9+ Dastardly Demon Tails for Sims from Another World

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If you’re a Sims 4 player who uses CC to create your own fantastical creatures, check out our list of demon tails for even more ways to accessorize your non-sim sims!

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The Sims 4 has its own collection of non-human/sim characters including ghosts, aliens, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and more. For players who use CC however, you can make non-human sims of all kinds like fairies, angels, and zombies!

Today we’re focusing on demons, and more specifically, their tails. A “demon” can appear in many ways depending on your culture, religion, and location; for the sake of simplicity we’re going to focus on the idea of human-like beings with serpentine or goat-like features. If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out the Related Content section at the bottom of the post for even more CC ideas!

Demon Tail Downloads

These 9 creators have made lovely CC demon tails for all sims to enjoy. Be sure to check out their other content if you find a style you like!

1. Tera Succubus Tail by ft19891211-sims

image 76

This is actually a set of 18 different pieces to customize your own succubus sims, with the demon tail taking up the slot of the right middle finger. Each part is available to download on its own so you can pick and choose what parts you like, or get them all to make your own ferocious succubi like the sim in the picture! Learn more and download here.

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2. Rin Okumura’s Tail by kiellessa

image 72

Rin Okumura is a demon character from the Blue Exorcist manga/anime series. His father is Satan, so it’s no surprise that he’s got some demonesque features! Rin’s tail is long and slender, with an almost feather-like tuft at the end. This CC version comes in 14 colors and can be downloaded to either the left index finger or earring slot. Go here, scroll down to “Set Creations” and choose one (or both) version(s) to download.

3. Unisex Nightcrawler Tail by NotEgain

image 69

Modeled after a well-known X-Men character, this piece of CC has the trappings of a classic demon tail being long, thin, and with a pointed tip. There are 3 versions available with one in the eyeglasses category and two in the left ring category (index and middle). Choose your preferred categorization on the download page which can be found here.

4. Obey Me Demon Tails by ScyllaSims

image 70

This set is a triple threat! There are 3 tails modeled for Leviathan, Satanic, and Belphegor-inspired sims with varying degrees of detail and positioning, giving you even more variety in the type of demon sims you wish to create. You can see all 3 models and download them here, found in the ring category.

5. Dragon Tail by Zaneida

image 66

For something a little different than what you might envision as a demon tail, this dragon tail is useful for more than just dragons! If you prefer your demons to be a bit more reptilian then you will enjoy this tail, and be sure to check out Zaneida’s many other creations. The best part is that the tail automatically pulls your sim’s skin color so it’s always going to be a perfect match!

You can find the tail in the tattoos category after downloading it from here.

6. Devil Tails by LittleDoxy

image 68

Now we’re getting into more risqué territory, first with this set by LittleDoxy. It comes with 3 different tails to choose from that range in length and tip style. There are also 3 different horn styles if you want to complete the look! Find this set on LoversLab.

7. Little Devil Tail by Momo

image 71

This set includes a single tail, plus other accessories if you like the overall look. The tail is fun because it wraps around your sim, adding some interest to the shape. You could even pair this with other tails when telling stories to illustrate the tail moving between shots! You can find this set on Patreon.

8. Daemon Set by GoatDesigns

image 73

Although this tail looks more like fetishwear than a demon’s limb, it’s still a high-quality object worth sharing! And hey, maybe your demon is into studs and/or pink and/or they’re an evil version of Cupid or something. The only limit is your imagination! Download this little ditty here.

9. Demon Tail by Fatal Rose Creations

image 74

While most of the tails we’ve shown so far come in color variations of black, white, or red, this set throws a few new hues into the mix! And with coordinating horns, they’re perfect for the stylish pastel demon. You can find them here.

Bonus Item: Satyr Legs by Natalia_Auditore

image 77

This CC item isn’t technically a tail, but Krampus is a well-known demon famous for his goat-like body and these satyr legs are just too perfect not to share. Create your own Krampus or a completely new creature with these fabulous goat legs.

In Conclusion

Making your own unique creatures is easy in the Sims 4 with a little bit of custom content. If you like playing with demons or demon-like beings, features like a good demon tail can make all the difference. Give one of the tails on this list a try, or download them all and pick your favorite! Have fun, and happy simming.

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