Don Lothario: The Sims 4’s Most Infamous Heartthrob!

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Anybody who has played The Sims for any length of time is familiar with Don Lothario. We’ve all heard of him, but do we really know him?

Don Lothario The Sims 4's Most Infamous Heartthrob

With the upcoming Lovestruck Expansion Pack on its way, I kept thinking that Don Lothario would be the perfect sim to test out the EP’s new features. “Love” is more than just a happily-ever-after with The One, and for sims who can’t get enough lovin’ like Don, this pack will have a lot to offer. Let’s go over the history of The Sims’ most notorious player, and take a closer look at the version of him that we’re familiar with today.

All There Is To Know About Don Lothario

“Don” is a title commonly associated with the mafia, but it can be generally defined as a man in charge, a leader, the head of something. A “Lothario” is a man whose main interest is seducing women. With a name like that, it’s pretty obvious who Don Lothario is before you even get to know him!

Bearing in mind that The Sims 4 is considered an alternate timeline, we’re going to start with the cannon history of this heartthrob which is quite an interesting one.

The Sims 2: The Romantic Lead

Don Lothario TS2 Version

Don’s first appearance is in The Sims 2 base game. He’s juggling 4 romances which include an engagement to Cassandra Goth, as well as relationships with maid Kaylynn Langerak, neighbor Dina Caliente, and her paternal twin sister Nina. If you load up the Goth household before playing with Don on his own, you’ll find the lot set up and ready for a wedding—his wedding. Depending on the way Cassandra behaves towards him beforehand, chances are very good that he will get cold feet and leave her at the altar.

Although it’s never explicitly confirmed, there’s heavy implication that Don has something to do with the disappearance of Bella Goth. There are in-game photos showing her looking through the telescope at his condo, and she’s last seen trying to climb up to his roof before her mysterious disappearance. In 2006 Bella Goth was interviewed about her experiences, and this is some of what she had to say about Don:

“I think Don Lothario is a misunderstood man. He moved into town and seemed so lonely… He needed a friend and we welcomed him… I think Cassandra had a crush on him from the very start and unfortunately I think he had a bit of a crush on me… The night I left Pleasantview I was over at Don’s house… It was a nice, warm starry evening so we were outside on the roof looking at the stars. All I remember is the flash of light and waking up in a strange place.”

-Bella Goth, 2006

Up until this interview it had never been implied that Don was actually present for Bella’s abduction, though his memories show he tried and failed to woo her in the past. It begs the question, was Don involved in Bella’s sim-napping? If so, why? It seems a bit extreme of a reaction for being turned down romantically, but the whole Bella mystery is its own separate story.

In The Sims 2 Don is an adult wearing a maroon striped button-down shirt and jeans. He has a black pompadour hairstyle, goatee, medium skin and green eyes. He’s working his way up the Medical career, enjoys Fitness, and is a bit of a slob. In the Ikea Stuff Pack it’s mentioned that Don created a self-help CD series; the subject isn’t stated but it’s safe to assume it’s some sort of self-help pickup artist type affair.

The Sims 3: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman (or Women) Scorned

Unknown Casanova3 edited

Shortly after his stint as a runaway groom, it seems karma has caught up with Don. His bio suggests that he was pushed into a teleporter which sent him back in time, and it’s implied (but not confirmed) that the culprits responsible were some of the women whose hearts he had been toying with. Don finds himself in the fields of a random farm and eventually settles in an old decrepit granary where we find him, new to the neighborhood, unemployed, and a bit worse for wear.

He sports a similar hairstyle and goatee, though his skin has gotten lighter and he’s not as fit as he once was. His clothing has changed slightly but keeps a similar vibe. Since The Sims 3 takes place prior to The Sims 2, Don is now in a world where he might not even exist yet and his future crush Bella is just a child. Whoever sent him back here is hoping that he’s learned a valuable lesson but based on his traits and Lifetime Wish, it’s not looking likely.

The Sims 4: Alternate Timelines

That is the end of Don Lothario’s cannon story so far. When we catch up to him in The Sims 4, it’s in an alternate timeline where things are similar, but not the same.

