Sims 4 Color Wheel Mod – How to Get Color Sliders?

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Learn How to Add a Color Wheel in The Sims 4!

If there is one thing that players could change about The Sims 4 today, then that would be to add a color wheel! We’re so passionate about this feature because we know how much it improves the game. It introduces a new depth of character and world customization and lets us create uniquely. Luckily for us, there is a new Sims 4 color wheel mod that will definitely blow your mind!

But why is there no color wheel in Sims 4 in the first place?

Those of us who have played The Sims 3 religiously fondly remember the color wheel there. You didn’t need any mod or a cheat to access, and the feature was simply a part of the game. It let us choose any color and shade for anything we wanted, and it was way too cool, to say the least. 

Unfortunately, the developers decided that this wasn’t the best option for The Sims 4. We can cut them some slack by accepting that TS4 is an improvement in graphics and can be quite hefty to run sometimes. A color wheel usually means a slower game and long loading screens. However, it still doesn’t justify the absence of a color wheel in Sims 4 because now we have a brilliant mod that works totally fine!

So let’s inspect the new Sims 4 color wheel mod and explain how you can use it!

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Sims 4 Color Wheel Mod: An Overview

The mod that we’re discussing here is called Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes. It is created and published by pancake1 and MizoreYukii, and you can find more about them on their Patreon page.

Even though the mod doesn’t exactly give us a color wheel, it adds 4 new color sliders to the game. In many aspects, these 4 sliders create an even bigger immersion and complexity regarding color. We especially love how all the different shades fit the game and how they appear when we’re actually playing. All in all, we love their idea of a color wheel mod for The Sims 4!

You can download the 2021 version of the Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes mod from this link

How Does the Sims 4 Color Slider Mod Work?

As mentioned above, the Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes mod brings us 4 new sliders. These are Hue, Opacity, Saturation, and Brightness

Whenever you’re creating or editing a Sim, you’ll have the new sliders displayed under the hair/cloth model. Once you choose your preferred hairstyle, for example, you can change its colors and hues by dragging the sliders left and right. You can also combine each slider with another to create a truly unique shade of hair. This mod is one of the best color palette tools that you have for The Sims 4.

And the same goes for clothes! A jacket’s color can either be brightened or shadowed, but it can also be colored in new hues. All of these changes appear excellently in-game, so you don’t have to worry about any weird textures.

Is This Color Wheel Mod Compatible with The Sims 4 DLCs?

Yes! The creators of this Sims 4 color wheel mod have completely taken care of DLC compatibility. Here are all the packs that are covered with the 4 new sliders!

Expansion Packs:

  • Get to Work – EP01
  • Get Together – EP02
  • City Living – EP03
  • Cats & Dogs – EP04
  • Seasons – EP05
  • Get Famous – EP06
  • Island Living – EP07
  • Discover University – EP08
  • Eco Lifestyle – EP09
  • Snowy Escape – EP10

Game Packs:

  • Outdoor Retreat – GP01
  • Spa Day – GP02
  • Dine Out – GP03
  • Vampires – GP04
  • Parenthood – GP05
  • Jungle Adventure – GP06
  • StrangerVille – GP07
  • Realm of Magic – GP08 
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu – GP09
  • Dream Home Decorator – GP10

Stuff Packs:

  • Luxury Party Stuff – SP01
  • Perfect Patio Stuff – SP02
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff – SP03
  • Spooky Stuff – SP04
  • Movie Hangout Stuff – SP05
  • Romantic Garden Stuff – SP06
  • Kids Room Stuff – SP07
  • Backyard Stuff – SP08
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff – SP09
  • Bowling Night Stuff – SP10
  • Fitness Stuff – SP11
  • Toddler Stuff – SP12
  • Laundry Day Stuff – SP13
  • My First Pet Stuff – SP14
  • Moschino Stuff – SP15
  • Tiny Living Stuff – SP16
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff – SP17
  • Paranormal Stuff – SP18


  • Throwback Fit Kit – SP20

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Is This Color Wheel Mod Compatible with CC?

Both creators have stated that Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes is compatible with other custom content as long as it has been converted to LRLE.

In the future, they’re planning to include a tool that would automatically let players convert their CC to LRLE. This would make any custom content or mod for the Sims 4 compatible with their color wheel/slider mod, regardless of where you’ve downloaded it. So you’re all covered!


If you decide to download this Sims 4 color wheel mod, you’ll 4 new color sliders. They can be used to change the colors of both clothes and hairs. All expansion, game, and stuff packs are covered, so you can use the sliders on any item in TS4. The same goes for CC items, as long as they’re LRLE.

That said, we hope we convinced you to try this mod out because it’s a total blast to use!

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