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A Stay Over is a new event introduced in The Sims 4: Growing Together, which allows Sims to stay over another Sim’s house for a couple of days. Here’s everything we should know about it!


Introducing Stay Overs in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, our Sims can now have Stay Overs! A Stay Over is an event wherein a Sim crashes over the place of another Sim for a day or two. During these days, the Stay Over Sim becomes a part of the household. They can temporarily help around with chores or even come over to other places with our Sims. Below, we will learn about planning for a Stay Over in the game!

How to Plan a Stay Over in The Sims 4?

1. Reach for The Phone or The Calendar.

Stay Over

Stay Overs are super easy to plan in The Sims 4. To begin planning for one, let our Sims reach for their phones. On the Social tab, click on the “Plan Stay Over” option. Alternatively, we may also click on the calendar, choose a certain date across the spread, and select “Add Stay Over.” Both of the phone and calendar options will then let us open up a new window in the game.

2. Decide How Many Nights.

Stay Over1

There are no rules as to how long a Sim should stay over in The Sims 4. We can choose to let them stay for a minimum of one night to a maximum of 6 nights. We prefer to have Sims come over for 3 nights to give them a chance to really settle and relax in the home.

3. Select Sims to Stay Over.

Stay Over2

After choosing the number of nights we want our Sims to stay over, we should then proceed to the next step. A window will open up, letting us pick which Sims we want to invite for the Stay Over event. Once we’re done choosing, we should press the check button.

4. Welcome Them.

Once the invited Sims have arrived at the doorstep, our Sims should welcome them and make them feel at home! There is a welcome interaction that our Sims can perform, which will help the guests feel at ease.

5. Ask Them to Relax.

Stay Over11

Stay Over Guests may sometimes feel jittery about the entire process of staying over, so it’s important to have our Sims remind them that it’s okay to relax. Click on the guest, and select “Ask [Sim] to Relax.” Trust us, the guests will appreciate this!

6. Ask Them to Help Out.

Stay Over13

Since the guests may sometimes be staying over for quite a while, our Sims might need an extra hand for help here and there, especially if the house is big and there are chores to finish. Click on the guest and select “Ask [Sim] to Help Out,” to let them assist around thr house.s

Arrival Of Stay Over Sims

Stay Over5

Once we are done in the planning stage of a Stay Over, the event will commence right away. We have the choice to end any ongoing event in the household to make way for this Stay Over event. However, a Stay Over can also coincide with other specific events such as Birthday Parties.

Stay Over6

Within a few moments, the invited Sim will appear on the lot, bringing their suitcase with them and making their way directly towards the entrance of the home. They will then drop their suitcase at the entryway. We have to make sure that there is an extra place for them to sleep!

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Surprise Stay Overs

There are times when other Sims would want to crash into the homes of our Sims. Our Sims will sometimes receive a call asking if it’s okay for these Sims to spend a few nights over. We can decide to give them a go or give them “no” for an answer. One of the most known Sims to stay over is Kyle Kyleson, a pre-made Sim introduced in The Sims 4: Growing Together.

Stay Over Suitcases

One interesting thing about having Stay Over Guests is the suitcases that they bring with them during their stay. Curious Sims could go ahead and take a peek at these bags by opening them, or they can move these around by picking them up. When clicked on, these suitcases function like a typical dresser or wardrobe in the game.

Other Stay Over Things to Remember

Stay Over17

Here are some other points to keep in mind when having Sims over at home!

  • Ending the Stay Over – If we want to let our Sims’ guests leave and end the Stay Over event, we can! Simply head on the calendar and click on the current Stay Over panel on the left side. When we press on the trash icon, the said event ends right away.
  • Guests Doing Random Stuff – We have to let our Sims be prepared for Stay Overs, as sometimes, guests randomly fight or do things that set the house on fire!


Stay Over12

We hope that this guide has been helpful for our Sims! Now, we know exactly what to do during Stay Overs, whether these happen by surprise or by plan. In the comments below, let us know what are your thoughts about this exciting event in The Sims 4! And, don’t forget to check our social media sites that we linked. Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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