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Ah, the blossoming flowers, the sprouting seeds, and the smell of a new season—springtime is almost here! In The Sims 4, make sure your Sims are ready to embrace the dawn of this refreshing season by having the best spring season CC for your game!

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Check Out These Gorgeous Spring Season CC For Your Sims

Both in real life and in The Sims 4, we look forward to the end of winter and the start of spring. Maybe it’s the official signal of the brighter and longer days ahead, or the melodious chirping of the birds who get excited about the regrowth of trees and bushes, but there’s something fundamentally special and hopeful about this season. As you and your Sims begin to shed off your winter clothing to make way for spring fashion, check out the spring outfit ideas in this article! We have happily gathered some of the most gorgeous Sims 4 CC for springtime, so have a look at the entire collection!

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Incheon Clothes Style For Female ( Turtle Neck Jacket / Ribbed Top & Pants / Jeans / Skirt ) [MM]

incheon arrivals kit add ons simcelebrity00

If you’re like us who totally fell in love with the Incheon Arrivals Kit, then you’d also like this add-on pack from creator Simcelebrity00. The said set includes jeans, ribbed boots, ribbed pants, a skirt, a turtle neck jacket, and more.

Click here to download!

Sweet Boys Sweater Recolor for Male

Sweet Boys Sweater Recolor for Male

This Sweet Boys set includes 16 swatches of beautifully recolored threads for your Sims. The patterns include cool graphics, random texts, and flowers. Male Sims can wear the said sweaters.

Click here to download!

Spring Tops Collection

872 spring tops collection backtrack

We can’t help but marvel over these charming spring tops from creator BackTrack! The collection includes the Verone Puff Top, the Cottage Top, the Crog Raglan Tee, and the Gemma Neck Tie Crop Top. There are 12-20 swatches in each.

Click here to download!

Spring Lookbook Part 2

spring 9

According to Ptiza-Sinitza, these spring-themed lookbook outfits are inspired by the 1993 movie, Secret Garden. Come to think of it, these outfits she pulled off in CAS sure do look straight out of the film.

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Springtime Delight Dress

spring 7

There are over 20 swatches available for this Springtime Delight Dress set, including both plains and prints. Our favorite is the yellow swatch with little flower prints and the pink pastel one with hearts!

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Floral Dress

spring 12

We’re totally digging this Floral Dress set from creator Demon-dare Sims! In the fun and flirty collection, your Sims can enjoy over 16 patterns and 19 solid colors of dresses.

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Outfiit Sunflower

spring 10

Your Sims can enjoy these lovely crocheted tops and long skirts, a perfect combo during the season of spring. In the pack, you can have over 22 samples all in all. Go and download now!

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Sweet Male Sweater

spring 8

Wearing sweet and cute clothes is not solely reserved for girls! Men can wear them too! With this Sweet Male Sweater set, your Sims can bask in charming and playful designs while still feeling cozy.

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Helen Matching Set

spring 5

Allow your Sims to feel their best selves during the spring time by sporting this matching set! The Helen Sweater comes in 20 swatches, while the Helen skirt comes in 10. There are custom thumbnails for both.

Click here to download!


spring 4

Denims are a must during the spring season. The thick quality of these fabrics can help prevent cool winds from chilling your Sims’ skin. In this Denimatic set, you can get denim jackets, pants, tops, and mini skirts for the game.

Click here to download!

Balloon Fit Cardigan

spring 3

Cardigans can instantly boost your Sims’ fashion style, as these pieces of clothing look subtle yet polished. Opt for these Balloon Fit Cardigan for your Sims, which is available in 20 swatches as a top.

Click here to download!

Chloe Sweater

spring 2

This cozy yet dainty Chloe Sweater seems to be the right pick for those spring days when you’re not really sure if it’s going to be cold or hot. These sweaters come in 12 swatches and 5 colors.

Click here to download!

Marilyn Sweater + Corset

spring 1

Choose these layers for your Sims during the spring season, which includes fabulous corset cuts and sweaters. With this, they can stay stylish while beating the cold. There are 30 swatches for the sweater and 30 swatches for the corset.

Click here to download!

Meadow Winds

Meadow Winds

Cottagecore hippies will be living for this CC collab. All told you’ll find 20 items in this collection for adult sims of all genders, including hair, clothing, and accessories. We’re going to link you to clumsyalien’s part of the set but be sure to follow the page links to get SIMANDY’s items too!

Click here to download!

Tasha Long Coat Set for Female [MM]

Tasha Long Coat Set for Female

These Tasha coats are the perfect go-to pieces during the cold-in-the-morning-but-warm-in-the-afternoon weather of spring. These coats are available in the Full Body category of CAS, in multiple colors.

Click here to download!

