The Sims 2: Wishing Well

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The wishing well is only available by the Garden Club. You get one if you get a score of 700+ points after the inspection of your garden. Can be used by Teen and older.
If anyone in the household makes a wish more than once in a 24 hour period, it reduces the chances of wish success.

Wish Good result Bad result
Money You recieve a sack of §1000,– You recieve a sack of §50,– on the Sim’s head which may kill him
Friends 3 Sims from the wisher’s age group will materialize near the well with high Daily and Lifetime relationship toward the sim 3 Sims will materialize and pick fights with your sim.
Romance A new love of the right age and preferred gender materializes for an immediate first kiss Mrs.Crumplebottom will appear and beats you with her purse

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