Simblreen 2023: Facts About This Popular Sims 4 Trick-Or-Treating Event!

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Are you curious about this year’s thrilling Halloween event for Simmers, known as the Simblreen 2023? Check out our useful guide to know more about it!

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Everything You Need To Know About Simblreen 2023

Simblreen is an annual fan-made event for The Sims, established in 2012 by @halloweenscones. It takes place on Tumblr during the month of October and is joined by plenty of Simmers around the world! The concept of Simblreen is to have an online trick-or-treating event wherein players can receive delightful Sims freebies from participating creators. During specified schedules, these creators will give out custom content, builds, artwork, and other Sims-related Halloween goodies. To know more about this fun-filled event, read the details below!

When Does Simblreen Take Place?

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Simblreen takes place every October, on the Tumblr website. The official organizers of the event usually announce the complete details via the Simblreen Tumblr page, including the exact dates for the event, the rules to follow, and all the information on how to participate. Posts are usually labeled with #Simblreen, #TheSims4, and other relevant tags. For 2023, Simblreen will occur on two weekends. The first is on October 20-22, and the second is on October 27-29.

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Who Can Participate in Simblreen 2023?

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Everyone who loves The Sims 4 can participate in the Simblreen 2023 event!

  • Creators – Simmers who want to give out freebies or post creative pursuits during Simblreen’s trick-or-treating event. Signing up is required (view details in the next section).
  • Trick-Or-Treaters – Simmers who want to go trick-or-treating during Simblreen (view the Trick-Or-Treating section below). No signing up is required for these participants, but Tumblr accounts are required to receive the freebies.

What Can Creators Do For Simblreen 2023?

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Simblreen is a full-on visionary haven for Sims creators! As a participating creator, you can give out freebies such as CC, builds, sim creations, and the like. The list of possibilities is endless! So, if you do plan on joining Simblreen 2023, go and sign up here! Then, if you have other questions about creating content about Simblreen 2023, check out this detailed visual guide that the official organizers have prepared.

How To Do Trick-Or-Treating During Simblreen?

You’re not a creator but still want to participate in Simblreen 2023? Of course, you can! As a Simmer, you will be able to have a lot of fun by going trick-or-treating on the scheduled dates, wherein you will be able to receive free gifts from creators. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Wait for Porch Lights To Turn On.

Log in to your Tumblr account and type in Simblreen in the search bar. You will then see all the available Sims 4 treats (or tricks) waiting for you. Or, if you want access to a full list of the participating Tumblr pages for Simblreen 2023, you can check this. Keep in mind, that you can only start asking for gifts when the creators’ porch lights have been turned on. You’ll be able to know that the lights are on once they have posted an image or text. Well, when exactly should you expect the porch lights to be flipped on, you ask? As we’ve mentioned earlier, here is the schedule for 2023!

  • Weekend 1 – October 20-22
  • Weekend 2 – October 27-29

2. Message The Creators.


Once you see that a certain creator’s porch light has been turned on, it’s Simblreen 2023 trick-or-treating time! Yay! Now, head over to the specific creator’s Tumblr page and click the “Ask” or “Message” tab. Then, type in “trick or treat”. You can do this on other creator’s profiles as long as they have signified that their porch lights are on.

3. Receive The Freebies!


After sending your messages, wait patiently to receive the freebies! Some creators have secret gifts, so you just might never know what you’re gonna get. That is part of the excitement of Simblreen 2023! Usually, you will receive the links to the freebies in your inbox, along with the replies of the creators you have messaged.

4. What If Porch Lights Have Already Been Turned Off?

After distributing tricks and treats during Simblreen 2023, creators will eventually turn their porch lights off. They will do this by publishing posts stating that their “Porch Light is Off”, or other related phrases. This means that you can no longer receive gifts via the Tumblr messaging system!

But fret not! After Simblreen 2023 ends, you can always wait for some treats to be posted publicly. A lot of the participating creators put up their Simblreen works on their pages after the event ends. Plus, you can also search the list of publicly available Simblreen finds from previous years.

5. Watch Out for “The Witching Hour”!

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Keep your eyes sharp! During the Simblreen event, there is a special time called the “Witching Hour”. These are exclusive (and sometimes, paywalled) creations from CC creators, that become available randomly, and only for a limited period of time. Sometimes, these freebies will only be available for an hour or two, and never again after that time period ends. Plus, not all creators participate in this affair, so it’s quite a thrilling moment if ever you’ve come across The Witching Hour posts!

5. Remember To Follow The Etiquette.

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In participating in the Simblreen 2023, the official organizers released a list of Simblreen Etiquette for everyone to follow–both creators and trick-or-treaters alike. This list will ensure that the event will proceed smoothly, so make sure to follow the said rules stated.

BONUS: More Simblreen Finds On SnootySims!

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If you can’t get enough of the fun of going trick-or-treating through Simblreen, you can also check out some great Simblreen finds here on SnootySims! Yup. Right here on our website, we have already gathered lots of Simblreen custom content for you! Simply locate the search bar at the top of this page, and type in “Simblreen” to access our full list of Simblreen CC. Then, download away!

Final Thoughts: Join The Simblreen 2023!


If you’re a long-time Simmer, the Simblreen 2023 is another great Sims 4 event that you can participate in. It’s not only filled with lots of delightful tricks and treats, but it also gives you access to an awesome community of Sims-loving peeps. If you ever have any thoughts about this event, do let us know! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us. Or, you can simply leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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