The Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod

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The Zombie Apocalypse Mod

A Zombie Apocalypse Mod for The Sims 4 is something that we have waited for a long time. And when the Zombie Apocalypse Mod 2.0 was released, we decided that it was time to showcase this excellent extension to you! If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry! It is always a perfect time to experience a full apocalyptic zombie scenario in The Sims 4, so head over to this page and get your download.

The Zombie Apocalypse Mod is a well-developed story alternative that you can now take in the game.

Undead Sims will invade your world and start spreading a virus that infects the regular Sims and turns them into zombies. You will have to fight off this invasion and survive through dire times. Your Sims can either be survivors or become zombies and spread the virus even more. Recovering from a zombie and turning back into a human is possible as well, and you will have a lot of additional items that can help you endure. These include an anti-infection gas mask, gun and ammo, serums, first aid kits and much more!

But let’s dive deeper into the Zombie Apocalypse Mod and see what’s in there!

The Zombie Apocalypse Mod Features

Starting an Apocalypse

To spark an apocalypse, you will have multiple ways to do so. If you decide to listen to the “Police Emergency Broadcast”, a social event with goals will begin, and the apocalypse will start.

However, you can also infect all Sims through the “Air support” on the menu of the radio and start it that way! And lastly, you can simply buy a “Zombification virus” and use it to turn yourself or whichever other Sim you wish into a zombie.


When Sims are infected with the virus, they have a few stages they go through.
  • Infected
  • Turning
  • Turned
  • Zombified

Zombies start with an “Infected” phase during which they can still be healed and brought to a normal state. This is done with “First Aid Spray” or “Zombie Cure Serum”. However, if left untreated, the Sims will start “Turning” and end up “Zombified”.

In this last stage, the Sims have a “Zombified” moodlet and a particular need called “Thirst for Flesh”. This can be satisfied by biting and turning other Sims into zombies.


Survivors are the “normal” Sims or the ones that haven’t been infected yet. If the survivor Sims are around the zombie Sims, they can get a “Terrified” moodlet. However, they can also use a shotgun or a handgun to kill the zombies. Plus, they get a lot of exciting perks to use against the undead.

“Partner” is a pretty cool concept in this mod as well. You can buddy up with another Sim and be each other’s personal bodyguard to roam the streets, encounter and kill zombies.

Survivors can also call “Jill Valentine”. She is an experienced S.T.A.R.S. police officer who specializes in the zombie business. And whenever called, Jill will terminate every undead in the area. However, her storyline is closely tied with the “Nemesis”. The Nemesis is a super-powerful zombie tyrant who, among other things, hunts S.T.A.R.S officers. So be careful when calling Jill Valentine for help, because the Nemesis can also appear and kill you if you are not prepared.

Helpful items

The additional helpful items make the Zombie Apocalypse Mod ten times better! They can be:

  • Air Support Emergency Broadcasting Radio – used for listening to police reports and connecting to air support
  • Anti Air Infection Gas Mask – a simple mask that prevents you from getting infected
  • First Aid Spray – heals wounds of bitten Sims
  • Handgun Ammo – 9mm rounds for a handgun
  • Zombie Repellent Spray – a scent that repels zombies
  • High-Quality Zombie Repellent Spray – a more robust version of the smell
  • Shotgun Shells – 12 gauge rounds for a shotgun
  • Survival Shotgun – powerful gun with serious damage against zombies
  • Zombie Survival Handgun – simple but effective gun against zombies
  • Zombification Virus – used to turn someone into a zombie
  • Zombification Cure Serum – used to heal someone who is a zombie


The Zombie Apocalypse Mod is the best mod in its category that we’ve played thus far! The fantastic creator has taken care of so many different things, and we love all the details in it. Everything happens so smoothly, and it’s especially great for storytelling purposes. If you’re in for a dark adventure, then we definitely recommend you to try the Zombie Apocalypse Mod 2.0 out!

To further enhance your experience, you can download some of our Vampire mods or check our fabulous collection of mods and CC! The main thing is to enjoy The Sims 4, and we want to help you with that! Happy Simming!

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