Growing Together With Your Sims In The Upcoming Expansion Pack!

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The Sims just announced their next Expansion Pack and it looks incredibly promising!

The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack
Growing Together launches on March 16

Many family-focused players have been excited about the impending update to The Sims 4 that will make infants into fully fleshed-out characters. As they exist in the game now they’re more like objects, tied to the pram and unable to interact with the world around them on their own accord.

It was assumed that this update would mean more infant-focused content in upcoming packs but I’m pleased to report that the Sims 4 Growing Together EP looks to be a pack that adds new activities for sims of all ages with interactions between the various life states! There has been a noticeable lack of family-focused content in the game, particularly interactions between family members of different ages, so this is very welcome news.

What’s Coming in The Sims 4 Growing Together?

The one catch with the new trailer is that it’s unclear how much of the infant content is strictly EP-related. It’s possible anything we see in the video will be part of the base game update. But here’s what we know:

New Life Events For Younger Sims

New Life Events!

In the trailer we can see that younger sims will have new events in their lives, like learning to ride a bike and losing a tooth.

Usable Furniture Pieces For Infants

Infant Furniture!

Infants now have cribs, changing tables, activity centers, mats, and can be fed in high chairs. It’s likely we’ll see one or two versions of the more basic objects in the free update with a wider selection coming in the Growing Together EP.

Group Activities For All Ages

Group & Family Activities!

Sims can now build treehouses! Everybody can help put them together and enjoy them once they’re built. There seems to be a new “power walking” activity for groups, particularly elder sims, but others can participate as well. It also seems like there will be a sleepover activity in the new EP although the only footage we’ve seen so far is with other family members, not friends, so this may just be a household activity.

New Lot & Event Types

New Locations & Social Events!

We will be getting a new world, San Sequoia, with a new Rec Center. Is that a Water Park lot I see? If it’s not, we can at least expect new water play items for use in our current parks & pools. There also appears to be a new Baby Shower event for expecting sims!

CAS Content For All Ages

Scars and Infant Eyeglasses!

In addition to the usual clothing & hairstyles, we can see eyeglasses for infants, wearable baby carriers, and new scars & other skin details.

A Larger Role For Grandparents

Grandma & Grandpa Matter!

Grandparents become a much bigger deal in this new EP. In the trailer we can see them coming to stay with their children to help care for newborn grandbabies, and sneaking candy to their grandkids.

A New Video Camera?

A Video Camera?

While it’s not explicitly shown in the trailer, there are several shots throughout the trailer that look like they’re being taken on a video camera. This might just be a trick in the trailer but with the emphasis on family in the Growing Together EP, it’s logical to think we’re getting new ways to record memories and important events.

More Information From EA’s Website

More information can be gleaned from the screenshots on the EP’s preorder page as well as the information they’ve shared about the upcoming content:

  • Milestones (such as a mid-life crisis) carry more meaning now, and unlock new personality traits as your sims deal with these events. Personalities can even change as your sim grows & experience new things, making them more dynamic than ever before.
  • Sims will now have social preferences, making them “click” and “clash” with other sims. Make friends and enemies with actual reasoning behind it, which might change over time as those personalities evolve.
  • Family dynamics carry much more weight now and shared experiences can affect those dynamics. Will these events bring your families together or incite drama at the Harvestfest table?

Learn More By Watching The Official Reveal Trailer!

The Sims 4 Growing Together Official Reveal Trailer