The Potion Of Youth in The Sims 4

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If you would like to learn how to obtain and use the Potion of Youth in The Sims 4, we have prepared a helpful guide for you!

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The Potion of Youth in The Sims

What sets The Sims 4 apart from real life, is its mystical features when it comes to living and dying. Take the game’s Potion of Youth for example—it stands out for its widespread popularity and exceptional usefulness for the game. If your Sims have never used this liquid essence in their lives, we will teach you how to do so in this post! We’ll delve into the details of what it is, how to get it, and how to use it. Let’s begin!

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What Is The Potion of Youth?

The Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 is a drink for your Sims to elongate their lives. It is a translucent silver liquid that comes in an ornate glass, which your Sims can acquire through the game. This mysterious substance gives your Sims the chance to keep themselves alive forever, as it resets their current age. So yep, we can all agree that this liquid essence pretty is a powerful tool in the game. Since most of us do desire to live forever, this same sentiment extends to our Sims.

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As aging and death in The Sims 4 are less than ideal for many simmers, this makes the prospect of rendering our Sims immortal without cheats truly appealing. Just imagine the possibilities with a Sim who never ages! You can explore each and every place in all worlds for your Sims, and still find time for everything else you wish for them to do, and even make them participate in all the events and holidays they can manage.

How To Get The Potion of Youth?

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So, how do you get the Potion of Youth in The Sims 4? To obtain this magic essence, just head over to the Rewards Store, where the drink is available for purchase for a price of 1,500 satisfaction points. Your Sims can purchase and repurchase the drink as much as they want and as long as they have adequate satisfaction points.

If they lack sufficient satisfaction points or are unsure how to gather them, here’s what they can do: Let them focus on their aspirations and help them complete their whims. As they keep pursuing their aspirations, satisfaction points will pour in for your Sims. But if you want an easy way to gain satisfaction points for them, just use the rewards

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What Can The Potion of Youth Do?

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Despite popular belief among many Simmers, the Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 doesn’t grant eternal youth to your Sims. It simply halts their aging process, keeping them at their current age group. Yep! The Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 just interferes with the aging process by resetting your Sim’s current age state.

For instance, if used on an adult Sim, the days they have lived as an adult will be reset to zero, and they will stay as an adult. They will not become immortal and can still easily meet death by other means. In a similar sense, if an Elder Sim drinks the Potion of Youth, their ages will not revert to the adult stage.

An Important Tip

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If you want your Sims to live forever and maintain their current age group, for example as an adult, all you have to do is to keep them purchasing the Potion of Youth each time their birthday rolls around. Let them drink the potion before they actually age up to prevent them from becoming an Elder. Keep doing this and they’re as good as being immortal Sims.


Despite not being able to grant your Sims full immortality, the Potion of Youth undoubtedly remains one of the most powerful and useful liquid essences in The Sims 4. It lets your Sims extend their lives as much as they want to.

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