Plumfruit Mod – The Innovative Mod That Changed Everything

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It’s always a bummer when a mod creator retires, especially when they make something so profound. Though the Plumfruit mod is no longer supported, it’s still available for simmers in a reduced capacity. We’d like to cover it for players who are curious about what it was and what happened to it.

Plumfruit Mod

If the name Arnie sounds familiar to you then you might have played with one of his other creations, such as the Farmland mod or Brookheights. Arnie’s creations redefined what modders could do to The Sims 4 and changed our games in incredible and vast ways. Sadly for us, Arnie retired from modding in May 2022 to focus on making his own games and other projects. He is a very talented creator though and there’s no doubt that whatever he makes, it will be amazing!

Plumfruit – Arnie’s Answer to Apple

(Warning: Flashing Lights from 0:30 to 0:45)

The Plumfruit mod is a suite of reimagined and brand new electronic devices that your sims can utilize in every aspect of their day-to-day lives. Phones, computers, TVs, smart speakers & more are all part of the mod. They include new apps & features not seen before in The Sims 4 and really push the limits of things you could do within the game.

PlumPhone & PlumPhonePro

The PlumPhone/Pro is a cell phone system complete with a phone override, updated UI, and new apps:

  • Simstagram – an advanced photo social media app that includes things like filters, comments, and proximity profiles
  • Luv’2’Meet – a dating app that allows you to match with other sims and interact with them directly through the app
  • Maps, Ebooks, Game Arcade & more

PlumPad & PlumPad Mini

Tablets available in multiple colors with a cool added feature of customizable wallpapers that you could source from photos in your sims’ inventory!

PlumBook Pro

A beautiful sleek laptop with an active touch bar and customizable wallpaper.

PlumMac & PlumMac Pro

A robust collection of stylish desktop computers with an active touch bar and customizable wallpaper.


A huge TV with new apps like Simflix and PlumTV+ with customizable wallpaper from your sims’ photos.

PlumPod & PlumPod Mini

A cute pair of smart speakers available in multiple colors with full Lin-Z (called Linzi) integration.

Pro Media Station

A massive wall-mounted unit with multiple screens for all your multitasking needs!

Plum Mirror

A smart mirror with all the functionality of other smart electronics, including hiring services and controlling lights.

Plum VR Headset

A VR unit with 3 new games and Simstagram compatibility. There’s also a wearable headset accessory found in CAS.


A Buy/Build smartwatch with many Plumfruit features, and a wearable CAS accessory version.

Plumfruit Add-Ons

There are several optional add-ons that were made for Plumfruit to really help you customize the experience.

Plumfruit Dark changes the UI to a dark mode for less strain on your sims’ eyes.

PRYDE x Plumfruit was a collab with Arnie’s fictional PRYDE company to add pride/RGB colorways to certain Plumfruit devices, plus several new lighting options.

is the Plumfruit Mod completely Gone?

Fortunately a lot of the Plumfruit mod items are still functional, though not everything works as it should. They were made available as part of Plumfruit LITE, which was made to be compatible for as long as possible with the inevitable updates that will continue coming to The Sims 4.

In my own testing the only issues I came up with were that the PlumPad Pro didn’t work at all (but the mini was just fine), and the UI replacement for phones didn’t show correctly. Also if you clicked on the Buy/Build PlumWatch and selected a command, the sim would do said command with their phone instead of interacting with the watch. Lastly, the new phone/TV apps don’t work anymore but you can still access them on some objects (though they only show the in-game options, nothing extra). There are a few missing UI elements here and there that seem to be tied to the objects themselves, but not many, and the functions still work.

Phone case colors don’t appear to be compatible with PlumPhone. If you already have a phone replacement in your game, be sure to remove it if you install the PlumPhone!

Get the Plumfruit Mod

If you want to give the Plumfruit Mod a try, you can find Plumfruit LITE here. The full definitive versions are also available at this link though we have not tested them and are unsure of how they will affect your game experience. You can also find the PRYDE collaboration here.

If you download the LITE edition I recommend deleting the following files, as these were the ones I found to be nonfunctional in my testing:

  • Plumfruit LITE – Definitive Edition (By Arnie) PLUMPHONE PRO Phone_UI_Categories_ARNIE_PLUMFRUIT2.package
  • Plumfruit LITE – Definitive Edition (By Arnie) PlumPad_Tablets PlumPad_Pro_ARNIE_PLUMFRUIT2.package

The Future of the Plumfruit Mod

In July of 2022 it was announced that modder MizoreYukii would be taking over Arnie’s mods. There is currently no new updates however, so it’s uncertain when (or if) we’ll see an updated Plumfruit mod anytime soon. MizoreYukii has a plethora of nifty mods herself, so if we do see an update one day we’re confident it will be worth the wait!

Definitive Thoughts

Though it’s sad that the Plumfruit mod is currently unsupported, not all is lost. Arnie took the time to release finalized versions meant to work for as long as possible, and there seems to be a future for the mod in the hands of another creator. Even if we don’t see an update though, a large majority of the mod is still useable and other than the new apps, not a lot is lost. If you’ve been curious about Plumfruit you should definitely give it a try.

Additionally, you can keep up with Arnie’s new projects at his website.

Have fun with the mod, and happy simming!

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