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Learn How to Use the Fire Cheat in The Sims 4!

Using the fire cheat in The Sims 4 can be hilarious. If you’re playing a clumsy Sim and are used to seeing disasters around the house all the time, with this cheat you can expect some real mess! Those who have tried it out know how unpredictable the gameplay can become. So, we recommend everyone to give it a chance!

Truthfully, the fire cheat does a very simple and straightforward job in The Sims 4 – it causes fires. It can be used in many different situations. And, for the simmers that want to control everything that’s going on on their screens, it’s a perfect tool for the job. However, we want to also teach you how to turn on or turn off fires in your game entirely, so you don’t accidentally do something that you do not intend.

If you’re ready, let’s jump on how to use the fire cheat in The Sims 4 section of our guide!

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The Fire Cheat in The Sims 4

Enabling Cheats

Enabling cheats is the first thing you’ll need to take care of if you want to use the fire cheat in The Sims 4. If you’ve never used cheats in this game, this will be the step you’ll need to do before inserting any other cheat. Just follow these steps if you aren’t sure how is the process supposed to work.

First, open up the command console box by pressing down SHIFT + CTRL + C on your keyboard. If you’re using a Mac, then CMD will need to be in place of SHIFT. And for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users, the four triggers on your control will do the same thing.

Once the new windows appears on your screen, proceed by adding the testingcheats true cheat line in the dialogue bar. This is the function that will enable the usage of any cheat in The Sims 4, including the fire cheat. In the end, just press enter and you’re good to go!

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Fire Cheats

First off, let’s learn how to permanently turn off and on fires in The Sims 4. The cheat you’ll be needing for this is fire.toggle {off} and fire.toggle {on}. When you turn off fires in the game, for example, your Sims won’t be able to cause fires in any way. And when you turn the feature back on, the game will continue to work in the normal way.

Now, to significantly increase the chane of your Sim to cause a fire around your house, you can use sims.add_buff BurningLove. This will make them true pyromaniacs and will set things on fire very regularly (including other Sims). The buff lasts for 4 hours, so you might need to reapply if you want to continue the effect.

And lastly, if you want to kill your Sim with fire, then you’ll need to use the cheat stats.set_stat commodity_Buff_BurningLove_StartFire 7. Now, this cheat can’t do the job immediately. Instad, it will take a couple of times until your Sim is completely dead. To our knowledge, this line adds 15% chance that your Sim will cause a fire. And so, you might have to apply it five to six times in order for them to burn everything down, including themselves.

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As you can see, the fire cheat has a moderate use in The Sims 4. It’s not the most extravagant cheat, nor the most useful one. However, it helps us simmers to control more aspects of the game. Plus, it is a necessary tool for any storytelling, so you might want to remember it.

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2 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Fire Cheat”

  1. Sadly, it did work for me. My sims had 6 individual fires on the lot and on each other. No matter what I tried, the fires kept on going. And yes, I had cheats enabled.

    • Hello, Deblake60! If these cheats do not work, you can try installing the MC Command Center (MCCC). MCCC is a mod that allows you to use debug cheats in the game. Simply press shift while clicking on an empty spot to set that area on fire. You can download MCCC here:


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