OMG SIMS 4 BABY UPDATE IS COMING SOON (Release Date and Top 5 Features)

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Author: Lina

Who hasn’t heard yet? Better babies are just around the corner! The release date has finally been announced by Behind the Sims on Twitch *Are you screaming? I certainly am*. Continue reading to learn about the release date, and the top 5 features of the upcoming Sims 4 infants update!

sims 4 baby update
Sims 4 Baby Update: Top 5 Features!

Infants Update Release Date Finally announced!

Yebba exciting news for all of us simmers around the globe lol – better babies will be released on March 14th! This new update promises to introduce a whole host of new features, including a new set of baby animations and more infant/newborn content.

So, yes, we all have something to look forward to on March 14th! I personally can’t wait to play the 100 baby challenge with better babies!

Top 5 features of the upcoming baby update!

The upcoming baby update for the Sims 4 is surely packed with the most adorable features and content that are sure to bring your gameplay to a whole new level. “The cute checkbox is definitely checked”, says Jackie Perez Gratz, audio director of the Sims 4).

We broke down the top 5 features of this update, watch this video to find out what they are!