The Rituals And Rites CC Set Brings Mid-Century Magic To The Sims 4

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Are your Spellcasters looking for more than bog standard “nature witch” furniture pieces? Get a modern look for your Coven with the Rituals And Rites CC Set.

Rituals And Rites CC Set

Sims 4 players are low-key obsessed with Occults, as evidenced by the sheer number of Occult-oriented mods and CC that can be found out there. Witches are no exception, and we have many posts here on SNOOTY about them. When it comes to furnishing a Spellcaster’s home however, there seems to be a running theme: old-fashioned, nature-focused, and occasionally spooky.

There’s nothing wrong with that aesthetic, and many beautiful Spellcaster homes have been built with the style. But maybe your sims want something different. Maybe they want something more stylish. Maybe they want to bring design aesthetics forward through history with pieces that will make their homes magically modern and timeless. Enter the Rituals And Rites CC Set by lumenniveus and mellosakicc!

The Rituals And Rites CC Set

Rituals and Rites

This new CC set features 50 assets of furniture, decor, and a few functional items too. Let’s get into all the magical goodies that come with this collection!


image 19

This modular sofa comes in 6 unique seating styles with 20 swatches to choose from. There are a multitude of solid color choices along with a few designs that have contrasted piping for a bit of punch.

image 20

A base game compatible rocking chair with ornate carved details in 10 neutral colors, and a more modern standard comfort chair with 11 colorful tones.

image 21

The beautifully draped double bed does still sport a bit of a nature vibe with the head and footboards, but it’s subtle enough to work with many styles. This luxurious lounge space has 19 colorways to pick from.

image 22

Surfaces are definitely covered here, with a dining table, vanity, dresser, coffee table, and nightstand all in a more modern MCM silhouette. Each piece has 18 colorways to select with the exception of the dining table which sports an extra 2 swatches for more table hanging options, bringing the total to 20. The vanity should be considered base game compatible—if you place a chair in front of it your sim will have options like the vanity that came with Vintage Glamour Stuff, and without a chair they can only “Check Yourself Out.” If you don’t have VG, your options for this piece might be limited.


image 23

There are oodles of options for lighting and decor in the Rituals And Rites CC Set. Two candles, two funky lamps, two plants, several books, multiple statues, and other random clutter will not only make your Spellcasters’ abodes look nice, but many of these pieces are highly versatile and you’ll no doubt find yourself going to them again and again.

There are two additional decor items that didn’t fit here, a briefcase and a rug, along with a hanging ceiling lamp which we’ll show off a little later.

image 24

A fancy low fireplace with 18 colors that coordinate with the other surfaces of the set, a cute flag with hanging plumbobs and moons on either side in 5 funky swatches, and a collection of curtains in up to 27 hues—there are right side, left side, and full curtains along with a bare curtain rod to help you customize your drapes just as you want them.

image 25

A large painting featuring three lovely gothic ladies with black or white frames, some very cool wall stencils, a hanging album cover with multiple bands to pick from, and a collage of old paintings & crosses that, while incredibly creepy, doubles as repellent for under-the-bed monsters.

image 26

These modular wood panels hang like cabinets and can be used to add trim details to your walls, which makes them a super usable item for a range of builds. There are 11 neutral colorways to select from.

Functional Objects

image 27

The collection features a beautiful MCM record player, a neat wardrobe/shelving unit, and a coordinating TV, all of which are available in the same 18 colorways as our other furniture pieces.

Also pictured here is the aforementioned briefcase and “rebellious” rug which has 10 different swatches.

Build Mode

image 28

A double-door that coordinates with our decorative wood paneling and a matching window, both of which offer 9 wood tones to choose from.

Also pictured here is the previously mentioned ceiling lamp, available in 11 swatches, and the full version of the curtains we showed off earlier.

Walls And Floors

image 29

Last but not least we have 3 walls and 2 floors. The stone walls have 10 swatches, the wallpaper has 11 patterns, and the plaster comes in 12 colors.

The marble floor has 10 swatches (2 shown here) and the wood floor has 9. There is also a matching wood platform pattern which features the same swatches, with black or white accent colors to pick from. Note: the floors in the above image are placed on a diagonal for better lighting, but are actually oriented left-to-right/top-to-bottom.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re seeking to update the abodes of your Spellcaster sims or just looking for some more MCM pieces to add to the game that don’t feel so cartoony, the Rituals And Rites CC Set will be a wonderful addition to your CC folder. You get some new furniture in a modern but classic style, so much clutter and decor that you’ll find yourself using again and again, some really nifty wall panels with a matching door and window, plus walls and floors that I feel would coordinate perfectly with the Crystal Creations Kit. Even if you don’t play with Occult sims that often you’ll no doubt get lots of use out of this collection. What’s your favorite piece? Let us know in the comments, stay stylish, and happy simming!

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