The Sims 2: Wishing Well

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The wishing well is only available by the Garden Club. You get one if you get a score of 700+ points after the inspection of your garden. Can be used by Teen and older.
If anyone in the household makes a wish more than once in a 24 hour period, it reduces the chances of wish success.

WishGood resultBad result
MoneyYou recieve a sack of §1000,–You recieve a sack of §50,– on the Sim’s head which may kill him
Friends3 Sims from the wisher’s age group will materialize near the well with high Daily and Lifetime relationship toward the sim3 Sims will materialize and pick fights with your sim.
RomanceA new love of the right age and preferred gender materializes for an immediate first kissMrs.Crumplebottom will appear and beats you with her purse

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