The Sims 4 Debug Cheat | How to use Buydebug Cheat | Full Guide 2022

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Have you ever wished to have everything in The Sims 4? Just imagine being able to use all hidden objects from every expansion pack however you want! Think of all those special items you see when your Sim is performing a certain action and which you cannot access otherwise! Well, you don’t need special mods and CC to do that! It’s totally possible to use them and that’s done with the Sims 4 Buydebug Cheat.

These “hidden objects” are called debug items and are already inside your Sims 4 game files. They can be vases and pillows, spatulas and toothbrushes, and countless different decorations for your home. However, you can’t find these hidden objects in the buy mode and they can’t be seen when in the build mode. But, the debug cheat unlocks them for free using!

So, why use the Buydebug Cheat?

  • Access to the unique debug items
  • Find the perfect decorations
  • Build a one-of-a-kind home
  • Make your home richer and more “alive”

Players of The Sims 3 may remember the debug cheat being a well-known option back in the day. It’s a wonderful way to create the home of your dreams, or at least to renovate certain rooms. With all the hidden objects in your hands, you can complete every look and give more “life” to your household!

The Buydebug Cheat is also excellent for starter homes! When you move into a new house with your new family, you want to save up on money as much as you can. Well, the debug items are all free, so you can use them to decorate and style up their rooms to suit their characters.

If you’re looking to complete your simming experience or just to shake things up in The Sims 4, then definitely try the Buydebug cheat out!

How to Activate the Buydebug Cheat

To activate the Buydebug cheat, you will first need to enable the cheat mode through the command console. If you hit CTRL + SHIFT + C on your keyboard while you’re playing The Sims 4, a cheat box will open up in the top left corner of your screen.

There in the search field, you will need to type testingcheats true and hit enter. This will allow you to further use all the rest of the cheats for the game, including the debug cheat. Many members of the Sims 4 community have reported that the debug cheat doesn’t work if you haven’t enabled cheats in the first place. So make sure to do this step first.

After activating testingcheats true, you’ll want to type bb.showhiddenobjects. This will show all the hidden objects that you have in your game. If you can’t find them after hitting bb.showhiddenobjects, then go type debug into your search bar. This will bring up the menu and you can shuffle through all the debug items.

With bb.showhiddenobjects activated, the hidden objects will be in both the build mode and the buy mode. And you can look for them there whenever you need to use them!

Conclusion on the Sims 4 Buydebug Cheat

The Buydebug cheat is widely beloved in the Sims 4 community! That’s because, without it, the game really feels pretty limited. Without the ability to use every debug item, our households would look much more plain and boring. We’ve used the hidden objects to make every room welcoming and heartwarming for our Sims!

Let’s take an office for example. Whenever you’re building one, having the option to stuff the desk with pens, papers, and staplers – it will look much more realistic than just having a computer from the regular buy mode, right? With the debug cheat, your creativity will skyrocket because you will find it almost necessary to add all of these items!

The same goes for building a bathroom. Being able to set your toothbrush near the sink should always be possible because that’s what people do in the real world! And you don’t have to use the Buydebug cheat for every little thing, but the hidden objects can really make a lot of things better! So type your debug cheat and be a happy Simmer!

And if the hidden objects don’t satisfy you completely, then check out our Sims 4 mods and CC collection! We’re sure that you can find exactly what you need!

Buydebug Cheat not working? Then have a look at this helpful clip!

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