Monsters, Mermaids, And More From Puppycheesecake: Teratophiles Rejoice!

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If you like your sims a bit more on the “freaky” side, you’re going to devour these incredible creations from puppycheesecake.

Monsters Mermaids More From Puppycheesecake

At this point in time EA has brought us multiple Occult types; Spellcasters, Mermaids, Werewolves, Vampires, Aliens, Ghosts, and a few other minor types can populate your worlds if you have the necessary DLC. Even if you don’t posses any of their respective Packs however, there are plenty of CC options you can use to enhance your in-game Occult sims, as it’s easy to pretend with human sims in proper Occult get-up or with the help of other Occult Mods.

Whether you need some inspiration, seek links to great Occult content, or just want to see the kind of crazy creations other simmers have conjured up, you have to check out Puppycheesecake’s blog where they showcase CC finds, lookbooks, and unique creations for fans of all things monsterous.

Getting To Know Puppycheesecake

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Puppycheesecake, aka Puppy, is a simmer that enjoys participating in monster challenges as well as sharing their own incredible Occult-inspired creations. They describe themselves as Gloomy • Bookworm • Erratic, and their name was a randomly suggested one by Tumblr!

I personally love seeing their creations because there is just so much Occult CC out there but you might not always know where to look for it or how to use it, and Puppy is incredibly skilled at making unique sims. In addition to useful links and lookbooks, Puppy is WCIF (Where Can I Find?) friendly and very responsive if you kindly ask them about a piece of CC they’ve previously posted. Some of their sims can be considered NSFW so browse at your own risk, but it’s so worth it to see what they’ve made.


Puppycheesecake Anglerfish Couple

This Anglerfish couple is just the most recent non-human sim lookbook Puppycheesecake has shared. Other looks include a roller-derbying ballerina bat, a spooky ethereal moss king, and a colorful imaginary friend! You’ll also find vampires, zombies, clowns, personified zodiac signs, and a lot more in their wacky collection of sims.

Puppycheesecake also has many lookbooks for regular human sims, including multiple Townie makeovers such as Thorne Bailey, Simeon Silversweater, and of course Eliza Pancakes.

Likes & Finds

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They have a separate blog where they share great Occult and other finds, some of which eventually end up on their own sims. It’s a wonderful resource if you need even more weird sim stuff or inspiration for the things you can make with CC. So much of this stuff is content I would have never dreamed existed for The Sims 4 and it’s awesome that there are people who compile it into easy-to-find places for fellow players! Plus, you can always send Puppycheesecake an ask if there’s something you see on their blog that you just have to have for your own game.

Sim Downloads

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You’ll find a nice mix of human and non-human sims available to download from Puppycheesecake, many of which are requests from other members of the community. They are currently not taking requests but if you follow the blog, you’ll be the first to know when and if requests resume! There are over 40 different sims currently available for download, so there’s plenty to work with.

Other Goodies

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There’s lots of other cool stuff to be found on Puppycheesecake’s blog if you feel like looking! Their most recent offering is the Freak-ify Britney and Freak-ify Brandon CAS challenges, and they have a page of Recs to improve your own simming experience. Every post they make is something fun or interesting, and their engagement with other simmers helps foster the sense of community that players of The Sims 4 love about the fan base.

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Making your own ridiculous, weird, monstrous, creepy, and fun Occult-ish sims is easy when you have someone like Puppycheesecake to look to for inspiration and guidance! Whether you are after something specific for your own non-human sims, seeking a certain vibe but not sure what to look for, or you just want to feast your eyes on odd and intriguing sims, Puppy’s blog is a great place to start. Do you play CC-Occult sims? Have you ever done a CAS challenge? What’s your favorite Puppycheesecake creation? Let us know all about it in the comments. Enjoy this catalog of weird & wonderful characters, and happy simming!

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