Coconut: The Hairy Harvestable Of The Sims 4

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Did you know that coconuts aren’t considered a true nut? To be considered a “true” nut, they would have to open to release their seeds without external assistance, like a walnut. Interesting, right? If you want to know more about the Sims 4 coconut, keep on reading!

sims 4 coconut

Island Living added a small handful of harvestables to the game including pineapple, taro root, and of course, coconut. An often underappreciated food, the usability of the coconut in-game is somewhat limited compared to what you can do with it in the real world. We’ve gathered all the info we could find about this fuzzy fruit, plus some cool coconut custom content for your game.

How Do i get coconuts in the Sims 4?

There are several ways you can acquire coconut in the Sims 4:

  • Harvest it – they can be found growing from trees in Sulani; if you have Seasons installed they’re harvestable in spring and summer
  • Buy it – vending machines in Sulani will sell the fruit (along with other Island Living harvestables)
  • Gamble on it – buying seed packs for uncommon fruits may randomly bless you with one
  • Debug it – coconut can be found in the catalog if you have debug mode on or use the BetterBuildBuy mod

What Can I Do With It?

Sims will use coconut in the following ways:

  • Aspiration Milestone – if you have the “Beach Life” aspiration one of the first milestone tasks is to eat a coconut
  • Cooking – use it when baking Coconut Cake or any recipe that requires fruit, such as fruit salad or baked alaska
  • Gardening – coconut can be planted and grown at home to improve gardening skill

Mods & CC that Go Nuts for Coconuts

It’s a bummer that coconut isn’t given more love in the vanilla game, and there isn’t really much you can do with it.

image 377
There isn’t even ingredient crosspack compatibility with this Spa Day recipe!

Modders have expanded the usability of the coconut by adding more versions, consumables, and other interesting CC that shines a spotlight on this overlooked overhead fruit.

1. Tropical Drinks by OhMySims

image 378 edited

Starting off with some functional content, here are two new tropical drinks for your sims to enjoy! While you need a bar to make these drinks, they are considered non-juice/non-alcoholic so they can be consumed by children as well. You will need icemunmun’s Custom Drink Interactions mod for these to function in your game, and can download these tropical beverages here.

Note: if you have an issue where both drinks come up as Pineapple on the menu, download this updated version instead.

2. Harvestable Coconut by icemunmun

image 379 edited

Whether you have Island Living or not, you can have coconuts in your game with this mod! Plant, grow, and harvest a fresh snack that can be carved out and eaten, or poke a straw into one and drink the refreshing coconut water directly from the source! If you have icemunmun’s Cottage Living Overrides you will also be able to buy the fruit from grocery vendors, and the coconut counts as a fruit for recipes (it does not replace the Island Living version though). Read the details and download the mod here.

3. Grocery Store – Coconuts Box by Severinka

image 380

Whether your sims are managing their own grocery or just really like having them on hand, this deco wooden crate of coconuts will add some welcome atmosphere. Get these standalone fruits at this link, or as part of Severinka’s deco fruit set here.

4. Tropics Bar – Coconut Drink Decor by SIMcredible!

image 381

This decorative island drink will add a touch of tropical whimsy to your builds and photo shoots; as you can see, there are a variety of sizes and styles for more realism. Make your Sulani vaca even tastier by having a few of these around! Get this drink here and the rest of the Tropics Bar set here.

5. Summer Stroll – Coconut Cocktail by Synth x Lumia

image 382

This fancy drink is part of a CC Stuff pack themed around summer items. It’s similar to the previously linked coconut drinks, but this one has a straw! Combine the styles to give your island resorts a little more realism. You can get this deco object and the rest of the Summer Stroll set here.

6. Coconut Cocktail Earrings by alexaarr

image 383

These cute little earrings will let the world know that you’re living on tropic time! Base game compatible and available in 3 metal finishes, they will accent any swimsuit or summer outfit your sim can think of. You can download the earrings here, and follow links in the post to some of their other adorable accessories.

7. Coconut Bra by TheKalino

image 384

A bra similar to the one from Island Living but without the weird flat flower texture on it. This piece is from a set called Tropical Package and you can get it and the rest of the set from here (third row from the bottom of the page). The bra can be found in the swimwear category.

8. Pose Pack Coconut by NatDreamSims

image 385 edited

This set comes with a coconut drink accessory (found in bracelets) and a collection of 6 poses—5 individual, 1 group—with a mix of modeled and candid vibes. See the rest of the poses and download the goodies here.

9. Poses at the Pool by Simsulani

image 386 edited

This set of 9 fun poses show your sim swimming & relaxing in the pool. Several poses use NatDreamSims’ coconut accessory, so why not add these to your pose repertoire as well? Download them here.

10. Tropical Coconut Juice by Simtographies

image 389

We like this set because Simtographies gave us both a deco and accessory item (found in hats) so sims can be posed as if they’re drinking, or just relaxing with their cocktail nearby. Includes 1 standing pose and 2 poses for use with lounge chairs. You can get the poses and accessory coconut here.

11. ♥ Coconut ♥ by Cassandra Grusel

image 390

This pack makes use of Simtographies’ accessory and comes with 9 poses. There are standing and seated positions, some with the sim drinking from their cocktail and others just looking pretty with it. You can see all of the poses and download them for yourself from here.

Unconfirmed Recipe Mods

There is a rich variety of CC recipes for the Sims 4; unfortunately during testing we were unable to get these functioning but wanted to share them anyway. Custom foods usually require a handful of other mods to work so it’s possible that we have an outdated mod or are missing one completely. That being said, if you want to try these recipes be sure to read all of the directions on how to get them working properly!

12. No Ingredient Coconut Cake by Leniad

image 391

This mod was created 2 years before Island Living was released and coconuts were just a fever dream in EA’s mind. Unfortunately it’s been over a year since Leniad last logged in and thus this mod is considered unsupported. If you want to give it a try, you can download it here.

13. Coconut Cream Pie from QMBiBi

image 392 edited

This pie looks so tasty that it’s a shame we couldn’t get it working! Since this CC was only released in January of this year we’re inclined to believe the recipe is functioning correctly and the problem is on our end. If you’d like to give this mod a go, check out the link here!

Closing Thoughts

Even if you knew going into it that there are coconuts in the Sims 4, you might never have given them a second thought. Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about them and where to get even more coconutty content, we hope that your island and fruit-loving sims have a new sense of appreciation for it. Have fun with these mods!

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