Seller15.000More money for selling items at store
Artisan Crafter20.000Created sculptures and inventions have a higher value
Fireproof Homestead30.000No more fires in your house
My Best Friend40.000Free SimBot with Best Friend relationship


Late Night

Late Night
The Hustler5.000Win more often with bar games like darts and shuffleboard
Water Hole Regular7.500Cheaper drinks and food in bars
Next Big Thing10.000Earn more money with your musicband
Excellent Groupie10.000Be more succesful when going out with a group
Better Mixologist15.000Make higher quality drinks
Master of Seduction15.000Romantic socials are never rejected
Always on the List17.500Get access to any bar
Map to the Stars20.000Shows the location of celebrities on the map



Hover bed20.000Get a special moodlet from sleeping in this cool new bed.
Super Nanny25.000In the Daycare profession, children will be much more obedient with this reward.
Clean Slate25.000Have a bad dating reputation? Choose this reward to wipe the slate clean!
Inheritance30.000Recieve a large sum of money when a relative dies.
Above reproach35.000Nobody can be bothered about your public romantic actions.
Motive mobile45.000Fills up your needs while driving!
Clone voucher45.000Get a child-aged clone of yourself.


Pet rewards

Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs
Vomit machine1.500Can vomit anywhere you like
Best behaviour2.500Pet will no longer destroy your furniture
No nausea2.500Pet no longer get nauseous
Steel bladder4.000No more peeing
Fertility Treatment5.000More chance of twins and triplets
Beloved animal5.000Social rises faster
Alpha pet7.500Better with hunting animals
Midlife crisis7.500Can change traits
Supersmart pet7.500Faster skill learning
Pet hygienator10.000No more fleas
Supercool pet bed10.000A cool new bed for pets
Bottomless petbowl15.000Never have to refill the petbowl
Clone voucher15.000Get a clone of your pet
Rejuvenation potion20.000Make your pet a few days younger



Fearless foals2.500Social won’t go down when left alone
Lucky mount4.000Horse riders have more luck
Steel bladder4.000No more peeing
Friend of the herd4.000More chance that wild horses visit your lot
Atomic grazer4.000Horse can graze on any type of flooring
Beloved animal5.000Social rises faster
Gardener’s dream5.000Manure from stables is very good for plants
Desert pony5.000Thirst goes down slower
Horses zen6.000Faster training
Midlife crisis7.500Can change traits
Supersmart pet7.500Faster skill learning
Celestial saltblock10.000Raises Hunger and Thirst at the same time
Selfcleaning stall12.500No longer need to clean the stables
Clone voucher15.000Get a clone of your horse
Rejuvenation potion20.000Make your horse a few days younger

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