The Sims 4 Login Events: More Details Explained!

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We delve further into the new daily rewards mechanic in The Sims 4, which introduces the details and processes of login events. Know more in this article!

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The Sims 4’s Login Events

We have recently informed you about the newest in-game mechanic launched in The Sims 4, allowing us Simmers to gain a couple of incentives for our daily logins in the game. These different rewards, such as Build Mode objects, CAS accessories, or even the Practice Makes Perfect trait, are unlockable after we consistently show up (virtually, that is) and take part in the game’s newly launched events. But hey, the system is much more complex than we thought! After much discussion from the Sims community, The Sims Team finally gave us some clarity about this new login events system. They detailed this in their video post below.

Login Events: What Are They?

The Sims 4 describes Login Events as “a limited time experience centered around a fun theme“. They created these experiences to reward players with precious new gifts, in a way that feels novel and more exciting. Compared to SDX drops, which we can simply acquire the moment they are launched, Login Events function in a different way. Initially, we thought that these events would let us claim rewards simply through our daily logins. But it turns out that there are other ways to engage with these events. According to The Sims Team, each login event is unique. In their words, “In the future there may be Events that take you on a quest where you’ll complete goals in order to earn rewards.” Thus, we can expect to take part in various fun activities to be able to unlock the rewards!

More on SNOOTYSIMS: EA has introduced the concept of Daily Rewards for players who log in to play The Sims 4 once a day. Have they missed the mark with this one?

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How to Join The Sims 4 Happy At Home Login Event

Just this May 30, 2024, The Sims 4 officially launched its first login event, called the Happy at Home Login Event. It requires only the base game to be able to engage with this event. It is available on PC via EA app™, Mac® via Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

FAQS About The Login Events


Here are some clarifiations from The Sims Team concerning the release of the Login Events system for the game.

Are these rewards really free?

Yes, these rewards are free when you engage with the Event. Once claimed the rewards for this Event will be available in the Base Game. Each Event may handle rewards a little differently. For instance, this first Event you get rewarded for jumping back into the game while the Event is active. In the future there may be Events that take you on a quest where you’ll complete goals in order to earn rewards.

What about SDX releases, I thought those were to provide free content and updates!

Sims Delivery Express drops aren’t going away, but we’re always looking for new and novel ways to deliver gameplay, as well as objects and clothing to add to your Sims’ lives. You can still expect SDX releases throughout the year as well as new Events to engage with The Sims 4 throughout the seasons.

What happens if I join the Event late?

There’s plenty of time during the Event to jump in if you are coming in late. Each day you launch the game counts as a login to unlock the next available reward. If you come in late to the Event there’s still time to catch up, but it will take 8 days of logins to unlock all of the rewards. We’ve provided an extra week to login and claim those remaining rewards.

The Sims 4 Happy at Home Login Event will be available beginning on May 30, 2024 on PC via EA app™, Mac® via Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

The Sims 4 Happy at Home Login Event requires The Sims 4 base game, available free to download with all game updates. See minimum system requirements for the pack.

Conclusion: What Do You Think Of These New Mechanics?

The Sims is an ever-evolving game franchise. Since its release back in the year 2000, game publisher Electronic Arts has explored a plethora of ways how to make it more engaging and palatable to its players. That does not mean though that all changes in The Sims games are met with positive feedback from Simmers! Most of the time, there are a few issues here and there that need to be prioritized before the game should delve into any new major developments.


With regard to the new daily rewards and login system, we do appreciate this fresh in-game mechanic, but we have yet to ponder its real importance to the game. Does it add value to our gameplay, or does it simply make our game more transactional? What about you, our dear Simmers? Let us know in the comments what you think of these new shifts to the game. Happy simming!

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