Creme Knitted Sweater and Skirt Set for Female [MM]

Creme Knitted Sweater and Skirt Set for Female

Sims can look pretty dainty during the spring season with this  set, which features a pair of an elegant knitted sweater and a skirt. There are over 25 swatches in this set.

Click here to download!

Casually Cool Collection for Female (Hairstyle/ Top/ Bottoms/ Full Body Outfit/ Boots) [MM]

Casually Cool Collection for Female

Let Sims look casually cool with this set! These pieces are available for Teen to Elder Sims. All in all, the collection features 3 hairstyles, 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 full body outfit, and 2 pairs of boots.

Click here to download!

Leather Sherpa Jacket for Male [MM]

Leather Sherpa Jacket for Male

Check out these awesome coruroy/suede and leather sherpas for your Sims, which are perfect for the season! These are re-edits of the sherpas in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch EP.

Click here to download!

The Skylight Collection

The Skylight Collection

The Skylight Collection includes 2 pairs of denim jeans and a denim skirt with a funky, YSK-esque vibe. Combine them with other pieces from the collection and enjoy your sims’ new lewk!

Click here to download!

Casey Cargo

th showcase v5

The Casey Cargo Pants come in solid and printed colors, complete with details such as stitches, zippers, labels, and buttons.

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Appa Jacket

1 7

Add this sweet collection of Appa Jackets to your Sims’ wardrobes! These comfy and snuggly threads are perfect for autumn, and the Holiday season as well.

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Spring Mask

333 spring mask san33

This Spring Mask is a cute additional accessory that you can let your Sims wear during the spring season. In real life, these masks are an essential protection from pollen, which are everywhere!

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Spring Baby Tattoo Set

spring baby tattoo set chewybutterfly

The Spring Baby Tattoo set has over 12 swatches of the cutest tattoos for your Sims! There are flower patterns, butterflies, and other minimalist inked designs.

Click here to download!

Spring Wedding Set (Jumpsuit / Dress / Hair and Veil) [Alpha]

spring wedding set ice creamforbreakfast

The Spring Wedding Set is specially made for your Sims who will be attending and experiencing the wedding season! All in all, this pack includes the Camille Dress, the Helena Jumpsuit, the Doris Dress, and the Anka V2 Hair and Veil.

Click here to download!

Spring and Summer Outfit Collection (Hairstyle / Top / Jeans / Jacket / Tank Top / Cardigan) [MM]

sunny day aladdin the simmer

You can enjoy over 22 items from this Spring and Summer collection, called the Sunny Day pack. There are hairstyles, denim pants, tops, and other great items.

Click here to download!

Floral Dress [Alpha]

floreal sweet dress babyetears

The end of spring marks the start of summer, and somewhere in between these two seasons is the confusion of knowing what to wear outside. It’s no longer cold, yet it’s not yet hot. So the advice is to wear long floral dresses like this CC!

Click here to download!

Spring Blush

6372 spring blush 14 swatches bunbunzsims

This stunning Spring Blush will make the face of your Sims pop with nice and subtle colors! The blush comes in 14 swatches, can be found in the Makeup category, and can be worn by all genders of Sims.

Click here to download!

Warm and Cozy Collection

4178 warm and cozy collection the kunstwollen

You’ll get access to the Candy Floss Sweater, Tommy Shoes, Multicolor Sneakers, Cotton Sweater, Relaxed Pants, and Distressed Jeans through this Warm and Cozy Set!

Click here to download!

Spring Festival Makeup Set

2813 spring festival makeup set chih scaled

Spring is also a great time to flaunt the faces of your Sims, as these are no longer engulfed in bulky bonnets or snow hats. Make sure to let them try the Spring Festival Makeup Set, which includes blushes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, highlighters, and lipsticks!

Click here to download!

Spring Picnic #2

spring 13

Have a delightful picnic in The Sims 4 with this Spring Picnic pack! Here are all the items in this CC set:

  • Picnic Blanket
  • Strawberry Cream Cake
  • Strawberry Cake Stand
  • Strawberry Jam topping
  • Breakfast Plate
  • Spring Breakfast
  • Fruit Basket
  • Bagels

Click here to download!

Spring Vibes

945 spring vibes a 8 items set caio

The Caio Spring Vibes set is comprised of interesting clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched for the hot-and-cold spring season. The pack also includes an accessory and a pair of high heels.

Click here to download!

Final Thoughts: use These Spring Season CC!

In real life, spring is a much-awaited season for it symbolizes the beginning of new life. During this time, we get to see how plants are brought back to life and how flowers slowly bloom again, making us look forward to spending more beautiful days outside. It is the same in The Sims 4. When our dear Sims spend this season, they get excited and are filled with vigor for their days. Thus, we hope that you help them become prepared for the colorful season with these top spring CC downloadables that we gathered for you. Happy simming, Simmers!

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