31 Spectacular, Special, & Spooky Simblreen 2023 Gifts

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Spooky season is officially over, and there were lots of great Simblreen 2023 gifts this time around! Here are 31 of the best treats we found on Tumblr.

Simblreen 2023 Gift

If you missed our recent post about Simblreen, it’s a Halloween event designed by Tumblr users in the simming community to share spooky sims artwork, challenges, and gifts. Creators will have certain periods of time where their “porchlight is on” and they’re handing out gifts, or they may hide them in their blog behind puzzles or picture hunts. The gifts are the main draw, with creators from all areas participating and sharing a range of awesome free creations for players to enjoy, but the whole experience can be pretty fun.

Now that the event is over and the final weekend of belated Halloween celebrations has come to an end, it’s time to go over some of the top #Simblreen 2023 posts on Tumblr for The Sims 4!

Simblreen 2023 Gifts – Treats for All Tastes

While #Simblreen is a Halloween event, the offerings aren’t required to be specifically spooky-themed. That being said we’ve selected mostly spooky content, but there is plenty to be found out there no matter what your tastes are!

#Simblreen usually involves multiple releases per creator, so if you find anything on this list you love be sure to check out the creator’s blog for other goodies!

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Here’s how you can participate in Simblreen events every October!

image 53

Early Simblreen Treats by Silwermoon-Sims

image 26

A cute set of Maxis-Match recolors in many spooky styles—there are objects from the Base Game, Cottage Living, Realm of Magic and Growing Together so you will need those packs to fully enjoy this set. You’ll end up with 2 shirts, a pair of jeans, and a necklace.

Click here to download!

Bats Fishnet Tights by Dissia

image 24

It’s freaking bats! These tights come in black or white with 5 different sizes of bats to choose from. Cute enough to wear all year with a different swatch for every outfit!

Click here to download!

Halloween Pastel Nails by LavenderCat

image 27

Nifty nails for your pastel goths, you get 5 patterns in soft pink and lavender hues so you can be cute & spooky at the same time. Get your hands on ’em here.

Click here to download!

Sexy Vampire’s Shirt Set by Van_YangYin

image 30

An cozy oversized sweater in 9 swatches for masc frames with optional straps to spice things up. Yet another piece of creepy clothing that your sims can rock no matter the season!

Click here to download!

Costume Shop Retail Shell by LunaticCosm0s

image 15

This shell is one of several made by LunaticCosm0s that are modeled after real-life Department 56 decorative village pieces. It’s been pretty popular for #Simblreen and you can find several Tumblr posts made by simmers who’ve used it (myself included)! Learn how to get it here.

Click here to download!

Simblreen ’23 Infant Costumes by PowLuna

image 37

Time to celebrate baby’s first Halloween! Dress up your little bundle of joy as a perky pumpkin, babbling bat, or vocal vampire in these adorable costumes that come in a range of swatches. And then take a million photos!

Click here to download!

Carrie Gift Set by Ellone

image 32

Classic horror movie characters are always in style for Halloween outfits, and this Carrie set is an easy one for your sim to throw together on short notice. In addition to the dress and tiara, this costume set comes with blood spatter paint for the face & body to really sell it. Have fun at prom!

Click here to download!

Billy Bun’s Pizza Palace by XanDez Sims

image 14

This family-friendly restaurant is the perfect place to take your young ones for a birthday party or just a fun weekend afternoon. Have some pizza, play some video games, watch the stage show, and make sure to leave before closing! No reason really…it’s just safer that way. We take security very seriously.

Want more CC to furnish your murderous pizzaplexes? Here’s 20 pieces of FNAF-themed CC!

Click here to download!

Scary Movie Poses by rebouks

image 41

12 couple poses for a pair of sims as they try to watch a scary movie. There’s a cute pose of one sim hiding behind the couch, along with a few poses more in line with what young adults tend to do in horror movies. Many of the poses can be used for various storytelling needs so it’s definitely worth adding to your pose list!

Click here to download!

1890 Ladybird Costume by Buzzard

image 34

Costumes have been a part of Halloween-adjacent celebration for centuries, and your decades-challenge sims should be able to dress up too! This sweet ensemble is themed after a ladybird/ladybug in a lovely late-19th century silhouette for your 1890’s sims and those who just like dressing that way.

Click here to download!

Fancy Dress for Gentleman by AppleSauceSims

image 48

AppleSauceSims created this awesome vintage costume set for masc sims from the early 1900’s. It’s designed to look DIY-able as store bought costumes didn’t exist yet. I love the simplicity and colorful swatches of this design and there are costumes for other members of the family on their blog that you should absolutely check out too. I think this is my favorite #Simblreen 2023 gift!

Click here to download!

The Reformer by ChèreIndolente

image 31

More historical than costume-y, the Reformer set includes 5 dresses in feminist styles following the fashions of 1885-1909. They’re designed to not need constricting corsets and layers of petticoats, favoring comfort and wearability over a stuff silhouette. You can see and download the collection here.

Click here to download!

Timeworn Leatherbound Journal V.2 by SovereignSimmer

image 22

For historical players, a journal is a useful and common way for sims to preserve their memories, practice writing, and stay entertained. The swatches for the in-game journal that came with the Parenthood DLC don’t lend themselves well to an old-fashioned vibe and that’s where this journal comes in. There are 15 different swatches for this journal, and it’s got a thicker mesh than the vanilla book so it’s a bit heftier. This will be very useful for decades and legacy challenge players!

Click here to download!

Simblreen Gifts by Picardsims

image 20

A cute mini set of 4 deco items, a table, and a narrow desk that look and feel very lived-in, like they’re antiques that have seen many sims come & go—the bedspread even comes in both new and damaged swatches. Great for historical builds or for sims who love collecting antiques.

