Become a Sim-Surgeon: The Sims 4 Edit Sim Cheat

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With the Edit Sim cheat, you can wield the power of the best cosmetic surgeons to sculpt your Sim into the perfect specimen.

Edit Sim Cheat

It’s happened to every one of us. You’re playing The Sims 4, minding your own business, when you see a sim that looks like they lost the genetic lottery. Maybe their features are over or undersized, their proportions are really weird, or they’re a victim of the well-known disappearing chin syndrome. Sometimes it is just a simple thing, like a sim’s forehead is too thick for their new hairstyle or their eyes aren’t lining up behind their glasses. Whether you need to make a small tweak or give a sim a full-blown makeover, the edit sim cheat will let you make it happen.

Using The Edit Sim Cheat For Developed Sims

When you first create a sim you have the freedom to tweak and adjust every aspect of their appearance but you’ll notice that once they’re released from CAS, you’ll be limited on what you can edit and change if you attempt to modify their looks further. It generally makes sense when comparing it to IRL, but in defense of reality there are things like plastic surgery, and humans don’t tend to lose their chins throughout generations…

You can use the edit sim cheat to re-enable full editing in CAS. It’s handy for the issues mentioned previously, but you can also use it for much smaller changes like modifying your sim’s age, traits, or even something simple like an eye color.

Enabling Cheats

TC True

Before you use any other cheats, you always need to activate them with TestingCheats. Open the cheat bar and enter “TestingCheats True” and if you did it correctly, you’ll be notified that Cheats are enabled.

The Edit Sim Cheat

Once you have TestingCheats on, reopen the cheat bar and enter the cheat “CAS.fulleditmode” before pressing Enter. You won’t be notified that the cheat was entered correctly but it will be obvious once you go into CAS; if all options are available and you can edit your sim’s body then you’ll know it worked.

To make sure the cheat works, wait until right before you’re ready to enter CAS before using it. You can do this from the Neighborhood screen before selecting your sim(s) from the Household menu, or you can do it during regular gameplay, and selecting “Modify in CAS” in the Simology tab under their Likes & Dislikes. You can also SHIFT + click the sim and select Modify in CAS, which is only available when TestingCheats is enabled.

The cheat won’t work if you wait until you’re in the CAS menu to enter it. It also won’t carry over if you travel to a new lot or go into Buy/Build mode, and once you leave CAS it deactivates so you will need to enter the cheat again if you want to re-enter CAS for further editing. Luckily it’s a fairly easy cheat to remember, so after using it a few times, it should be second nature.

Skip The Cheat And Mod It!

FEM Always On

We’ve mentioned them here plenty of times, but TwistedMexi is a simmer who has created tons of useful mods to make playing the game easier & better. One of their many mods is Always FullEditMode, which as you might have guessed, will always keep the edit sim cheat active. If you’d rather not have to think about entering the edit sim cheat every time you play The Sims 4, this mod is the perfect solution.

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Testing Cheats Featured Image

In Conclusion

If you end up with a sim that needs a minor or major makeover, the edit sim cheat will be your new best friend. With a simple cheat (or mod) you regain the full freedom of CAS and can adjust your sims as if they’re being freshly created. For players who do legacies, this cheat can be invaluable, but anybody can use it for any reason. Now that you know the edit sim cheat, is there anybody you have in mind to modify? Let us know in the comments! Happy simming!

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