Version 1 – Pre Patch

S4PE Don

The launch version of Don Lothario looks very different than the man we remember. He’s got a tattoo, sports a red graphic t-shirt, and wears his hair in a faux hawk style. He’s living with the Caliente sisters and their mother Katrina and it’s implied that he’s recently moved in to be Katrina’s “mooching boy toy.” Despite the implication that Don is using Katrina as a “sugar mama,” the household bio suggests that he will be unable to keep his behavior in check and will eventually pursue one or both of Katrina’s daughters as well.

In this timeline Cassandra Goth is still a teenager and Don Lothario has no relationship with her, Bella, nor any of the Caliente women yet. While it’s unclear exactly how old Bella was in The Sims 2, in this version of the game she and Don are the same age and Cassandra will age up to Young Adult while Don is still a Young Adult as well; it’s entirely possible that you can play this version of Don Lothario as someone who seeks out romantic relationships with Bella and Cassandra like he did in the official timeline.

Version 2 – A Hotter Look

image 6

As part of EA’s project to makeover established franchise characters that were “done dirty” at launch, Don Lothario got an updated look more akin to his prior appearances. He now sports a familiar maroon colored button-down, an extended goatee, and a hairstyle closer to his Sims 2-3 counterpart. His skin has also been darkened, as a major complaint about the launch version of The Sims 4 was the whitewashing of established characters.

The update also included Likes & Dislikes for Don. He likes Fitness and Electronica music which align with his prior versions although his favorite color(s) has gone from black to blue & red. This could be a nod to the Caliente twins, as their bedrooms in The Sims 2 were each done in one of these colors. Don also likes Argumentative sims, suggesting he enjoys fighting with his scorned lovers.

The Sims 4 Lovestruck – Time For Don Lothario To Shine!

Lovestruck EP leaked image 7

Although The Sims 4 Lovestruck might have you thinking about long-term relationships, there’s a lot of content in the upcoming EP that would suit a sim like Don Lothario quite well!

He no doubt will be a mainstay on the Cupid’s Corner app and frequent Singles Hangout locations in his off-time while the Calientes are at work. The Paragon Partner Aspiration might appeal to him, and he’ll unsurprisingly want to max out the new Romance Skill as quickly as he can. As a frequent gym-goer Don is sure to be seen flexing his muscles for the ladies, happy to show off his bod with outfits from the Adult Costume Box. And he definitely will love the Romantic Blanket, letting him put the moves on other sims far away from the eyes of Katrina & company.

The new fashion looks of the upcoming EP will lend themselves well to another makeover for dear Don, allowing him to adopt an even more romantic, gigolo-esque look. That tattoo with the crossed out names is also perfect for a guy like him, and when he inevitably gets himself kicked out of the Caliente home he can furnish his new place with the romance-themed styles that come with the EP. Don might even decide to get into the Romance Consultant career and make some money from his “talents.” He’s the perfect sim to test out the new features of the Lovestruck Expansion Pack that don’t focus on long-term monagamy.

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What’s Next For Don Lothario?

Project Renee Plumbob

It’s hard to say what lies ahead for Don since we don’t know when The Sims 5 will take place or what timeline it will involve. His cannon version is so displaced by time that even if we do catch up with our old friends in the next game, Don may be old or even dead by then. The best thing we can do for now is give the Lothario as many romantic trysts as he can handle, and hopefully we’ll see a familiar version of him in the future.

Final Thoughts

Though things have changed quite a bit over the course of The Sims‘ franchise, Don Lothario has remained a fairly consistent character unlike some of his contemporaries. He’s a young guy who wants nothing more than to hook up with as many partners as he can, even if it hurts them, and with the Lovestruck Expansion Pack coming next month he’ll have an even bigger bag of tricks to pull from. Will he be the talk of the town as every lady’s favorite lover, or earn himself a reputation as a homewrecker and heartbreaker? That’s up to you!

Did you learn anything new about Don Lothario today? What are your plans with him and the Lovestruck EP? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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