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The Sims 4 has just released the new 1.107 patch update yesterday, May 28th, perfectly time ahead again of the upcoming two new kits, Cozy Bistro & Riviera Retreat Kits. Take a look at the game’s latest fixes and changes in this article!

Snootysims Sims 4 Latest Patch Update

What are The Latest Changes in The Game With The Patch Update?

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Update 5/28/2024

PC: / Mac:

Console: 1.92

Sul Sul Simmers!

It’s time for some late Spring cleaning! Let’s fix some things and make a few improvements. We’ve got quite the spread, with a host of resolutions for base game issues as well as addressing a wide assortment of packs. There’re also some performance gains, gallery updates, and DirectX 11 previews. We squeezed lots into this release, but there’s still more to come! Talk to you soon!

-The Sims 4 Team

Bug Fixes & Updates

Base Game

  • Oh you thought you could hide, dishes? We will find you and we will wash you. Dishes left in corners will no longer be ignored when cleaning up. 
  • Begone weeds! Plants won’t grow weeds when Out of Season. If a plant has them when it becomes Out of Season, the weeds will be removed until it’s In Season again.
  • Campfires will stop causing so many fires on the lot. Campfire spreadfire was triggering a 50% chance every 10 sim-minutes to burn objects other than chairs in the area. We removed that to only focus on when Fireworks trigger (which we all know is the real danger).
  • “A Trash Can Is Required“ message will no longer display when trash cans are present on the active lot. Get that garbage outta here. 
  • Skills will not randomly increase or change when leaving the lot or editing the household. If your Sim knows, they know.
  • The skills list is arranged in alphabetical order and my eye will no longer twitch when looking at it.
  • TS4 Packs are listed in the right order in the Build/Buy filter. Get back in line For Rent, Home Chef Hustle and Crystal Creations!
  • Careers will no longer have a blank daily task menu.
  • Summon Grilled Cheese interaction will no longer drop from the interaction queue.
  • Sim will no longer get stuck in the ground and continue to Swim Laps if the pool is removed in the middle of it. Because physics. Now the Sim will reset. Because magic.
  • Calendar notification light will remain on after traveling. No forgetting those important events.
  • Customizable pronouns were adjusted to appear correctly on a few of the Romantic Relationship phone calls and will no longer display improper usage like “ask their out.”
  • Sims can properly merge or move households with NPC Sims “not in world“; the merge/move button is now accessible. It’s all about bringing families together! 


  • After switching to build mode from world map a red bar will no longer display in the upper right corner.


  • We’ve made some optimizations so the game uses less memory. You may experience fewer crashes, better frame rate, and/or more responsive simulation.
  • We’ve improved the lot load process so it should happen a bit faster.

Cats & Dogs / City Living

  • Small dogs, puppies, and kittens will properly use the elevator to go downstairs from Penthouses. They can finally go potty! Poor little things.

Cottage Living

  • Hatchable and spoiled eggs will now remain visible in the Chicken coop whenever the Sim travels to the lot.

Dine Out

  • ‘Order For Table’ interaction will properly clear from the interaction queue after the waiter delivers food to the table.
  • Home Chef Hustles players can now add Waffles to the Restaurant Menu. More menu additions to come.  

DirectX 11 Preview

  • DirectX 11 is available on The Sims 4 on an opt-in basis and will be rolled out fully in a later update for Simmers running Windows. If you opt to run The Sims 4 using DirectX 11, you will potentially experience enhanced game performance and graphics quality. This update is designed to increase the overall gaming experience, with improved rendering capabilities that will allow for more details and immersive environments in future releases! We would appreciate your feedback and any issues you experience on our DirectX 11 Answers HQ thread.
    • Simmers running Windows and have DirectX 11 compatible hardware can now enter the argument -dx11 into the EA App or Steam to switch to using this renderer. You will be able to see which DirectX version The Sims 4 is using in your game version information displayed in the bottom right corner of the Main Menu.
      • You can find all the information you need to check if your PC is DirectX 11 compatible and learn how to enter launch arguments for both EA App and Steam here.
    • While DirectX 11 is available for those Simmers who want to try it, you may experience visual issues with mods so we recommend disabling all mods while using this command line argument.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Nose rings will no longer break when paired with brow piercings from this pack. 

For Rent

  • Property Ownership of “Tam Nang Sands“ lot will be recognized in the owned rental tab.
  • “Unpleasant Surroundings“ Moodlet no longer triggered from the Pressure cooker and Kettle.
  • Tourist location icons will now appear correctly when hovering over the Tomarang world select screen.
  • All profanity filter false positive reports sent to us via  The Sims 4 Gallery Profanity Filter Feedback survey up to May 1st have been reviewed and changes implemented. We appreciate all the reports and responses and will continue to update our systems based on your feedback.
  • Non-anonymous Gallery users appearing in the Following and Followers tabs will once again display the number of Followers each user has.

Get to Work

  • Aliens will stop having noticeable changes in facial structure (placement, size, etc) when aging up. No more morph faces.

Growing Together

  • The “Had a Baby“ Milestone now triggers from having a Science Baby or giving birth at the hospital rabbithole.

High School Years

  • Teens cannot send flirty messages on Social Bunny to adults or household family members.
  • After a teen high school Sim completes all tasks and aces exams, they will also be promoted to a better grade. They’ve earned it!

Horse Ranch

  • We all know how cute they are, but Sims will no longer autonomously want to buy mini goats (causing the UI to pop up).
  • Nectar value is now properly increased when selling to the mysterious rancher.
  • Horses will no longer get stuck while sleeping too close to the Horse training ball.

Island Living

  • Mermaid Conservationists can now complete the “Snorkel in Mua Pel’am“ job task.


  • During winter, the weeding animation will no longer repeat and the Sim will actually remove all the weeds surrounding the plants. Checkmate weeds!
EA, The Sims Team


With this massive patch update, we surely know that The Sims Team really listens to the community. This update is packed with a big fix such as the DirectX 11 preview that made some positive impact that had been gaining some positive feedback also from the community. Please let us know in the comments if you encounter any issues while playing! Also, kindly follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on GoogleFacebookTwitterYouTube,  Instagram, TikTokPinterest, and Tumblr. Happy simming, Simmers!

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