Why a Sims 4 Servo is truly amazing

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Learn all there is to know about a Servo in the Sims 4

Having a Servo in the Sims 4 is one of the best things about the Discover University expansion! They function like sims do without any need for food. Furthermore, they do not age at all! No more age cheats for you! This means that you can keep them in your family for as long as you wish. However, they do need some other things that we will discuss. But, in order to unlock them, you need to have the Discover University expansion.

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How to create a Servo in the Sims 4

Just like Aliens and Mermaids, a Servo is playable in the Sims 4! However, you can’t create them in CAS just like regular sims. To get one, you will need to have a sim with the Robotics skill! You can either have them level it up normally, or you can use our handy Sims 4 set skill level cheat. Once your sims reach level 8 in the skill, they can use a Robotics Workstation to create their Servo.

What you will need:

  • 10 Electronic Upgrade parts
  • 15 Common Upgrade parts
  • 5 Kitchen Upgrade parts
  • 2 Plumbing Upgrade parts
  • 18 Mechanisms
  • 12 Computer Chips
  • 75 Robot Salvage parts

Creating a Servo in the Sims 4 can take quite a bit of time. But the reward is worth it! Once you’re done creating it, you can either sell it or activate it! If you activate it, your sim will hit the Servo with a jolt of electricity and a very cute animation will play out. Afterward, you will have to choose their gender and name. You can also choose their traits, aspirations, and colors as well.

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How a Servo works on the Sims 4

First of all, you can change anything you wish about your Servo on live mode. The only thing you can’t change about them is their age, which is a young adult. Servos do not age and can’t die of old age. However, they still can die! If your Servo breaks down and isn’t repaired for a certain length of time, they will die. Once a Servo dies, they get their own special tombstone after they become scrap metal.

A Servo can WooHoo with a sim, but can not have any biological children. If you want a Servo family though, they can adopt sim children! That way, they can have a family that they can call their own. Children that a Servo adopts will have them as a parent on their family tree.

Servo Needs on the Sims 4

Of course, a Servo has needs just like a regular sim! Those needs are Fun, Social, Durability, and Battery Charge. Additionally, you can also cheat them using our Sims 4 Needs Cheat! They do not need to bathe, eat, or use the toilet at all. However, their “sleep” is their Battery Charge. Once a Servo’s battery is low, it will need to recharge, and won’t be playable for a few hours. You shouldn’t let their Durability drop, or else they will break down and die if not fixed. You can either have a sim tune them up to increase their Durability need, or have the Servo perform it on themselves if they are enhanced.

Just like any other electronic device, a Servo is not immune to water. So, you should never let them go outside in the rain without an umbrella. Additionally, you shouldn’t instruct them to bathe or swim at all! So you shouldn’t let them use our cool Shower CC and Mods. Or else, you risk having them break down and in need of a repair. There are currently no enhancements available to make a Servo immune to water.

Servo Enhancments on the Sims 4

A sim with a high Robotics skill can make a Servo even better by performing enhancements on it! The skill is actually secret, and both sims and Servos can learn it. There are a total of 10 enhancement levels that a Servo can go through. In order to progress to the next level, they will need to learn more skills. But, they can also get progress by downloading enhancement data. However, this is a very slow process and the Servo isn’t playable during that time. You can also cheat it using our Sims 4 skills cheats!

Level 1

For level 1, Servos start out with an increase on their charge gain by 10%. They now can also download enhancment data.

Level 2

On level 2, a Servo will get a decrease in their durability decay of 10% and a bunch of new behaviour modules.

Level 3

For this next level, a Servo on the Sims 4 will gain skills 10% faster, will now be able to self-repair and will receive even more behaviour modules.

Level 4

A Servo that has reached level 4, has an improved battery life of 10%, more behaviour modules and the ability to turn them on or off!

Level 5

For level 5, you get an increased charge speed by 25%! Now you Servo can charge even faster and get on with their day!

Level 6

A Servo that is on level 6, gets an improvment to their durability of 25% and more behaviour modules.

Level 7

Once they reach level 7, Servos can learn all skills 25% faster.

Level 8

On level 8, a Servo’s Charge decay is decreased by 25% and they’ll receive new behaviour modules.

Level 9

For this next level, a Servo receives an even bigger bonus, now learning all skills 50% faster.

Level 10

And, for the final level, a Servo gets a 50% faster charge time and the final behaviour modules!

Behaviour Modules for a Servo on The Sims 4

Behaviour Modules are basically what chips were for the robots on Sims 3. They basically dictate what the Servo is going to do when not played. That way, you can prioritize some tasks over others. Think of them as their equivalent of traits! They will not change anything on them as long as you play them. There are a total of 6 different behaviour modules to explore in the game.

We hope that you enjoyed today’s guide on Servo for the Sims 4. Servo are quite helpful when in a household and very fun to explore. Have you got Discover University? If so, do you like the addition of Servo? Let us know down in the comments!

Happy Simming!

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