Click here to download!

RuneStone CC Set by Lumen-Niveus

image 18

68 stunning gothic build and buy items full of surprises, including hidden televisions, an anti-monster toy, see-through dungeon floor, and lots of stained glass. It’s obvious that a massive amount of effort was put into this incredible Simblreen gift.

Click here to download!

Pride & Prejudice 1 – Family Portraits by Goldoradove

image 42

A set of 3 poses made to accommodate 5-7 sims themed after Pride & Prejudice. Though they were designed with a specific use in mind they also would work nicely for friend group pictures, and 2 of the poses appear to be usable for fewer sims as well. It’s a small set of poses but they are very versatile!

Click here to download!

555 Pendula View by Mild-Milk

image 12

A beautiful 3BR 3BA estate just screaming to replace the base game Ophelia Villa house. It’s beautifully dark and eerily dreamy without feeling stifling or tacky. You’ll need to add some CC to get it looking exactly like it is in the pictures, but it’s totally worth it.

Click here to download!

Get A Clue! Pose Pack and Accessories by Surely-Sims

image 40

This collection is so fun! If you’re a fan of Clue/Cluedo, murder mysteries, themed costumed parties, or just sims behaving badly, you’re going to enjoy this one. Deco and accessory versions of the murder weapons from the classic boardgame, with each weapon getting a few poses to try. Now I want to watch the 1985 Clue film…

Click here to download!

Spooky Study Set by Icktoria

image 19

This deco set comes with just shy of a dozen new items including taxidermy heads, empty picture frames, and a few prints. Whether you like classic neutrals or bright colors you’ll enjoy the swatches here, so you can build your own Wednesday-inspired space!

We’ve got more cool Wednesday themed CC here!

Click here to download!

Postcards of Forgotten Hollow by Lil Gingerbread Sims

image 17

Greetings from Forgotten Hollow! Send your family or Pen Pal a note from your vampiric visit or leave one as a calling card with your most recent victim. There are 9 clean swatches and 9 splattered with blood so you can pick the vibe you’re after.

Click here to download!

Mr. Skeleton by SHKatzchen

image 16

Mr. Skeleton is just a fun ‘lil guy here to hang out and have a good time. Hang him on your porch to greet trick-or-treaters or bring him in the house to keep you company daily. He’ll be happy either way!

Click here to download!

ACNH Jack Doll Set by SimderTalia

image 21

What a precious pumpkin head! You can find this little fellow in 5 different face/color combinations in both deco (standing or sitting) and toy versions so it can be enjoyed by sims of all ages.

Click here to download!

Juno Hair by RavenSim

image 39

A Maleficent-inspired horned hairdo for toddlers that just so stinkin’ cute! Make it even more adorable with some sweet accessories like a unicorn horn and pumpkin barrettes. Good luck getting your toddlers to let you change their hair after the holiday!

Click here to download!

All Eyes On Me Hair by xldkx

image 38

What a fantastically unique piece of CC! Whether your sim is a monster, alien, or just really enthusiastic about looking funky this is the hairstyle for them. There are versions with and without strands, in EA or puppycrow colors, and there’s an overlay with 15 different colors for the eyes. Keep and eye on this one (no pun intended) as xldkx plans on adding an emission map to make the eyes glow!

Click here to download!

When Cows Fly by whyeverr

image 13

If you like unique builds you’ve gotta check this one out. This spooky farm is under siege by pesky aliens, and they’re making off with Muriel the cow! Will you go after her, or hide out in the basement and hope she makes it back on her own?

Click here to download!

Festive Occult T-Shirts by SovereignSimmer

image 47

Do you have a favorite mythical creature? Let your sims rep theirs with this shirt collection. There are 24 swatches showing off all sorts of beings so your sims can wear their fave or switch it up daily.

Click here to download!

Pin This Skirt by Crazy Lazy Sims

image 29

Lace, safety pins, and chains, oh my! It’s hard to choose a favorite feature on this one, as there are so many awesome details. Wear it to a punk show, Halloween party, or even just to check the mail. You’ll look awesome either way!

Click here to download!

Simblreen 2023 Treats by Trillyke

image 23

This kind of flirty, kind of futuristic ensemble comes from Trillyke! A lace-up corset top available with and without shoulder ribbons, a miniskirt with belt & garter, platform boots, and a punky pearl necklace combo make up this awesome outfit.

Click here to download!

Triple Trick-Or-Treat Pose Pack by Cybersnake-Sim

image 43

A cute pair of poses for a trio of girlfriends, with a slightly witchy vibe. The crystal ball in the image appears to be an edit as there’s no link to it on the download page, but if you’re taking screenshots for storytelling or other purposes it should be a simple edit to add one in.

Click here to download!

Death by PuppyCheesecake

image 46

A deliciously spooky specter here to lead you across the veil between the living and the dead!

Or to play chess with you at the park. Or to do standup at the Humor and Hijinx Festival. Whatever, really.

This sim has the Grim Reaper trait which means she will float around and have a deep, echoey voice. You may even see her show up to reap sims who have passed on!

Click here to download!

Time to Shut Off The Porch Light

What a list! What was your favorite entry? Was it something Halloween-specific or something else? Was there a #Simblreen gift you loved this year that we didn’t share here? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to see even more offerings, you can visit Tumblr and search for tags #Simblreen and #Simblreen 2023 to find additional creations for The Sims 4 along with TS3 and TS2.

Did you know that SnootySims is making its own CC now? You can find us on Patreon, and we’ve started sharing them on Tumblr too! Have fun with your new goodies, and happy simming!

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